Cybernetics existed in medieval times, which accounts for the odd haircuts of monks, who suffered brain surgery, and implantation, in secluded monasteries.

Cybernetics account for the severe personality change explored by William Shakespeare in his Henriad, after Prince Hal suffered brain surgery, by Doctor John Bradmore, following the Battle of Shrewsbury. 

Where else do cybernetics show up in Shakespeare?


Hamlet talks to a ghost no one can see, as the ghost tells him that his mother has committed incest, so he should kill his uncle.


Hamlet talks constantly, and he talks to himself, which, in addition to seeing and hearing things no one else perceives, are symptoms of microwave harassment, cybernetics, and brain surgery.


While Hamlet believes in incest, and he alienates his kin, because the ghost that only he can see causes serious trouble in his family, his girlfriend goes crazy, for completely unexplained reasons, as cybernetics infect the court, and she kills herself.


Hamlet is a story about microwave harassment, making people act destructively, as the satanic enemy turns families, friends, and neighbors against each other.

Hamlet plays out today.


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