I am suing the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and others.

These agencies, and their affiliates, slam me with microwave harassment on a moment-to-moment basis.

You can read about it in my first book.

You can read about it in my second book.

And you can read about it in my third book.

The enemy uses microwave harassment, combined with mind control, to arrange apparently chance meetings, as they seek to manipulate people.

As they seek to arrange meetings with others, through cybernetic mind control, the enemy has destroyed many of the staging grounds they could otherwise use.

I never go to the horsey events for which my area is famous because there are people I don’t want to run into.

I never go to the gourmet bistro at which I used to be a regular because there are people I don’t want to run into.

The enemy has used cybernetics to alienate me from people, while they foolishly try to force me to others.

The enemy attacks my body with directed energy weapons, while they foolishly try to force me to others.

And when I go on the most innocent errand, the disgusting homosexuals try to take me out on the road, so I really don’t go out very much.

Still, they keep throwing random people my way, as just last weekend, they tried to drive me to share a drink with a couple of women I met at the analemmatic sundial at Longwood Gardens.

And they throw random people my way at the sauna where I sweat.

And they repeat their same mistakes.

Usually, the people they send have no idea what is going on, as they are manipulated through subliminal mind control.

But this weekend they actually sent an agent, who, like all of them, is a homosexual faker.

Suddenly, a falsely friendly thug, who not only practices jiu jitsu, but competes in martial arts, so he puts his hands on the bodies of other men, in an activity that resembles homosexual rape, appears in the sauna, again and again, while imbecilic female degenerates suggest, by voice-to-skull, that we could go out for beers, or I could visit his dojo, and he has agent written all over him.

He calls himself Lorenzo, and he might be DHS, but I would bet money that the fool is straight from FBI.

These treasonous, imbecilic, and homosexual scum are the ones behind the terror factory.

Whatever he is, the enemy’s moves remain both stupid and obvious.

What a loser!


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  1. After decades of this harassment, do they really think you haven’t caught on? I mean, they read your blog, right? Lorenzo the loser, haha, perfect. Lo-ren-zero.

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    1. Tell me about it.

      You should see the attack I am getting today, which has led to twenty hours of activity against them and for me, while they pretend they are weakening me

      They keep putting nasty tastes in my mouth, among other things, while these attacks have led me to lose fifty (50) pounds since November.


      Their insane attacks make me stronger while they waste each other.

      I say, “Bring it on!”


      1. Talk about stupid….

        There is a heavy Italian-American element in the gangstalkers that attack me by voice-to-skull, and they all watch mafia movies while they think these stupid movies are reality.


        (While these goombas favor The Sopranos on HBO, the southern trash go to Deadwood, also on HBO, while the losers regularly project Clint Eastwood at me).

        Anyway, I just realized that these illiterate morons, who don’t understand the difference between the stupid shows they watch and the reality others live, actually picked the false name “Lorenzo” from “A Bronx Tale,” because they all emulate Robert DeNiro, whom the paisanos call Bobby Dee, and he appears as a “stand-up guy” in this movie. I got hit with a hypnotic suggestion I didn’t notice when I met this character, and it was to think of an Italian Lorenzo; so, without realizing I was being influenced, I came up with the mnemonic “Lorenzo the Magnificent,” after the criminal banker Lorenzo di Medici, just so I could remember the name of someone I just met.

        This is similar to what happened when they hit me with a suggestion about the woman in the lovely spring outfit, as I remain myself, and they lie about me, as this also explains why their dumb hypnotic techniques don’t work on good, intelligent, or sophisticated sleepers.


        Too bad the scum who find it inconceivable that someone would see Robert DeNiro for the loser he is, or just not notice the no-talent paisano, didn’t bother to read my article exposing the foul-mouthed goomba as a douchebag child molester; nor did the imbeciles bother to learn anything about me, at all, before they charged in….



      2. They *really* don’t know who they are messing with! Also, those are all good articles. The “Italian Christmastime” video/song is weirdly funny.


      3. When I heard “Italian Christmastime” for the first time on the radio, I told my my Italian-American friend, Daniel, about the funny song, and I asked if I could sing it for him….

        He answered, “Can I stop you?”

        “No,” I said, so he got to hear it.



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