Women Who Fought Back

Cathy O’Brien is a hero who fought back. A so-called beta slave who broke conditioning: http://trance-formation.com

So is Cisco Wheeler, a general’s daughter who wrote a book that tells it all: http://loveforlife.com.au/files/total_mind_controlled.pdf

A third is Julianne McKinney, a captain in U.S. Army Intelligence, who just got sick of it: http://www.declassifieddocuments.com/2016/10/us-army-intelligence-officer-julianne-mckinney-targeted-individual-whistleblower.html

And yet another is Katherine Horton, who holds a Ph.D. in physics from Oxford University: https://stop007.org

We have all been sexually abused–as has my mother, all of my girlfriends, and my daughter. Many do not know because their memories have been erased by trauma, drugs, hypnotism, electro-shock, and just plain “wishful thinking.” It’s hard to accept the truth.

In short, I am a man who is proud to call these women my heroes.

May we all live up to their example!

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