As I encounter the run-around, and nonsensical attitudes, from one brainwashed idiot after another, I am forced to remember Franz Kafka.

Kafka gives a unique insight into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of which I have wrongly thought kindly, since it was destroyed by two world wars.

My fencing teacher was from a noble family from this country.

So was a woman with whom I went to boarding school.

So was a woman with whom I went to college.

You can read more not only in my first two books, above, but in my third book, available, below, for free.

Here, too, is a piece I wrote on an arranged meeting in Vienna.

Vienna was a programming center.

Vienna was the home of Sigmund Freud, a pervert used in an extensive psychological operation to destroy people’s lives.

Like Salzburg, Vienna is the home of classical music, which uses cybernetics against people.

Franz Kafka, who was a lawyer, makes clear how messed up the rest of Austria-Hungary was.

Books like The Castle or The Trial show endless and nonsensical bureaucracy, as its machinery seeks to destroy everything in sight.

It reminds me of what I faced in family court, which is run by the New World Order.

It reminds me of what I saw in Communist Czechoslovakia, where it seemed that Kafka had merely described the country.

But what about the writer himself?

Franz Kafka was the child of Jakob Kafka, who worked as a shochet, while he ritually slaughtered animals.

It’s part of the Abrahamic Religions.

Franz Kafka was a pervert who never married, while he slept with whores, and he consumed pornography.

Along with the woman-hatred that characterizes the Abrahamic Religions, this is what the New World Order wants.

Various imbeciles have diagnosed Kafka with schizoid personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, sleep disorders, and eating disorders.

Those are symptoms of microwave harassment.

So is Kafka’s ocular implant, as he looks cock-eyed at the camera.

Mind control technology existed long before it was publicly patented.

Nearby, they used the same thing on Nietzsche, who was not a sicko and a pervert like Kafka.

And they used the same thing on Carl Jung, who was not a sicko and a pervert like Kafka.

Broadcasts came not only from the Alps but from the Eiffel Tower.

Plus there were church steeples.

But why is the man who wrote stories of hopelessness, torture, and vermin so popular?

Franz Kafka burned ninety percent (90%) of his work, but unfortunately he never got around to the rest.

The New World Order seeks to lead people to despair, disguised as depth, while they call it Existentialism.

Perverts like W. H. Auden and Vladimir Nabokov gave inordinate praise to Franz Kafka, so he appeals to deviants.

But there is also a senseless promotion of this loser simply because he is Jewish.

You just can’t get away from it although it is possible to read his books without a thought as to his background.

Although his books predate the Nazis by decades, Franz Kafka was virtually unknown, and rightly so, before the end of World War Two.

Then, his sisters were murdered by the Nazis, while the New World Order, which put them up to it, publicized the Holocaust.

One after another article about this degenerate atheist emphasizes his racial and cultural background.

But few talk of his socialism, while his homeland was destroyed not only by the Nazis but also the Communists.

Mind control is not limited to the internet.

Mind control is not limited to the television.

It also lies in the promotion of particular authors and particular books.

That’s why everyone has heard of Kafka, but no one has heard of Rudolf Brunngraber, an Austrian writer who truly described and fought the New World Order.

See Kafka for what he is.


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5 thoughts on “WHY IS FRANZ KAFKA FAMOUS?”

    1. Yep. I’ve heard that. I believe Mark Twain was also there. Robert Louis Stevenson was in the area, but I don’t know if he visited. Still, it is possible to be lured to such a place under false pretenses and drugged.

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      1. jack London promoted cannibalism a lot: example The Red one, Son of the Sun and his poem Glass with devil’s bones glorified satanism.


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