Below you can read my recent article on the Macy Foundation, a group founded by a criminal family, which got its start running slaves before it went on to cybernetics.

The Macy Family is deeply associated with the satanic Rockefellers, as they promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It’s all about one world government.

As the red star on the store that bears their name would suggest, the Macy Family runs the communists.

So do the Rockefellers, as I show in my third book, which exposes the sham of the Cold War.

It’s a point made by Professor Antony Sutton, as he shows how Wall Street backed not only the Nazis but also the Commies.

Arthur Macy Cox provides a perfect example, as his profile indicates the collaboration among the United Nations, the Communists, the Nazis, and the Central Intelligence Agency, while they promote a satanic agenda.

This degenerate was born on the satanic holiday of Cinco de Mayo, which features in my second book, available, for free, below.

It’s kind of like the way the enemy arranged my birth on Michaelmas, as they use cybernetics, drugs, and caesarean section, about which you can read in my first book, available, for free, below.

Also below is an article on the luciferian calendar, marker days, and soul contracts.

Arthur Macy Cox was in the OSS, which brought Nazis to America, while he helped set up the CIA.

After working for the Economic Cooperation Administration, which was the architect of the Marshall Plan, as the secret goals of World War Two were achieved, he became a member of the Psychological Strategy Board.

As a member of the Board, Arthur Macy Cox was directly involved in clandestine operations, while he proved instrumental in ushering in the Cold War.

He then became a director of the Brookings Institution, which is run by the Tavistock Institute, while it forms part of the United Nations Policy Studies Program.

Then, he promoted friendly relations with the Communists, as he encouraged the disarmament of America.

Arthur Macy Cox was a lot like Francis Underhill Macy, who cozied up to the Communists, while he supported the civil rights movement, the anti-nuclear movement, and the environmental movement, making a big deal about his negro friends while he promoted the Peace Corps.

Each of these fake causes advances one world government, as the Macy Foundation has promoted cybernetics, brainwashing, and pharmaceuticals since its inception.

The Macys are as bad as the Rockefellers.


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2 thoughts on “MORE ON THE MACYS”

  1. WATCH “LUTHER- FALLEN SUN” on Netflix!
    I started reading information from your page 2NIGHTS AGO! I’ve done my own research and came to my own findings from personal experience and beliefs. Well, today I am watching this film. You know how the illuminati love to show the public what they are doing, subliminally. IN this film they confirm so many of your theroies, as well as my own. Check it out and see what I mean. So many subliminals on MK, pornogrophy, and more.


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