As I sue the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice has blown one of its deadlines.

That’s about what you can expect from these guys.

Meanwhile, they keep sending people at me through arranged meetings.

They sent a foreign couple into the sauna at my gym.

They sent an apparent agent into the sauna at my gym.

They sent another apparent agent into the sauna at my gym.

And they sent a hot woman, who had a lookalike, in erotic photographs to which I have fantasized, into the sauna at my gym.

When they sent the blonde, I said it was only a matter of time before they sent a brunette with a similar lookalike.

Lookalikes are the name of the game, as much as arranged meetings, as the fools try to shape our sexuality through programming.

It’s something you can read about in my third book.

It’s something you can read about in my second book.

And it’s something you can read about in my first book.

So what did the enemy do tonight?

As usual, they failed to heed the sage advice of Kenny Rogers, because they just don’t know when to fold ‘em, when to walk away, or when to run….

They sent a woman into the sauna, who had a sudden and strange urge to leave her family at home, as they drove her with microwave harassment.

As I uncharacteristically shared my thermos of iced tea, with the good looking woman, whom I have met before, I learned that her husband works for the agency I am suing.

It’s the Department of Homeland Security!

Meanwhile, earlier today, I looked at a rape comic by Briaeros, which is a cover for their tool, Art Lab Studio, outside of New York, whence the woman in the sauna also hails.

That’s something I almost never do, while acting out of character is a sure sign of mind control.

If I look at an erotic comic, it’s from DangerBabeCentral.

But today it was uncharacteristically the cover for Art Lab Studio—Briaeros!

And the woman in the sauna, whose husband works for DHS, compliments my manly physique, while we share a loving cup, and she looks like she could have stepped right out of those comics, where the moronic Korean, Dan Park, with whom the government conspires, .can’t even bother to learn our language.

Those comics come from a studio surrounded by seventeen military bases.

And a sexy character in those comics is a cop, which is something you never find in DangerBabeCentral.

Do you think this is all a coincidence?


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    1. Thank you for sending this important resource with which I wholeheartedly agree, as it exposes real history and avoids false narratives–staying well clear of Jesus, Aliens, and Reptile People.

      You are right to focus on dreams and nightmares that stand out, since these connect to brainwashing sessions involving drugs in real-life programming centers—or in our own houses, as we are taken from our beds.


      There is a lot of good stuff in the blog you have shared with respect to how the enemy moves, arranged marriages, and their breeding programs, as I also come from significant bloodlines, descending from Norman Aristocracy, Sir James Shaen, and Seneca Indians, while my daughter’s mother descends from Odin, Charlemagne, Rollo the Walker, Roger the Great of Montgomery, and Cherokee Indians (among others). The combination of our blood, or genetics, was not an accident, any more than the combination of my brother’s blood with that of his ex-wife, a good woman who comes from an extremely rich Jewish family that intermarried with Aryans, diluting the genetic inheritance of the Regensteins, while she wears Egyptian tattoos on her upper arms.

      My daughter’s name, by the way, is Lily, which is the emblem of her noble house, while symbols like white rabbits, zebra stripes, hydrangeas, and so on appear all over my mother’s home, which she is brainwashed to decorate this way.

      I have a lot to learn about ancient history, and you remind me of some things that I would do well to learn more about.

      I was particularly interested in the material on the Phoenicians (Phoenix), who give us our alphabet, as their rise connects to the Late Bronze Age Collapse (~1200 BCE). This makes me think that the Late Bronze Age Collapse was planned by the enemy, through the manipulation of banking, lending, and monetary policy, toward the fall of Kassite Babylon (Dynasty III), moving into the Second Isin Period, while the bankers are still using the name, ISIN, which goes back to Babylon and Sumer, now for International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN), and the Late Bronze Age Collapse also connects, interestingly, to the volcanic explosion at Thera (Santorini), which later scholars associate with Atlantis.

      Like the Late Bronze Age Collapse, which involved the movement of peoples to shift history, I believe the Fall of the Roman Empire was planned by the enemy, while it connected to the Migration Period (~500 CE). The Migration Period seems to involve not only a planned financial collapse, through the manipulation of banking, and monetary policy, but the unleashing of peoples bred in Asia who invaded Europe as barbarians–e.g. the Huns. [Later this would be replayed with the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, whose blood also flows into Hungary, which takes its name from the Huns (~1200 CE)].

      I believe that Aryan bloodlines come from Asia, just as Snorri Sturlison writes in the Prose Edda that one branch of the Norse Gods, the Aesir, came from Asia, from which they take their name.

      I also believe it is extremely important to distinguish between Aryan nobility and Aryan slave-blood, a difference that Hitler deliberately sought to obscure as he was manipulated, through cybernetic mind control, to mobilize white trash while he democratized the political philosophy of nineteenth-century conservativism, which emphasized noble bloodlines.

      (Incidentally, while we’re looking at the movement of peoples, whether or not it involves formal governments, as it shapes history, I believe here we need to look at how blood, or race, or genetics, in which the enemy takes an interest through their breeding programs, connect to language, which follows blood, and in which the enemy takes an interest through neurolinguistic programming and neurolinguistic formulae, so that the Viking Diaspora (~800 CE) in which my people took part didn’t result in empire-building, except as it morphed into the British Empire, but it gave us people with Viking Blood all over “Europe,” which is really just part of Eurasia, and it also gave us the primacy of the English Language).

      Genetics and language are far more important than governments, and they are also more important than banking and commerce.

      But, looking back, my hunch is that there are ancient programming centers, complete with radio towers, in the mountains of Tibet, and that the Nazis were actually not off track when they connected Tibet to Aryans and both to Atlantis.

      This leaves us with the question: what was Atlantis?


      1. P.S. As you inspire me to reflect on these matters, it further occurs to me that the Flood, which shows up in the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, long before the Israelites copied the story into Genesis, involved, on a geologic level, simply the spilling of the Mediterranean Sea into the Black Sea through what are now the Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles (~5600 BCE).

        The Straits in Turkey, at what was the center of the Eastern Roman Empire (Constantinople or Istanbul), mark the border of so-called Europe, and so-called Asia, while the Crimean Peninsula, which historically afforded Russia access to the Straits, and the Sea, and the Oceans, continues to be a flash-point in the Great Game between Russia and England through the War in the Ukraine.

        This will become less important, as the Great Northern Route opens up, through the false flag attack of geo-engineered global climate change, so Russia moves into the Arctic, and ships will sail year-round from Archangel out of, and into, the White Sea, while there will be a nuclear exchange around the North Pole to facilitate the melt, and the opening of sea routes, leading to the development of resources, in the Arctic; but the Ukraine still leads to the coming World War Three, staged to look like Christian Armageddon, as they are already fighting in Syria, with the Great Game further playing out in Afghanistan, so Russia will drive through Turkey to Israel.


        But my point is more that the myth says Atlantis was destroyed by a flood, and the Big Flood we know about, as recorded in their other mythologies, occurred in the Black Sea Deluge, a little more than seven thousand years ago, while the Rise of Uruk begins exactly after this flood (5600 BCE), and Gilgamesh, whose story gives the oldest written account of the Flood, was the King of Uruk.

        Building to Uruk, the Sumerians laid the grounds for one of the first known cities, as they mysteriously showed up, permanently settling Sumer, and speaking a language that is not part of any known language family, right when “Atlantis” would have been knocked out, or damaged, by the Black Sea Deluge–so this would put Atlantis not in Tibet but somewhere on the Black Sea.

        (Still, Tibet is plainly important, and plainly connected, as is partially indicated by Hollywood’s fascination with the place, just as the stars go not only for Buddhism but for Kabbala).

        Babylon looks back to Sumer, and to Uruk, as the Sumerians provided the Babylonians, and the Assyrians, with the inspiration for their culture, and their classical past, while the Sumerians earlier “invented” agriculture, irrigation, calendars, mathematics, astronomy, the wheel, and even beer!

        But maybe the Sumerians didn’t really invent these things at places like Uruk, but they simply moved earlier inventions, made by humans, not gods or aliens or nonsense, out of a place that survived in some legends, under the name Atlantis, as the predecessors of the Sumerians lived on the Black Sea, which may have provided the true Cradle of Civilization.

        So, a different way to ask, “What was Atlantis?” is to say “Where did the Sumerians come from?” as we apply a principle we already know–i.e. secret military technologies are always far more advanced, and exist earlier, than what conventional history tells us is the first invention of these technologies.


        So, the reason the Sumerians appear to have invented everything, as they influenced everyone in the region, is because all that stuff was invented long before by their predecessors; so somewhere in or around the Black Sea, we could find archaeological evidence of an advanced civilization, from which they derived, if only we looked in the right place, which some might call Atlantis.

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      2. “I was particularly interested in the material on the Phoenicians”

        I have some materials. Give me some time I will share them.

        “This leaves us with the question: what was Atlantis?”

        It was a name of the state. Hivites tell it too when they are refer to Aryans.

        Race is bilogical term equivalent of type to animals. Indian tiger, amur tiger etc. Biologocally Romans, Egypt and Atlantis are all the same and the enemy conscribed us all to Aryans.

        Howard in Conan from Cimmeria (Crimea Hivites changed it) said about Aryans as “Aryans sons of Arya.” So Arya was a god or leader of Aryans.

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      3. Interesting, and thank you, as I was writing my post-script at the same time you wrote your reply, so they crossed in the aether.

        Your comment about Arya, and the Aryans, sends me back to Zoroaster, who connects to Babylon, Pythagoras, and Lucifer, while Zoroastrianism morphs not only into the Parsee Religion, which connects to the Freemasons, but also into Judaism, Christianity, and Islam….


        This takes me over to Persia (Iran), where the Aryans seem to have come from another mythical place, so perhaps the Caspian Sea is also worth a look….


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      4. Hivites didn’t collapse Babel, Phonecia and Romans


        Hivites infiltration, rule and genocide are only the result of high classes’ depravities.

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      1. It is possble there are fake books of her at Amazon — I opened it and I found more books that the one you have. I am not sure which one is correct.
        Is that correct author?


  1. I read on the internet that Hivite is just another name for the Illuminati Brotherhood as is The Family.

    What I read is that the Illuminati Brotherhood are elite ranking Freemasons.

    That, to become really rich, the people who do have to kill somebody and become a member of the Illuminati Brotherhood.

    The Hivites supposedly were behind Napoleon’s rise.

    And, supposedly, America was discovered at an earlier date then what is taught in schools. To the point that the USA was handed to the Catholic Church by the Tudors around the Ghengis Khan era.

    But, the Illuminati Freemasons supposedly toppled the Catholic Church with the Republican founding fathers, constitution etc then infiltrated the Catholic Church.

    Napoleon ~ Freemasons.
    Founding Fathers and American constitution ~ Freemasons.

    The more you look into it, you can see how much stuff has been controlled by the Freemasons Illuminati Brotherhood.

    How did I find this information?
    On masonic lodge, Freemason websites and from self described sex trafficking survivors eg from MKULTRA.


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