A lot of bad things went on at Playboy.

But when I read the magazine, and they placed women in it, just for me, back in the Eighties and the Nineties, Playboy looked wholesome—otherwise I never would have fallen for it.


It wasn’t only because I was a horny mind-controlled young man, who wanted to find the best in others, in a time about which you can read in my second book, available, for free, below.

Playboy cleaned up its act, as it went on its best behavior, in response to exposure by the Final Report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.

Suddenly, the Playmate of the Year was the ultimate goody-goody virgin from the Bible Belt.

It was Donna Edmondson.

Suddenly, a Playmate of the Year became a born-again Christian, who continued to endorse Playboy.

It was Debra Jo Fondren.

Suddenly, a Playmate of the Year married Hugh Hefner, as he handed nominal control of the enterprize to his daughter.

It was Kimberly Conrad.

You can read more in my third book, available, for free, below—especially about Donna Edmondson and the stuff they tried with me over the years even putting particular interviews in the periodical just to make it look interesting.

FBI said that Hugh Hefner was too smart to get caught.

But he did get caught—not only by the Chicago Police but also by the Los Angeles Police.

As you can read in my first book, available, for free, below, Hefner fell into the hands of honest cops—unlike the incompetent whores at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose pervert chief, J. Edgar Hoover, wore women’s underpants while he kept an enormous file on sexual deviants.

That’s why CIA killed him.


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  1. Great article as always.

    Please can you tell me is there something wrong in the novel Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockinbird” Li is 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and surnames similarities may be not a coincedence.
    Mockinbird is also an opepration to hide the truth.
    Is this could be allusion to that operation?


      1. It was Pulitzer prized and heavily promoted in Hivite’s openly ruled Russia. I saw it in bookstore and now I am questioning the book.

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  2. I have an important warning for you from Fiona Barnett
    Fiona Barnett Jun 18
    WARNING: USA MI6 Cult leader infiltrates Aussie Survivor Community
    Just a quick warning to Australian Ritual Abuse & Mind Control victims. I was recently thrown out of an Australian based ‘survivor support group’ supposedly aimed at ‘healing’ which is in fact placing victims at risk.
    I was thrown out because I refused to tolerate these groups being used as a platform for preaching Cult doctrine at victims, monitoring victims, and collecting victim information. One American group participant secretly emailed another and abused them for objecting to their lecturing Cult material at the participant and accused the high-profile, highly respected victim of acting as an agent for the Cabal. I complained about this and was tossed out like someone who questions the Cult and is consequently labelled a ‘suppressive person.’ I recently watched the excellent Netflix series about the FLDS and could relate to how the whistleblowers felt.
    Recognising the Cult doctrine, I spoke with multiple high profile USA survivors of high-end government child trafficking, Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, and they have identified the American culprit as a notorious Cult leader. I was informed that this Cult leader sabotaged advocacy efforts and collected victims’ information with an aim to compromising and placing them at risk of harm.
    This Cult leader claims to be the planet’s sole spokesperson representing an alien intergalactic federation who are going to save the world. This sort of crazy sounding bullshit is intentionally disseminated to discredit survivors and lead them off the healing path. The last thing a Ritual Abuse victim needs is to be lectured on Cult doctrine during what they thought was a survivor support group. This doctrine promotes such notions as:
    Victims can create our own reality (if so, I would have created a better reality than this MK nightmare);
    Reincarnation and transhumanism and the promise aliens are going to provide victims with a quick fix which stops victims having to confront and feel pain.
    Aliens have disarmed all the nuclear weapons (err, the aliens forgot to inform that North Korean fat fuck and Putin with their monthly successful missile tests);
    I was accused by a Cult member of spreading “fear porn” by warning Americans living close to New York to head for the mountains of West Virginia to escape the impending nuclear attack. Thing is, I predicted years ago – and committed to publication in the 2020 Lockdown edition of my book – that China and Russia would invade USA following Russia nuking it. Yet again, recent media headlines vindicate my predictions that were originally labelled ‘fucking crazy’ by my own therapist.
    Here’s the current reality:
    And there’s no such things as ‘white hats’ saving the day. That’s part of the QAnon military PsyOp, FFS…
    I have a long, proven track record of making accurate predictions and determinations; yet some Australian survivors were so quick to rely instead on the next shiny thing hailing from the ‘USA: home of the CIA.’ Reina Michaelson observed, Australian survivors were so quick to turn on her the moment they are threatened or bribed. I experienced the exact same thing. ‘Publish my story!’ they’d beg me – then threaten me if I didn’t delete the same after they were threatened or bribed into compliance.
    One of my American peers correctly observed that Australian survivors exhibit an extremely low level of healing and recovery from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. This is too true. Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control can never be achieved while the victim indulge in Cult doctrine. Healing stems from confronting our fears and triggering and processing abuse memories through effective, proven therapy techniques including:

    Art Therapy
    Clay Field Therapy
    Visualised part dialogue & rescue
    Somatic Therapy
    Voice Dialogue
    I consistently find that true healing does not stem from New Age doctrine and practices. In fact, I find these to be barriers to healing. I find that
    unhealed survivors typically embrace and indulge in shamanism, indigenous ceremony / ritual, ayahuasca consumption, astral projection, yet they have not integrated their DID parts. These victims remain highly vulnerable to access by MI6 operatives who work for the international trafficking network to silence victim witnesses, or to dubious psychiatrists who claim to be DID experts and yet secretly work as re-programmers for the military and Cults.
    It appears Alcoholics Anonymous are connected to some of the support group networks that have emerged in recent times. I have been informed that some coordinators have expressed intention to apply for AA funding for SRA groups. AA is a Cult-based institution.
    I have also been told that the Americans intend to establish healing retreats in Australia, and visit here for lectureships and healing retreats. This sounds like a replica of the SRA healing retreat established by Liz Mullinar – Nicole Kidman’s British casting agent and close associate of my pedophile rapist MK perpetrator Antony Kidman.
    Beware of another emerging Australian scam involves operatives registering as NDIS Support Workers and providing daily support to RA / MK victims who are NDIS funded. A conflict of interest exists when a vulnerable, homeless victim rents accommodation from someone who is also claiming NDIS payment as that victim’s support worker. An RA / MK victim who depends on the same individual for accommodation, transport, food, etc is highly vulnerable.
    Consequently, I won’t be directly communicating with Australian survivors in the future. You are your main barrier to healing because you consistently choose the path of least resistance over the more painful healing path, and I am tired of trying to convince you of that. Next time you experience a flashback – go ask the aliens for advice.


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