Kim Meylemans is a brave, tough, and heroic woman.

You have to be brave to race the skeleton, a sport in which you fly at eighty miles per hour, head-first, down the run, less than an inch above the ice.

You have to be tough to race the skeleton, a sport in which you endure four to five G-forces of pressure, so it’s hard even to look up and see where you’re going, as your sled rattles away down the track.

No wonder the skeleton was dropped from the Olympics, to be brought back, twice, since only the bravest and toughest athletes take part.

Laughing at death, Kim Meylemans races in this sport, with her girlfriend, Nicole Silveira, as the two compete in a friendly amateur spirit that the Chinese, the Olympics, and their corporate affiliates could never understand.

Like me, these two could give a damn what people think, as they have fun, do brave things, and embody freedom.

Watch the Little Belgian train!

Watch the Little Belgian go!

Imagine what it’s like for her….

Kim Meylemans doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the gold: she just wants to be tough, have fun, and pursue her dream.

But when Kim Meylemans got to China, the cowards started playing games with her, as they said she tested positive, and they kept her in isolation, moving her from one facility to another, until they finally brought her back to the Olympic Village.

The Chinese did the same with the beautiful Polish skater, Natalia Maliszewska.

Here’s what Natalia Maliszewska said about her treatment by the Chinese, who used the coronavirus to play games, while she sought to compete.

I’ve been living in fear for over a week…and these mood swings, my breathless crying….

Positive and negative tests, tests near isolation, suddenly positive tests with results that qualify me to go to hospital on a ventilator. Later again, good results and a chance for parole. Later, a total flop. No possibility….

Hope is dead.

Finally, on the day of take-off at 3 am, people take me out of solitary…. That night would be a horror. I slept fully clothed, because I was afraid someone would take me back in solitary confinement in a moment. I only looked a little through the curtains. With one eye, because I was afraid anyone would see me.

Later, great hope. Pack for the ice rink, take off! I unpack my clothes, hang up the garment…and suddenly you know they got it wrong! but they shouldn’t let me out of solitary! yet I am a threat! that they cannot take off. I need to get back to the village as soon as possible….

I don’t understand it either. I don’t believe in anything anymore. No tests. No games….

I hope that whoever controls it has a lot of fun….

My brain and my heart can’t take any more.

The Chinese did the same to the beautiful Russian biathlete, Valeria Vasnetsova, as they refused to feed her anything but inedible slop over a five-day period.

The head of the German team, Dirk Schimmelpfennig, said his athletes are being kept in tiny dirty cells, forced to eat lousy food, while the Chinese refuse to give them the tests they need to show they do not carry the disease.

Here you can watch a Swedish journalist report on the gulag conditions under which the Chinese keep athletes as they try to swing the Olympic Games with dirty tricks.

Here you can watch an American journalist describe what passes for hospitality, health care, and fair play in the country held up by the Rockefellers, the Olympics, and the United Nations as the model for us all.

Here you can read a story from the English press about the reprehensible treatment given by the Communists to foreign athletes whom the Olympic Committee purports to regard as diplomats.

And here you can watch the mainstream media, as it interviews a so-called medical expert, man-splaining how the mistreatment of athletes is necessary “to keep the games safe.”

How much of the real story—about the Olympics, Covid, or anything—are you getting from your television?

Covid is being used to play games with people—an outcome I predicted, and a plot I described, on this site, before the shutdown.

The disease is a false flag attack, connected to China, through which the internationalists seek to manipulate people through fear, while they deprive us of our liberties.

The Chinese are absolutely evil, but they are held up, through the Olympics, as a model country.

The Chinese kill, imprison, and torture millions of people, while they are held up, by the internationalists, as a model response to the coronavirus.

Kim Meylemans broke down, as she posted a tearful video, which seems completely out of character.

It makes you wonder what they did to her when she was in isolation.

It makes you wonder what they could do to anyone when they hold them in isolation.

That’s a question being asked by United States Senator Ron Johnson, as this heroic American invited a group of world-renowned medical experts to a congressional hearing, in Washington, to give some perspective on the global response to the pandemic.

If you don’t want to watch the full four hours of the senate hearing above, you can watch some highlights below.

Maybe Kim Meylemans was hit with Havana Syndrome, caused by directed energy weapons, which even the mainstream media has recognized to have been used on our diplomats in China….

Maybe Kim Meylemans was hit with drugs and brainwashing, which the CIA have used on Americans, and the Chinese used on our soldiers, as far back as the Korean War….

As noted in my books, which you can download for free, below, when you see someone acting out of character, or strangely, it is an indication of mind control.

That’s what we’re seeing in the heroic woman who calls herself the Little Belgian—a brave lady who broke down when imprisoned at the games.

China is bad news, but the problem is bigger since it goes to the heart of the Olympics.

How come the Nazis, in Berlin, hosted the games, while they were sponsored by international corporations?

How come the bankers, in London, hosted the games, while they used satanic symbolism?

What are the Olympics really about?


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