This is the fifth article in a series on the deep state’s use of microwave harassment to destroy its own weapons.

The first was on their destruction of connoisseurship, by using cybernetics to manipulate my olfactory bulb, which has saved me many thousands of dollars, as I avoid expensive beer, wine, and spirits.

The second was on their destruction of sex, by using cybernetics to zap my privates and my bottom, say dirty words, and tell foul lies, while they combine their disgusting consciousness with mine, through hive mind, so they have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would have been spent because of another unplanned pregnancy.

The third was on their destruction of the only video game I ever played, Civilization, so they have saved me many hundreds of hours that would otherwise have been wasted.

The fourth was on their destruction of bars, which they could have used as staging grounds, where I spent money, met people they put in my way, and risked drunk driving.

Guess what else the morons destroyed with microwave harassment?

I used to smoke marijuana, on a daily basis, spending eight hundred dollars on two ounces per month on the best stuff in the world, while it made me unproductive and I risked a minor arrest.

But as soon as the enemy deliberately brought back my memories of a lifetime of brainwashing, which you can read about in my books, available, for free, below, they gave an audible command while I was actually listening to them, and trying to figure things out, to stop smoking marijuana.

That’s what I did for more than three years, so they destroyed the associated weapon of television, which cannabis had supported.

And they destroyed the associated weapon of masturbation, which cannabis had supported.

Then, I was enjoying a party at my friend’s horse farm, when I thought, what the hell, so we smoked together, and he gave me roughly half an ounce as a gift.

I walked back to my cabin, from his house, and immediately the bullshit started, as the enemy harassed me more and more.

After they ignored my warning, I dumped the ganja in the toilet.

Immediately, the lies delivered by voice to skull resumed, as the scum claimed this was a victory for them because they would make me buy marijuana when I returned to my home county where we grow the best in the world.

That was almost three years ago, the one time I smoked after the three years before, for a total of six years of effortless abstinence, while I never smoked again; but the imbeciles still think they can lead me back to weed, while their masters give them impossible tasks, hurt their bodies, and destroy their lives, blaming the slaves of the deep state, all the while, for their inevitable failure.

That’s how stupid they are, and that’s how easy it is to make them hurt each other.

They just keep making me stronger.

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