Does anyone remember Paul the Octopus, who predicted the winner of a world cup match twelve (12) times, correctly, out of fourteen (14) tries, for a success rate of more than eighty-five percent (85%).

Paul was one of several allegedly psychic animals, who were played up in the media as they predicted results in the world cup, while they included Mani the Parakeet, Achilles the Cat, Taiyo the Otter, Oobi-Ooobi the Koala, and many others.

My daughter and I actually took an interest in Paul—partly because we are silly people who love animals, especially the gentle and intelligent octopus, but also because I used to smoke a lot of cannabis.

The false religion of the world cup, observed by imbeciles worldwide, needs its prophets, as CIA, MI-7, and Army Seventh control the media.

People bet on the matches, and they listen to the animals, but what accounts for the amazing accuracy that gives them credibility among otherwise intelligent people?

Remote control technology is used to move animals, just like the characters in a video game.

Remote control technology is used to move people, just like the characters in a video game.

This explanation makes far more sense than magical animal oracles that predict the results of soccer games, but people have a harder time accepting it.

That’s because they’re brainwashed.


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  1. So true! And I think that the non-terrestrial EMFs — including but not limited to radio/tv, sonar, internet/Wi-Fry, and “smart” dust — that the’ve been using are part of their sick magic trick in controlling organic Life.

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