As I have written in my first book, the Illuminati, who run the Jews, the Brits, and the Yanks, use fear to create amenesic walls, so a person’s mind will turn away from the memories of abuse they hide.

I explore this theme in my second book.

And I explore this theme in my third book.

As the Masons, and the slaves that run them, seek to program others, and they advertise their methods, these things show up in comics.

And they will attack you in your dreams, but, if you are just yourself, and you have no fear, they cannot touch you.

But, recently, through my own experience, as I forget a little something, from time to time, I have seen how they will use not fear, which I do not have, to turn my mind away, from something I wish to remember.

They also use disgust, or dislike, so, if we seek a pleasant life, we will not fight—-while we do not remember.

The Russian spymaster, from whose students I learned, just as I learned from the English spymaster, who learned from him, put it well.

As George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff said,

Like what it doesn’t like….

The Chinese kung fu master, from whose student I learned, put it differently.

As Wang Zhen Hua said,

A master eats bitter every day….

It’s easy to do when you are aware of the satanic enemy’s attack.

The enemy is constantly telling you that their technology, and your acquiescence to the attack, will make your life easy.

They lie, as they go at us, through the television, through the internet, and through advertising.

The real thing that I find easy, and hard, and fun, is fighting the scum.

I cannot think of anything that I would rather do, as I find joy in battle, growing stronger and stronger while my enemies grow weaker and weaker.

The more they attack, trying to destroy me, the more it forges me into myself.

Fighting hard is fun!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

2 thoughts on “FIGHT HARD: IT’S FUN!”

  1. I will share EVERYTHING. My family is targeted too and fighting back with Jesus Christ as my King is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my entire life!

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