The New World Order is satanic.

So are its training grounds.

As my friend, Dr Horton, has shown, colleges are full of secret symbolism.

Everyone knows that Yale houses secret societies—from Skull and Bones, to Scroll and Key, to Book and Snake.

Once Yale had a sister school:  Vassar.

Vassar considered a merger with Yale.

Vassar has secret societies.

The bitches are witches!

Above you can see a Sophomore Trig Ceremony, from 1887, in which students, dressed as devils, punish Adam and Eve.

The theme is picked up in the college art collection.

Witness Die Sinnlichkeit (Sinfulness) by Franz von Stuck.

In 1875, ten years after the assassination of President Lincoln, the Trig Ceremony concerned the killing of Julius Caesar, from which Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, took his inspiration.

In 1883, the Trig Ceremony concerned Bluebeard, whose story is often used in Illuminati programming.

In 1881, at another Trig Ceremony, which also dealt with Bluebeard, sex was heavily suggested.

There, “the timid Freshman” was “made to feel a realizing sense of the horrors of a union with Trig.”

In 1873, rape, possibly with objects, was picked up in the Trig Ceremony, which described “the agonies caused by Trig’s May-Poles.”

Pagan maypoles are a long tradition at Vassar College.

So is ecstatic dancing.

Sometimes this occurs on May Day.

In 1895, the last Trig Ceremony was “Ye Laste Dayes of Vassalem Wytchcraft.” 

Some of this seems to be students joking around.

But the joke’s on them.

Vassar has hosted speakers on witchcraft.

Leo Martello was the speaker in 1978.

He wrote The Gay Witch.

Margot Adler was the speaker in 1995.

She’s a Wiccan priestess.

This year, Vassar published a calendar of religious holidays that included not only Samhain, the Day of the Dead, and other Wiccan holidays, but also, heading the list, Nag Panchami, which involves “the worship of snake deities.”

Check out the satanic pitchfork!

It’s not just Shiva, the god of destruction, who wields a trident!

Penny Lane, a Vassar alumna, made a film called Hail Satan, which screened on grounds.

The Vassar Devils are the school’s a cappella group.

Check out the pyramid!

Just like the Illuminati put on our money!

Vassar Devils are also a traditional school dessert.

At and around Vassar, they celebrate a lot of solar and lunar holidays.

Check out the telescope!

The Maria Mitchell Observatory was the first building completed at Vassar.

Imbolc is one of many solar holidays that might interest you.

You could visit the Imbolc Riverfire at the nearby Basilica Hudson.

The festival celebrates the rape of Persephone and her descent to the underworld.

Or you could head again, up the Hudson Valley, to see Winter Spiral.

This features three female accomplices of Hecate, the goddess of black magic.

Or you could head over to the old lunatic asylum, the Hudson River Hospital, on Route 9.

It’s one of many places where people were implanted and abused under illegal mind control programs.

There are also events on campus—such as plays about the Antichrist.

Or you could just hang out for Labyrinth Week.

Or maybe you could head over to the chapel.

They’re singing songs over there.

Or perhaps you’d like to go to the Yule Ball.

Yule is another satanic, uh, I mean pagan, holiday that involves death, sex, drinking, and the spirit world.

Satanists love to spill blood on magic days!

Maybe that’s why there’s a secret satanic temple, called the Devil’s Den, beneath the main building at Vassar.

It’s been walled up since innocent students discovered the altar, but below they wrote, in an article the school administration attempted to squash, how the face of Satan was painted on the wall, with phrases from the Book of Revelations, along with a pentagram, where small animals had been sacrificed.

The insides of those buildings can be spooky!

But the legends of ghosts derive from nothing other than the use of cybernetics, image to skull, and voice to skull against us.

Still, it’s not all glum on campus.

The buildings remind me of Chateau des Amerois:  the Mothers of Darkness Castle.

Plus they have some lovely trees.

You know, just like the ones at Bohemian Grove.

There’s a tradition of adopting and planting class trees.

The campus is beautiful.

No wonder they have traditions like the Daisy Chain.

The fertility rite is the most famous of Vassar’s traditions.

You can learn about it in the library, which is covered with gargoyles.

Here’s a link to The Gargoyle Bulletin.

And here’s a map of the college, so you can find your way around.

See the compass at the bottom center?

See the runes along the border?

There are lots of neat buildings on campus.

The Alumnae House is only one.

It’s also called the House of a Thousand Treasures.

A lovely triptych, The Great Wonder:  A Vision of the Apocalypse, was presented at the dedication of the Alumnae House in 1924.

Violet Oakley, who painted the work, also designed the program for the first Bryn Mawr College May Day Festival in 1900.

Bryn Mawr is another programming hub—probably like every one of the Seven Sisters.

The world owes a debt to Matthew Vassar, who founded the women’s college in Poughkeepsie.

Matthew Vassar was a freemason, as evinced by his taste in hats.

Matthew Vassar was associated with Solomon’s Lodge No. 6 and Solomon’s Chapter No. 31, which would take over the old building that used to be the Methodist Episcopal Church on Cannon Street.

The neighboring town of Poughkeepsie has satanic, um, I mean masonic, origins.

You can find a reference to Matthew Vassar in volume one of The American Masonic Record and The Albany Saturday Magazine.

Thanks to his foresight, naturalists like John Burroughs had a close relationship with the nature-worshipping ladies of Vassar.

He was a wizard!

And his bitches were witches!

Here’s a picture of the famous alumna, Edna St. Vincent Millay, as a child.

Here’s some china that belonged to Vassar’s famous daughter.

Here’s a comic based on her poem:  Witch Wife.

And here’s her play, Two Slatterns and a King, first produced at Vassar College, which features a character called Slut.

In 1986, another Vassar slattern would cause the demise of the Reverend Henry L. Scott, the rector of St. Philip’s.

During his final sermon, Scott, who attended Harvard and Yale, told his speechless congregation that he dated a witch from Vassar College before she put a curse on him.

Aristotle Onassis would also blame a curse by his wife, Jackie O, for the death of his son, as he called her “The Witch.”

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was a graduate of Vassar.

The role of Jane Fonda, in Blue Bird, looks tame by comparison.

She, too, is a Vassar alumna.

Something’s going on.


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    1. You are correct. I went to Pomona College, which Lady Rothschild, Roy Disney, and Kris Kristofferson also attended. It is named after the goddess of the harvest, and I had no idea for many years, as I am sure that many good people who go to Vassar have no idea.

      Still, it is also true of all the little schools….

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow….a few years ago I watched the zabruder film reputed to be the full version. Frame by frame it appears the driver turns around and shoots JFK. At that point it suddenly sort of clicked that the reason Jackie O was crawling over the trunk was she just saw the the driver blow her husband away and was in flight.

    Now that I have read this thread a third possiblity occurred. If she is cabal and all that too……….#shudder. #more brains?


      1. Yes, they say she was so tramatized she was trying to put his brains back in his head. After having seen, in more recent years, the full zubruder film footage, I think she was fleeing from the gunman in the driver’s seat that had just blown her husband’s head off.
        For the sake of argument, even if the extended zabruder film I have seen on multiple occasions was altered and the driver did not visibly shoot president Kennedy, the fact that neither the secret service driver nor the secret service passenger followed protocol is anomalous. The driver should have hotfooted it and the passenger should have been in the back seat covering the president with his body.


      2. Yes, Jackie was traumatized… keeping a controlled person controlled (as jackie was from birth, abused…read up on jack bouvier, hugh auchincloss stepfather, her mother’s real maiden name was levy, not lee…george deMohrenschildt who handled Oswald & why they murdered him, who was very close to the auchincloss’s as jackie grew up; also Allen Dulles was close to the auchincloss’ coming & going when jackie was very young…groomed from birth she was… how jackie taught 5 yr old Caroline to recite to jfk 1 month prior to his murder the poem “I have a Rendezvous with Death” (a very complex lengthy poem to memorize for an adult, NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for a child)…Jackie’s trips to Rome & Vatican in the 2-3 years before 11/22, the trip there the month prior to his murder, how the significance all of these people & things worked in & beyond the Dallas day… again, they have to re-traumatize a traumatized victim like Jackie was, since birth, to ensure that, the programming they assign to her is really sticking…ie, that she’ll follow through when given the trigger word or gesture in the event itself. Why was jackie LATE to the
        Ft. Worth breakfast? They were making sure of her Assignment. You have to reason: the conspirators are only going to get several opportunities to murder jfk…they had to be certain of the kill shot. The ONLY way to do that was, to sit the killer beside jfk, jackie a person also, that NO ONE would suspect. All the other shots were MEANT as distractions, so the crowd put their eyes on their own safety. That’s why, despite their trauma, the police forced these witnesses to immediately be in the station to give testimony of what they truly saw. Most police would normally give witnesses a day or 2 to calm down, not FORCING a testimony while in trauma. Jackie was groomed from birth for such a moment. Jesuit schools throughout her upbringing. People have it all wrong. She never cared anything for jfk…the marriage was arranged, and hugely ag. the will & desire of jfk. He was afraid of her. He always was. And, when Caroline read that poem to him, you better believe that he knew WHO had taught her that poem…put yourself in his shoes…


  2. In case anyone wonders what criminal network is behind it all, note the eye-guiding technique on the program for the Bryn Mawr College May Day Festival from 1900.

    The jester’s eye guides you to those of the woman on the right who looks down onto the English rose drawn on the back of the man standing next to the dog. In case of doubt, the English rose is 4 times on the side along with 2 BIRDS OF PREY. 4+2=6 and the ornaments on the left are drawn in the shape of the number 6 to prime the viewer to think along those lines. Also note that the town crier reading out the scroll is dressed in the uniform of the Guard of the City of London, which is Vatican owned. See an example of the uniform here:

    Note the shape of the black hat, the band of individual flowers around its rim, the mandatory beard, the white collar, the pattern of the ornaments on the chest vaguely delineating the Crown and the three prongs for the English rose, the Welsh clover and the Scottish thistle, the stripes on the arms and the square pattern on the frock of the coat with the golden rim.
    In case of remaining doubt about how the English could fuck with the Americans in such pervasive yet subtle ways, note the Masonic compass at the bottom-middle of the map of Vassar College.


  3. Thanks to my friend, Dr. Horton, whose comment got trapped in spam, even though she has earlier posted comments on my site and was credited in my article, as the international crime cartel sought to hinder our communications.

    Otherwise, please note that I revised my article to include some added research on Matthew Vassar and the freemasons, as my friend directed my attention to the compass on the map.

    Maybe someone else would like to try to decipher the runes around the perimeter?


  4. I grew up in this area. This area is full of Mafia, and the cult Jehovah’s Witnesses. I would love to follow you but I’m too a targeted individual/whistleblower. and a MKultra victim. The FBI, CIA, NSA, Sicilian and Irish Mafia, the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult destroyed my life. I have been drugged exactly like the cartoons show, they referred to me as Dorothy and would play somewhere over the rainbow a lot, The Beatles, everyone of the songs you talked about in another post helped put the pieces together for me, Raped/gang raped, my ex-husband made a website to make me look like I was a prostitute, live streamed, sex trafficked, sodomized, identity theft, medical identity theft, and now currently 24 phones hacked and 14 emails by my ex-husband/Jehovah’s Witness. I have had 8 attempts on my life. The twist in my story is that they used the invisibility cloak created for the military invented by Guy Cramer. People were trying to shoot at me, a paid assassin, my ex-husband tortured me for 3 days, I was poisoned multiple times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for writing. It takes guts to share your story, and I appreciate the fact that two different whistleblowers, including you, have come forward in the first week of this article.

      Otherwise, for readers who may be interested in the invisibility cloak, I have linked below to a video put out to demonstrate this invention by Guy Cramer, who is CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

      The invention works simply by bending light around a sweet spot about arm’s length behind the shield.

      HyperStealth’s name seems interesting as it also concerns biotechnology. Think Coronavirus, and the plot to gather the DNA of everyone on the planet; to change that DNA through vaccines; to inject further nanotechnology into vaccine recipients; to paralyze, sterilize, and kill vaccine recipients; to effect population control; to shut down economies; to swing elections; to drive us to socialized medicine; to improve facial recognition technology in connection with the donning of masks; and to implant our medical records into our wrists.

      You can read several articles on this subject here at my website, including the one below, which was my first.

      To top it all, HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. uses a logo with satanic red and black and three satanic pitchforks.

      I hope you set up a website of your own, especially since they come for us no matter what.

      It is obvious that you have a real story to tell, which could benefit others.


    1. Outstanding! Thank you!

      From a quick search, I see that HEL did something on the Donner Party, which ate people, and that they sometimes perform at something called the Shiva Theater, which evokes the Hindu god of destruction.

      The cartel use drugs that stop memories from even forming, and they break into people’s houses.

      I strongly advise you to sleep with a chair or bolt on your bedroom door, as I have done for the last four years.


  5. Speaking about buildings — all were built before catastrophe in 1812 where crazy amount of glay have occured and some floors have been covered with. Survivors have built new ones on the previous. Take a look at pattern here.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it is clay — my country covered all of it and we lack of forests older that 1812 which lead me to think that the center of catastrophe was here in Russia.


      2. Yes. I wonder what was going on with Napoleon, who was clearly driven by the Illuminati, as he invaded Russia with the result that he caused damage only. Certainly, the Romanovs were targeted after the Congress of Vienna, but that must have been true earlier, too. You remind me how much I need to learn about Russia, the natural ally of the United States, not to mention the so-called great czars, Peter and Catherine, who were run by the Illuminati as they destroyed real Russian culture and institutions.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Napoleon has never been there — no traces of soldiers and no battles. Romanovs are taken to my country since 1818 and part of satanic families — 13 Bloodlines are write about them.
        Romanovs sacrificed a lot of people who wanted to reveal about them – Nikolai Gogol (famous writer), Alexandr Pushkin (noble man who knew about satanism). And yes — they destroyed a lot from out original culture.


      4. Speaking about destroyed history — something more or less real we have there since 1861. We have gap since 1819 to 1861. And California bears my country symbol which is bear anf 5 pointed star.


  6. Research Mildred “Tweet” Kimball and the Kimball Castle in Colorado. Her first husband was Merritt Ruddock, who was employed by Wisner during WW11 and the castle was a Nazi enclave.
    Then there’s the fact that Tweet was a Bryn Mawr graduate high satanic priestess holding Summer & Winter Solstice satanic sacrificial rituals with such as George W Bush, Rothschilds, and no doubt some of the queen’s family, since Merritt and Tweet lived in London and attended the coronation, as well as their sons spending time with Prince Chucky. Best part of all? My dad worked for Tweet on the Cherokee Ranch, which surrounds the castle! Small world, isn’t it?

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