Less than a year after I published my book, Playboy’s Progress, A&E came out with Secrets of Playboy.

This parallels my earlier exposure of the Magazine for Men, which drew on the congressional testimony of Laurel Aston, an operative who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, and the stories of other women who saw the dark side of the Playboy Mansion.

Here you can see some blueprints of the secret tunnel system below the Playboy Mansion.

Here you can read documents from an investigation by the FBI.

And here you can see a mugshot of Hugh Hefner.

Hugh Hefner was not a nice person, but he managed to fool a lot of smart people.

The pedophiles in the deep state are the main reason you have heard of Hugh Hefner.

Through images like the white rabbit, and references to the agency, the little boys could not help but advertise their control of the publisher.

Playboy looked wholesome, as it celebrated the beauty of women, while it provided a seemingly harmless venue for fantasy together with contemporary fiction and informative interviews.

Intellectuals like Timothy Leary appeared at the Mansion, while they were run by the Pentagon.

As it cleaned up its image, Playboy was associated with a leading children’s writer.

But behind the scenes people were drugged, so they didn’t remember what happened, while others were led to visit when Hefner was on his best behavior.

CIA has a long history of using drugs that weaken the will and destroy memory.

They did it to me, among other times, when I was brainwashed at the same programming center as the Playmate of the Year, who came from my home town, before she became the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League.

Marilyn Lange was one of many amazing women to pose, as her beauty was celebrated in a magazine about which I have mixed feelings.

Another was Bo Derek, an honorary green beret, who breeds horses and supports animal rights, while I dreamed of her body before I even knew what she looked like.

That’s something you can read about in my first book, available, for free, below.

Another was Marina Baker, a political activist who acted on stage, served as mayor of a small town, and wrote for the newspapers, as her pictures led me to an improper fantasy.

That’s something you can read about in my second book, available, for free, below.

And another was Alana Soares, a ski pro who was placed in the magazine because she resembled a woman to whom the agency led me through one coincidence after another.

That’s something you can read about in my third book, available, for free, below.

The plot depends not only on mass media but on mind control.

Almost two dozen women were put in Playboy, in attempts to manipulate me during a time when the so-called intelligence community used magazines instead of websites.

Later they would use a minor movie star, who became a half-baked conspiracy theorist, once the internet became widely available.

We are all amazing people, and you can learn about us in my books, which not only expose the evils of the mansion, and the methods of mind control, but they celebrate the achievements of my playmate sisters while they contain sexy fantasies.

Learn the real secrets of Playboy.


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