School is nothing but indoctrination.

And the same goes for college.

I hold not only a bachelor’s, master’s, and law degree but also a doctorate from the best places, and I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

I am the father of an eighteen-year-old daughter, the son of a high school teacher, and a college professor with twelve years of teaching experience.

But what would I know?

Lately, I spoke with another teacher, whose sites I have recommended to others, in the comments to my recent articles on the use of the flag.

My friend told me how a student reported her—-for only moving her lips, and not speaking loud, when she recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Like the Gestapo, and the Stasi, from which it learned its tactics, the Department of Homeland Security depends on citizens reporting each other, on students reporting teachers, and on children reporting parents….

That’s when DHS, NSA, and CIA aren’t taking trillions of dollars from the taxpayer—-i.e. you—-as part of the phony War on Terror.

It’s all about the Federal Reserve—about which you will learn absolutely nothing in school.

Our schools do not teach elementary civics, basic economics, or real history since scum, like Bill Gates, use the core curriculum to brainwash our children.

Plus, let’s not forget the use of schools to force vaccines on our children.

Autism increases exponentially as a result.

And I mean exponentially….

So do pharmaceutical profits.

School shootings are staged to promote the war on gun rights, while the FBI ignores real threats.



There are many reasons why the state does not want parents involved in their children’s upbringing.

James Clavell cottoned to it, when his daughter was trained to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Check out his book, The Children’s Story, which is really short and easy to read, as he shows how easily the schools can be taken over.

Here’s the half-hour-long movie.

Below you can buy The Children’s Story.

Check it out!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

5 thoughts on “THE CHILDREN’S STORY”

  1. That square hat is not by chance. Why do we say “trapped in a box” or “think outside the box”? The square relates to 4 which relates to the material world, which relates to alienation. FN, after being brainwashed in school in the 80’s and 90’s, I used to go back home and connect to another square, the TV. One day I found out how TV and school/college helped each other because they never connect when it’s about one questioning what is being shown and said by the other, actually it’s very like the opposite. When I was a child in the 80’s I and many children really liked a musical group of kids called Balão Mágico, not knowing that they were 100% MK Ultra. One of the kids, Mike, was the son of Ronnie Biggs, a robber who took part of some great train robbery in 1963 in England and came to Brazil running from the police, impregnated a prostitute and that’s how Mike was born. Do you think Mike’s presence in that Monarch project called “band” was by chance? That he was luckily selected through an audience consisting of other talented young ones? Why on earth adults who say they care so much about children (vaccine, Unicef etc) would choose that child instead of another with a sounder background to inspire masses of children? Another musical group composed by kids was Toca do Coelho (literally: The Rabbit’s Hole), and they sang this samba “Boy stay away, my mother will ground me, I’m still a child and thus I can’t date/ It’s so unfair It’s so unfair It’s so unfair, I’m still a child and thus I can’t date”. But… if only one of them is a child, what can that be called besides p43d0ph1l14??? And kids went back to school the next day after watching and listening to garbage like this, so it was easier for them to accept the absurds at school, for there wouldn’t be a time they wouldn’t be alienated. This stasi spy thing you write about makes sure we are always fed with rubbish so that we don’t have time to think and question, because we may think that if school is the place to learn we could question society there, so we try to do it like I tried many times and we are curiously silenced. It’s school outside, balão mágico at home and listening to balão mágico on the weekends at the neighbors’ birthdays. That was before another tragedy came up: another musical group with MK children called Trem da alegria (The Happiness TRAIN)! – The first picture at this website is a cover of an LP of balão mágico, it’s easy to spot the blue butterfly. – The 1st picture at this site is another balão mágico cover, notice the disguised p3n1s3s stamped on the boys’ t-shirts.

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    1. Thank you for writing, my friend. You are always welcome here, although I still think you should set up your own website so that you could reach more people. You have so much to say, and the world needs to hear it! I always learn from you, and I know that others do, too.


  2. Yes, this is true.
    After these vaccinations the most of my class mates have disappeared. I just noticed it.
    For what reason you, people, allow your kids to be indoctrinated by people not your race and not your culture? They lie to kids about everything.


  3. “For what reason you, people, allow your kids to be indoctrinated by people not your race and not your culture?” – I’m gonna print it and hang it on my front door. For what reason do we let us happen? Why are we letting our humanity be stolen from us?

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