Below you can read my recent article on the political uses of flag handkerchiefs.


You can use a flag to make a political statement.

It’s a right affirmed by the Supreme Court.

The use of a United States Flag—and don’t you dare call it American!—to wipe your mouth, to blow your nose, or to shine your shoes will absolutely get a reaction.

You can mop your brow with the thing if the other gestures take you too far out of your comfort zone.

Or you can use the flag of another criminal country to protest its crimes, to start a conversation, or to make a statement.

There’s the United Kingdom, which kills and rapes the innocent.


Their pocket squares are easy to find.

There’s Israel, which kills and rapes the innocent.


Their pocket squares are easy to find.

There’s NATO, which kills and rapes the innocent.


Their pocket squares are easy to find.

And there’s China, which kills and rapes the innocent.


Their pocket squares are easy to find.

All lead to the United Nations, which, you guessed it, kills and rapes the innocent.


And their pocket squares are easy to find.

Or, if you want to ratchet it up a notch, how about the Marine Corps, which is full of little pipsqueaks, raping each other’s bodies, while they betray our republic?


The enemy love their symbols, so they use them to trigger their slaves, who are offended by this small symbolic use of flags but have absolutely no problem with the horrific crimes committed by the flag-wavers.

See the hypocrisy, and show your disdain, in a simple gesture, while you call the international criminals out and you give their symbols exactly the respect they deserve.

All it takes is a handkerchief.


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6 thoughts on “FLAG HANKIES – PART TWO”

  1. I was just thinking this morning about the evil child indoctrination of reciting the pledge of allegiance in school. I didn’t know why back then, but I always hated saying those words. And when I was a substitute teacher (for all of three months) in my school district, at one of the elementary schools they used the P.A. to pump it into every classroom. After it was over, one of the students called me out for moving my lips but not uttering the words. He must have told the principal or the office staff, because I never got called back there! It’s bad!


    1. Dear Sherry–

      That figures. While tattletales used to get the cold shoulder from teachers and students, now the minions of the deep state encourage snitches to report suspicious activity. I once heard that the Gestapo did very little police work, as it relied for ninety percent (90%) of its information on citizens reporting citizens. Those tactics have moved through the Nazis, to the Stasi, and now to DHS, which used Markus Wolf as a consultant.

      I think it’s terrible, too, that the pledge is recited by rote without any understanding of its meaning. It could be accompanied by lessons in civics as to the meaning of the word republic, where government power is limited, as opposed to democracy, where government power is unlimited, not to mention accompanying stories of the Roman Republic; but, of course, it isn’t.

      I have also taught students who once loved the pledge, but some heavy-handed fool got in their face, claiming they were being disrespectful, when they weren’t, so they got totally turned off.

      Recently another student told me that, if she had searched for information on the illegal activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) in her high school, she would have been called into the principal’s office.

      It shows what school is all about.

      And then there’s the Bellamy salute….


      Otherwise, did you ever read A Children’s Story, by James Clavell? It’s very short and really good, and it starts with the author’s own story of how his daughter learned the pledge without any understanding whatsoever of its literal text.



      1. Timo, Thanks for the information. I have not read Clavell’s book. I found out in college (the second time!) the real meaning of the words in the Pledge.

        I have no doubt that it’s possible there have been a few men in government and the military who weren’t “Freemasons” of the highest order, who had truly good intentions for and with the Republic, and who wrote that pledge. It’s just still interesting to me that it would be forced into the minds of innocent children who cannot comprehend such concepts (and the Bellamy Salute is super-creepy to me).

        So, I get that there were/are well-intentioned people wanting to protect what is supposed to be a limited government of, by, and for the people, but I think it was about the turn of the twentieth century when the deepest, darkest corruption was taking hold, and the innocent pledge was turned into another mind-control technique. I mean, I “pledge allegiance” to my Creator, not to things or to concepts!

        Also, if I’m not mistaken, the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution contain phrases stating that if the government or factions of it turn tyrannical, we the people have a duty to overthrow it.

        Have a great day. I’m looking forward to your next posts!


      2. Thanks for writing, pal. And however the pledge was reworked by real people, it was written by an ad-man who sold flags to schools…..

        Otherwise, please be careful.

        Advocating the violent overthrow of the United States Government is a felony called sedition, which the enemy has come increasingly to prosecute.

        I have never supported, do not ever support, and will never support sedition, although I would support a legal repeal of any sedition act…..

        Self-defense, and exercise of first and second amendment rights, are, of course, a different story.


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