James Olds implanted rats with cybernetics to control their behavior in the 1950s.

Jose Delgado implanted a bull with cybernetics to control its behavior in the 1960s.

Then he implanted chimps.

As Aaron and Melissa Dykes show in their excellent film, The Minds of Men, these techniques have been used on humans for a long time.


CIA didn’t spend billions of dollars, as you can see from more than one hundred mind control patents, archived below, not to use this stuff.


You can spot this stuff in your own speech, body, and behavior.


We’ve all been implanted.


NWO was advertising it in Hollywood back in the 1960s.


NSA used to depend more on old-fashioned implants, but now they seem to use more nanotechnology, as they advertised in the 1960s with Raquel Welch.


Nanotech is in our food.


Nanotech is in our water.


Nanotech is in the air.


No wonder it’s in the animals!

The Office of Naval Research started with animals, remember?  

Tavistock didn’t give up their animal programs and move on to humans alone, but they are still implanting and cybernetically controlling animals.

Did you ever see a dog kick its leg when you scratched its belly?

That’s forced movement.

Did you ever wonder why a dog didn’t bark, or did you ever listen to him bark, senselessly, for hours?

Did you ever ask a dog, “What’s gotten into you?”

The answer is simple:  cybernetics!

NASA even advertised Max, the Bionic Dog, in The Bionic Woman, when I was a boy.

It wasn’t just the Bionic Man who was in the Air Force.

And it wasn’t just Scooby Doo.


Dynomutt is real!


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