Never heeding the sage advice of Kenny Rogers, the enemy in the deep state keeps doubling down on bad bets, calling and raising when they should fold, as, through addiction, they repeat their same mistakes.

Last week, they sent an agent into the sauna where I sweat, and I exposed him, through the article below.

So what did they do today?

They sent another agent into the sauna.

While the first was FBI, the second was from China, which visited this site during its first week of operation, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation actively conspires with the Yellow Peril to target American citizens.

The man claimed to hail from the Philippines, in which China takes an interest, as it is played by the New World Order, but he was obviously a Chinese spook.

The man claimed to hail from the Philippines, in which the Catholics take an interest, as the Jesuits run the Central Intelligence Agency, and the CIA was obviously behind him.

His appearance was combined with audible suggestions, delivered by voice-to-skull, as to the supposed intelligence of the Chinese….

And the smiling Asian could not have looked more evil or more suspicious.

But to top it all, the spy’s appearance was combined with eight hits this morning, on this website, from Macau—an obscure part of China where the Communists and the Jesuits conspire together.

This is how stupid they are.


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