People who sign up for military service, or to work for alphabet agencies, fall into two categories:   chumps and losers.

They are either totally brainwashed, or they have nowhere to go.

Who would put up with this?

Many are homosexual deviants with personality disorders, who hate women and have low self esteem.


The Air Force is only one of the branches full of corporate scum who rape the bodies of each other, as they abuse civilians.


Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs, is one of many people who has written an excellent expose of the perversion, combined with mind control, that occurs on military bases.


Fort Hood is only one.


As General Smedley Butler, once the highest ranking military officer in the United States, who won the Medal of Honor twice, before he foiled a treasonous plot, went on to write, 

War is a Racket!

You can read a little more about this great American hero, who came from my county, and was murdered in the county next door, not only in my books but in the feature below.


Drug-trafficking, with defense spending, has driven our two longest losingest wars:  Vietnam and Afghanistan.


Each cost over a trillion dollars, adjusted for inflation, as they were fought in the world’s largest producers of heroin:  The Golden Triangle and The Golden Crescent.


Scum like Erik Prince, of Blackwater, Academi, and Frontier, a former soldier and a current rent-a-cop, smuggle heroin on the taxpayer’s dime, while the traitors threaten federal investigators, lie to Congress, and wrap themselves in the flag.


Here’s the letter I wrote to the little coward.


He’s a SEAL!

Erik Prince is a loser, a craven, and a traitor, which puts him in the first group of military slaves—-unlike SEALs in the second group:  the chumps.


But don’t listen to me:  ask their master, Henry Kissinger.


Monsanto, which poisoned our soldiers in Viet Nam, hires the former soldiers in Academi to bother me.


Bill Gates hires the former soldiers in Academi to bother me.


The soldier boys kiss up to the dweeb, while he plots our destruction.


Mostly, they use microwave harassment, about which you can read below.


They can’t put their hands on my body, although they want to rape me in person, because I secure my bedroom.


But they can focus their directed energy weapons on my anus, penis, and prostate, which they regularly zap with microwaves from a distance.

Here you can watch a marine demonstrating the use of an active denial system on political demonstrators.


Here are some tips to fight back.


And here are some more.


I fight back, not only through hive mind, but through this website, which now has 1,555,482 hits.


I get hits from Iran, Greenland, and Antarctica—-every country in the world except for the Congo, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Svalbard, Turkmenistan, and North Korea.

Meanwhile, my books have roughly three thousand copies, of each, in circulation, since their publication in the spring.


There are hardback copies at my local library.


It’s in a town laden with satanic symbolism, where the largest battle in the American Revolution was staged on September 11, 1777.


The American Revolution began with a false flag attack, staged by a secret society, as the Sons of Liberty threw the Boston Tea Party, about which they are still telling lies.


Likewise, the War on Terror began with a false flag attack, by military and deep state traitors, on our soil, which was never properly investigated.


Here are press releases for my books.


You can download e-books, as PDFs, for free.


It’s not in my books, but, meanwhile, military rape sky-rockets, so the homosexual losers violate each other with objects.


They even have cute little names for their abuse of each other, mostly male on male, which include “riding the broom,” where a degenerate stands with a rifle barrel between the muscles of his bare gluteus maximus, or “choosing the short end,” where they sodomize each other with the handle of a knife.

It’s like masonic rituals, where a sword is placed between a man’s butt-cheeks, and it’s related to a satanic group, in the Air Force, called ORION.


ORION relates to NASA.


Those are the guys who killed Lt. Col. Grissom, the most popular astronaut, the strongest critic of the space program, and a good man who stood up for the truth.


In the Army, it’s more the Temple of Set, which was started by a former member of the Church of Satan, and a child molesting traitor, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Look at the weirdo and his wife, Lilith Sinclair, a priestess in the Church of Satan.

He’s their leader!

The losers and chumps in the military, and the alphabet agencies, will put up with anything as they are abused by each other.

Among other degradations, they urinate on each other’s bodies.

But there’s one thing they won’t put up with….

Since I taunt them online, using Twitter, they put in a corporate complaint with the company, which is run by the degenerates in CIA, FBI, NSA, & DHS.



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Our enemy depends on silence.


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