Those who have suffered at the hands of Illuminati, MI6, and CIA trash in PROJECT MONARCH, a.k.a MK-ULTRA, may recognize the use of marker dates and holidays.  They may also know of the so-called “Season of Sacrifice,” which runs from the first day of spring, March 22, celebrated in the 322 insignia of Skull and Bones, to May 1, otherwise known as Walpurgisnacht.  This day was chosen by the Illuminati and CIA for Lara Logan to break her silence—the same day Osama bin Laden was killed.


In the midst of Arab Spring, on February 11, 2011, Hosni Mubarak resigned as president of Egypt.  Two days later, at the instigation of CIA, Lara Logan was gang-raped by a horde of Muslims in Tahrir Square.  The horrific sexual assault, which almost killed her, occurred on February 13, one day before Valentine’s Day, and the story broke on February 15, one day after Valentine’s Day.  These people have a sick sense of humor, as they try to destroy holidays meaningful to others.  I myself was woken from hypnotic sleep on my forty-seventh birthday, my daughter was gang-raped and had a fishhook inserted in her privates one day after her eleventh birthday, and these scum later tried to arrange incestuous encounters between my daughter, me, and other members of our family during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

At any rate, on May 1, 2011, Walpurgisnacht, at the end of the so-called “Season of Sacrifice,” Lara Logan broke her silence at seven o’clock in the evening on 60 Minutes, describing the details of her assault, which I mention in my earlier article on this subject.  Lust and anger were provoked in the American people, who were about to be fed a different story.  Only three hours earlier, Osama bin Laden was killed, and his story broke shortly after Logan’s.  In fact, Logan reported it.  

That’s quite a coincidence.

Osama bin Laden, a Saudi national trained by CIA, had been blamed for the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as part of the “Season of Harvest,” which launched the so-called War on Terror, and the War in Afghanistan, which Logan has recently criticized.  Bin Laden had mysteriously eluded capture for ten years, while living for five years less than a mile from Pakistan Military Academy. 


At any rate, while CIA were using OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD and PROJECT MONARCH to relay the details of Logan’s rape to the American public, bin Laden was allegedly assassinated in a CIA operation, OPERATION NEPTUNE SPEAR, by Seal Team 6, with support from CIA operatives on the ground.  After the raid, the American public were told that U.S. forces buried bin Laden at sea, in accordance with Islamic law, within twenty-four hours of his death.  However, in violation of Islamic law, there was no imam on board the ship where the burial supposedly took place.  And, of course, since the body was buried at sea, it cannot be recovered.


Then, only three months afterwards, fifteen members of Seal Team 6, who, like Pat Tillman, had been hailed as heroes in the “War on Terror,” died under mysterious circumstances in the shoot-down of their helicopter in Afghanistan.  It was the worst one-day loss of military life in the now more than sixteen-year-old “War on Terror” and the worst day for fatalities in the history of naval special warfare.  Many questioned the official narrative of the crash, claiming it might have been an inside job.  Four years later, families of the dead made requests to learn more under the Freedom of Information Act, but the Obama administration willfully violated a judicial order to hand over documents related to their killing.  That’s how the American government treats its “heroes.”


But one can see, just as the story is told, how easy it is to lose sight of Lara Logan.  In the hypnotic techniques used by MK-ULTRA programmers, this is called “nesting.”  CIA sent this brave South African reporter into Tahrir Square to be gang-raped in the most horrific way, so that she spent four days in the hospital afterward.  She has subsequently been diagnosed with breast cancer, almost certainly connected to her assault, undergone a lumpectomy, and six weeks of radiation.  Also due to her assault, during which she was sexually violated with sticks and flagpoles, she has had a hysterectomy, and she understandably has severe pelvic pain, and you can see her limp.  She has endured multiple trips to the hospital, and she has suffered internal bleeding reportedly from diverticulitis.  She has arthritis in her right hand from injuries sustained during her assault, and she treats the arthritis with steroid injections every few months.  That’s the kind of stuff the Illuminati and CIA want us to fantasize about—or, failing that, to be motivated to support their foreign policies, or otherwise take it out on others, while they direct our anger.


Right before Valentine’s Day, CIA put Lara Logan in harm’s way, perhaps meaning to kill her, for the vilest of reasons—to get men to fantasize about horrific sexual acts and to stoke the fires of hatred in order to support regime change in the Arab world.  (Read more here:  Lara Logan).  Then, on another “special” holiday, Walpurgisnacht, they put her back on stage for similar reasons.  No sooner was that done, and they took her story away from her, moving her on to another—the assassination of Osama bin Laden, which they arranged on the same day.  That’s how not only PROJECT MONARCH but also OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD works.

Meanwhile, Arab Spring continued.  A major goal of the movement was to create more participatory and representative political systems, fairer economies, and independent judiciaries.   CIA was determined to undermine and discredit this movement, which they had already begun to do with the horrific attack on Lara Logan, which occurred in Egypt during celebrations of Arab Spring’s success.  It was time to move on to the country next door, Libya, which had economic independence, with its own water, food, oil, and money—even its own state-controlled bank.  The Rothschilds don’t like it when that happens, witness the recent attacks on Syria, driven by false flags, and the demonization of Iran.  So their dogs at CIA set about in their next step to create Arab Winter, a period characterized by extensive civil wars, general regional instability, economic and demographic decline of the Arab League and overall religious wars between Sunni and Shia Muslims.


Forward to Benghazi, September 11, 2012, exactly eleven years after CIA’s false flag attack on the World Trade Center, which has been attributed to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.


CIA, which made up most of the U.S. government’s presence in Benghazi, had a ten-member security team at its annex, and the State Department believed that this team would defend the diplomatic facilities.  Nonetheless, or perhaps because of this fact, Islamist militants armed with anti-aircraft weapons and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the grounds, killing the American ambassador and three members of his staff.  As CIA’s mouthpiece, the New York Times, put it, the attack raised “questions about the radicalization of countries swept up in the Arab Spring.”  

In PROJECT MONARCH, hypnotic subjects are normally given binary choices, on a decision tree, where they must decide between one thing and another—or having decided something, they are asked, “What if that’s not true….”  It is basic to MK-ULTRA programming, which employs Illuminati techniques.  It parallels the working of computer implants used in neurocybernetics, which have been widely implanted in the American population to implement neurolinguistic formulae and programming (NLF and NLP) and otherwise for mind control.  It’s also a way for the Agency to hedge its bets; so naturally, from the very beginning, the official narrative put out by OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD had two competing explanations for the attack in Benghazi.


On the one hand, the official narrative indicated that the attack on the embassy was both planned and disciplined.  As the New York Times reported, “American and European officials said that while many details about the attack remained unclear, the assailants seemed organized, well trained and heavily armed, and they appeared to have at least some level of advance planning.”  Likewise, Colonel Wolfgang Pusztai, who was Austria’s defense attaché to Libya and visited the country every month, wrote by e-mail that the attack was “deliberately planned and executed” by about a core group of 30 to 40 assailants who were “well trained and organized.” 

On the other hand, the official narrative indicated that the attack in Benghazi, like a simultaneous attack in Cairo, was a spontaneous mob uprising that happened because some people had watched a video.  The New York Times reported, 

Fighters involved in the assault…said in interviews during the battle that they were moved to attack the mission by anger over a 14-minute, American-made video that depicted the Prophet Muhammad, Islam’s founder, as a villainous, homosexual and child-molesting buffoon. Their attack followed by just a few hours the storming of the compound surrounding the United States Embassy in Cairo by an unarmed mob protesting the same video. 

The Agency’s mouthpiece also said, “A translated version of the video that set off the uprising arrived first in Egypt before reaching the rest of the Islamic world. Its author, whose identity is now a mystery, devoted the video’s prologue to caricatured depictions of Egyptian Muslims abusing Egyptian Coptic Christians while Egyptian police officers stood by.”  In short, CIA was clearly behind the video, targeted at Egypt and Libya, which, like the horrific attack on Logan, further served to characterize post-Mubarak Egypt as a lawless place that required the imposition of the New World Order.  

CIA was up to its old tricks, channelling outrage inspired by sexual depravity into political action—just as they had when they riled up the American public with details of Lara Logan’s assault just hours before Logan reported the killing of bin Laden.  Likewise, there was the further message in the Times, that “[t]he wave of unrest set off by the video…further underscored the instability of the countries that cast off their longtime dictators in the Arab Spring revolts.”  Sound familiar? That was the same message we were supposed to get from Logan’s assault in Tahrir Square right after Mubarak was forced to resign as president of the country next door in Arab Spring.

But which narrative was correct? Was Benghazi an attack carefully planned by al-Qaeda, or was it a spontaneous uprising of a mob who watched a video? Not by coincidence, these questions echo those raised in Logan’s own report of her horrific assault in Tahrir Square:  “We may never know with certainty whether the regime was targeting a reporter or whether it was simply—and savagely—a criminal mob.” 

Meanwhile, Lara Logan would not give up, and she was back telling hard-hitting stories in dangerous places in no time.  The courage, integrity, independence, endurance, and stoicism of this woman is unbelievable—and that’s just the sort of person the Illuminati hate.  They were determined to destroy her.  


More specifically, CIA was concerned that Lara Logan would “wake up” to her hypnotic programming—i.e. remember what they had done to her.  Under PROJECT MONARCH, also known as MK-ULTRA, people are drugged, hypnotized, electro-shocked, and suffer horrific sexual trauma, so they not only carry certain programs but also forget what was done to them.  And they have cybernetic implants put inside their brains and bodies.  Cisco Wheeler describes the process in her books, The Illuminati Formula To Create a Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave and Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula.  Cathy O’Brien has also described the process, and I have experienced it myself.  It took me forty-five years to “wake up”—and that was only because my insane, egomaniacal, and idiotic “controllers” decided that I do so.  Think of a person who has been hypnotized on stage and how he does not remember events or “suggestions.”  This is that many times over.  The Illuminati have done it for centuries, it was perfected at the Tavistock Institute, and it was used by Mengele in the concentration camps.  Now it is enhanced by modern technology, thanks to Raytheon Corporation.

In addition to “alpha” programming (for leaders), “beta” programming (for sex slaves), and “delta” programming (for killers), there is also “omega” programming (self-destruct) and “gamma” programming (deception).  People wake up to one story nested within another.  Some think that aliens, rather than CIA, anally probed them.  Others believe they are part of the X-Men.  And still others believe they are chosen members of the Illuminati.  People hear voices, courtesy of V2K technology, they go to the hospital, and they are pronounced insane.  Others are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.”  The point is to make people believe that something else is going on and to discredit them in case they learn the truth.  Often “controllers” will become concerned that a “sleeper” will catch on, and they will wake them either accidentally or deliberately with a “gamma” program.


The Agency knew that Lara Logan might realize what they had done to her, that she was tough as nails, and that she would never back down from a story.  They had to take away her platform.  How would they discredit her? The answer was Benghazi.

After a year of investigation, Logan correctly picked the first of the two official narratives.  She couldn’t see the CIA, or the Illuminati, but she knew that Benghazi was an orchestrated attack.  

On October 27, 2013, the Sunday before Halloween, another day that appears to have special significance for the Illuminati, Lara Logan anchored a segment on 60 Minutes, attributing the Benghazi attacks to al-Qaeda.  While researching her story, Logan met more than once with Senator Lindsey Graham, who had long asserted Obama and Clinton’s cover-up of the Benghazi and Cairo attacks, and Graham later touted Logan’s report as a “death blow” to the administration’s story and their response.  It looked as though Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a scandal on their hands.  Indeed, many had asserted for months that Obama, in the White House, and Clinton, in the State Department, were oblivious to the dangers of al-Qaeda, feckless in their treatment of soldiers and diplomats, and covering up their incompetence.  Maybe that was too generous, since it is obvious that the Illuminati, of which Clinton is a Grande Dame, were acting with malice, and not incompetence, through rogue agents of the U.S. government.


Interestingly, while Logan was researching her story, Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of CIA’s clandestine service in Europe was working as a consultant to CBS News and 60 Minutes, and he participated in the shaping of Logan’s report.  Drumheller had a close relationship with Bill Owens, who was charged with fact checking the story, and he resisted the emphasis on al-Qaeda’s role.


So, naturally, after Logan backed the correct narrative, that the attacks in Benghazi and Cairo were well disciplined and orchestrated, CIA promoted its other story, that these were spontaneous mob attacks inspired by a video.  Alternatively, they sought to cloud the issue, saying that not only al-Qaeda but also BOCAR participated in the attacks.

Attacks on Logan’s segment centered on her reliance on a man identified by the pseudonym “Morgan Jones,” who claimed that he was a security officer who witnessed the attack on the diplomatic facilities in Benghazi.  But CIA’s mouthpiece The Washington Post revealed that Jones, identified as defense contractor Dylan Davies, told his employer in a written report that he was far from the area.  Nonetheless, despite Davies’ false story, Logan’s report made a strong claim regarding al-Qaeda’s involvement as well as Obama and Clinton’s duplicitous response.

Enter Clinton’s hatchet man, David Brock, whom The National Review has characterized as a “right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin” and Politico has called a “pro-Clinton crusader.”  Brock launched a campaign against Logan through Media Matters for America, which published over two dozen articles criticizing Logan and her Benghazi report.  And others tried to get her fired, forcing her to take a seven-month leave of absence from CBS, which she announced on November 26, 2013, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.


Lara Logan defended herself and her story as follows:  “There was so much misinformation and that was hard because you don’t ever get to answer your critics when you’re under attack.  When you’re dealing with a person who has a security clearance, who’s been vetted by the U.S. State Department and put in charge of diplomatic security in a very hostile unstable place, there are certain things that go with that.  He was one of three people—the substance of our story did not lie with him.  And yet he was what everyone focused on and once there were doubts about parts of his story that he wasn’t around to answer questions about, we didn’t have a choice (but to retract the story).”

A year later, even the House Intelligence Committee’s report would confirm al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Benghazi attack, and the New York Times quietly altered its coverage to accept this fact.

Despite an unreliable witness, Logan’s report survived scrutiny.  And despite coordinated attempts to discredit her, Logan returned to her spot on 60 Minutes.


But what were the MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH programmers at CIA going for? They wanted not only to get Logan fired but to paint her as a gullible conspiracy nut, who sees an invisible hand (in this case al-Qaeda) behind ordinary events—so if she ever says someone was behind the attack in Tahrir Square, it will look like the same thing.  There she goes again, with her crazy conspiracy theories.  Poor woman….  I guess it’s understandable.

Alternatively, Lara Logan herself might be hesitant to believe or break a story like this one, or the one in my previous article, or anything about MK-ULTRA, lest she make the same mistake.  

I know.  They did the same thing to me.


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Our enemy depends on our silence.



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