The World Health Organization (WHO) is negotiating a global pandemic treaty and considering dangerous amendments to its International Health Regulations, which will further enable Covid medical tyranny while amounting to yet another step toward a one-world government. 

State governments should nullify these tyrannical schemes, which they have power to do under Article Six of the United States Constitution.

The State of Iowa has introduced a bill to nullify the illegal mandates of the World Health Organization.

You can learn more about nullification from the Tenth Amendment Center.

And you can contact your state governor and representatives using the following link.

We need to stop the World Health Organization before the New World Order moves forward on its plan for the next shutdown:  SEERS 2025.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

8 thoughts on “WHO SEEKS TO GRAB POWER!”

  1. Hi, Can you please post something about the Ohio train “accident”. The Vanguard corporation is connected to the railroad corporation. And this was not an accident at all. Cheers.


      1. Thank you, excellent information revealing yet another “accident” by the satanic globalists. The RR is connected to Vannguard and Blackrock as well.
        i also read that exec’s of the RR sold $3m in stock a few days before the ‘accident”. The over 150 “fires” in food warehouses and animal ag warehouses are also a part of sabotage. Cheers.

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      2. Dear Rachel:

        This is a great spot, and thanks for writing.

        Here is an article I found, dated on one of the eight luciferian sabbats, describing how one of Norfolk Southern’s directors, James Squires, sold US$5.2m worth of shares, last year, at about US$246 per share, as he divested his holdings from the company, while insiders did not buy any shares at all last year.


        Here is another article I found from last year, which cites Defense World to show that Jim Squires sold far more than indicated by Simply Wall Street, as he sold $26.2 million dollars of the railroad’s stock, or more than two-thirds of his holdings in the company he directs, in the year before the “accident.”


        JPMorgan and Lazard sold a lot of shares last year, too, as they made the required filings with the SEC, which would be easily searchable, for free, on EDGAR.


        Other insiders to sell in the last two years are as follows: Alan H Shaw ($2,610,645.64), Clyde H Allison Jr ($1,450,650.00), Clyde H. Allison, Jr. ($1,066,710.00), James A Squires ($48,394,713.72), and Steven F Leer ($185,857.00).
        In the two years before the “accident,” insiders sold a total of 210,120 Norfolk Southern shares for a total of $53,953,726.36 sold, reducing their holdings by two-thirds from 0.31% to 0.1%.


        If the SEC had anything to it, which it doesn’t, they would investigate the insider trading and criminality that plainly infest the board of the railroad, but, instead, they prefer to go after Martha Stewart, while they did no investigation of similar insider trading before the false flag attack on 911, staged under NATO OPERATION GLADIO B.

        Friendly regards,



      3. AWESOME resarch Tim of the greedy evil profiteering the year before the “accident”.
        These humans seem to lack any compassion or empathy, and feed off power, money, pain, and sex. How do they sleep at night?. I pray for justice for the profiteer-ers and the perpetrators, Hopefully that all of their profits, and all other assets, will be confiscated and shared with the residents directly affected by the contaminants. The light shines through the darkness. peace be with you.

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