Cybernetics existed more than three thousand years ago, as did brain surgery, in Ancient Egypt.

Cybernetics existed more than two thousand years ago, as did brain surgery, in Ancient Rome.

And cybernetics existed more than one thousand years ago, as did brain surgery, in Medieval Europe.

They are still using it!

Cybernetics and brain surgery require the slicing open of a person’s head—programs sponsored first by the Ancient Egyptians, then by the Ancient Romans, then by the Roman Catholic Church, then by their slaves in the CIA.

CIA means Catholics In Action, so the Jesuits run the show!

Psychosurgery is obvious on people’s bodies from their skull bumps, hair lines, and facial scars—not to mention the obvious technology.

That includes the Crown Royals while England promotes Anglo-Catholicism, so you can see the psychosurgery scar on the princess’s head.

So why do you think medieval monks were tonsured?

Why on earth would they wear this weird haircut?

Because their skulls were sliced open….

So they could be implanted with cybernetics.

And secrets could be kept in the monasteries.

Put it together.

Think for yourself!


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  1. Bosch is sinister, Fra Angelico painted Saint Benedict with strange lines on his head too. It’s all like that Gamma Ray song “open up the silent center of your eye….”

    So you have been warning us, showing the physical and cybernetic control they have established on our brains for a long time, this is actually the “third eye” thing. Which is nothing more than their control over us…. these famous slaves who are publicly shown they have “opened up their other eye”… a single eye… not a pair like the visible ones we have. It is nothing but a bunch of slaves exposing what a lot of marionettes they are. Then they found “who they really are” and “the meaning of their lives” and became became singers, athletes, soothsayers, clairvoyants, politicians, etc… and yada yada yada “we-the-cattle-should-do-the-same”. Over my dead body! We are born in this cage but if we break free 1% we have already been less marionettes than these so called rich-famous-and-realized poor souls!

    Thank you so much for this blog. Pseudoccultmedia blogspot and Fritz Springmeier’s books have helped me a lot too.


    1. You’re welcome.

      I am always interested to read your comments, which I believe help other readers, too.

      You make great points about Hieronymus Bosch and Fra Angelico.

      As for the third eye, aside from the New Age stuff about chakras and so on, about which I have written in my article below, this might be another of their sick jokes, as they refer to the anus.

      Homosexual deviants commit sodomy, so “opening the third eye,” like “going down the rabbit hole,” could be their euphemism for anal “sex.”


      1. It reminded me of a brazilian edition of Mad magazine I read in the 90’s: the page with letters to the editor, like in most paper magazines at the time, seemed to be mostly made up by the magazine’s editors. There was a letter (full of jokes for pre-teens to laugh) where the writer asked “should I use drops or suppository in the third eye?” Now it makes sense. Anal sex is widely advertised mostly in a subtle way, we can easily spot that just watching tv for a day. The close of the cameras on people’s buttocks, which become the focus of attention instead of people’s faces, lyrics of some songs played, expressions said in programs, cartoons, baby diaper ads (omg), interviews of people talking about how it makes relationship more interesting (omg again) and the like. This awful type of sex is only about humiliation of women, dissociation of children who face abuse, and promotion of homosexuality. I read the kundalini article already and the ones about Mad. Too bad I was a victim of that too, and kept a collection of those magazines for a decade.


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