The Preppy Handbook was published in 1980, as a bit of fluff, satirizing the manners and mores of the Eastern Establishment and the surrounding upper middle class.  It spent 38 weeks as number one on The New York Times bestseller list.  It was reprinted 32 times, and all 7,500 copies of the first run sold out within one week of its release. 

preppy handbook cover

CIA controls the media through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, and they particularly control The New York Times.  They wanted that book to be popular.

mockingbird copy

Lisa Birnbach, a Jewish lady who worked as a staff writer at The Village Voice and was later a deputy editor of Spy magazine, wrote The Preppy Handbook as satire; but people took it seriously–so much so that she was on tour for two years supporting the book.  In Charlottesville, the mayor gave her a key to the city.  Giving a presentation called “How To Be A Preppy,” Birnbach spoke at universities like Duke, Ole Miss, and the University of Alabama, where college kids lapped it up.

lisa birnbach

The Preppy Handbook‘s other author, who, like Birnbach, went to Brown, was Jonathan Roberts.

jonathan roberts

Roberts later wrote for Disney on films like The Lion King, James and the Giant Peach, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Monsters, Inc.  

Disney is absolutely evil, run by satanists at CIA; so, given the sudden and odd success of this peculiar book, it’s starting to look like something’s going on.


Do you think it might have something to do with George Herbert Walker Bush, former Director of Central Intelligence, who was elected vice president the year The Preppy Handbook was published?  


The Preppy Handbook included this former head of CIA in its prep pantheon.


The prep pantheon also included William F. Buckley, Jr., another member of Skull and Bones who hijacked the conservative movement and betrayed America.

Join The John Birch Society (against which Bill Buckley sought to dissuade you)

The prep pantheon also included McGeorge Bundy, another deep state criminal who conspired with Bush to kill President Kennedy, as the book sought to normalize evil.

CIA, the JFK Assassination, and the War in Vietnam


Jack Kennedy, who went to Choate and Harvard, and was assassinated by conspirators like Bundy and Bush, was notably absent from the prep pantheon.  I always thought he was preppy, but he opposed the CIA.

The Kennedy Assassination – Jackie’s Dress


The first I ever heard of Skull and Bones was in The Preppy Handbook.  Listed with the eating clubs of Princeton and the final clubs of Harvard, the secret societies sounded like fraternities–not what they are.


Skull and Bones is a satanic organization run by the Illuminati.  It’s secret because they’re up to no good.


The Bush Family are satanists pure and simple.  George Herbert Walker Bush is the son of a man who financed Hitler’s rise to power, and he married the daughter of Aleister Crowley.  George Bush committed countless crimes as Director of CIA, as Vice President, and as President, molesting and raping children, ordering the murder of people, and ruining inner cities with cocaine.

The Bush Family, Satanism, and Crimes against America

Remembering George Bush – Pedophilia, Cocaine, and Murder

In 1980, when George Bush ran against Ronald Reagan, Bush bragged he had the big momentum, calling it the “Big Mo,” and he later confessed that such “preppy phrases” gave “an impression that my campaign lacked substance.”  Before Reagan chose Bush as a running mate, he called him a sissy, a wimp, and a preppy.

newsweek bush wimp

Immediately thereafter, this piece of subhuman garbage showed up in The Preppy Handbook as an especially cool guy–and it was cool to be a preppy–while the handbook mysteriously became an instant bestseller upon the moment of its publication….


The Preppy Handbook oddly advertised “The Punk-Prep Connection,” but I never saw it.

punk prep connection

We would have done better to have focused on the New Wave–particularly the Talking Heads, who satirized idiots, who lived in apolitical ignorant middle-class comfort, in their song “Don’t Worry about the Government.”

What else was The Preppy Handbook selling? It didn’t just put Bush forward, although that would be plenty, and it didn’t just satirize the Eastern Establishment.  It particularly focused on younger preps, putting forth an unhealthy ideal of what was not merely normal but desirable.

preppy handbook persona 2 (boarding school)

The Preppy Handbook oddly listed Rocky as a preppy nickname along with Kip, Chip, and Trip, because Rocky was cool.  Apparently cool boys smoked cigarettes, drank hard liquor, didn’t do their homework, and masturbated to pornography.

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It

preppy handbook persona 2 (boarding school boy)

Meanwhile cool girls bleached their hair, pierced their ears, and bit their fingernails.

preppy handbook persona 2 (boarding school girl)

Both read Catcher in the Rye, which The Preppy Handbook promoted, as well as John Irving’s rape-laden World According To Garp, anything by the homosexual John Cheever, and anything by Bonesman Bill Buckley. 

preppy handbook reading list

Look how the owner of the book shown above, whom I do not know, and whose picture I downloaded from the internet, checked off title after title, actually taking the reading list seriously.  That’s how influential this book was.

More on the Global “Intelligence” Community’s Push to Perversion through Reading Lists

preppy handbook catcher in the rye

CIA uses Catcher in the Rye, the only book pictured above and the top of The Preppy Handbook‘s list, to program assassins and mess with people’s minds.  It was the favorite book of the assassin who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan so George Bush could be president.

Following the Kalergi Plan, The Preppy Handbook did the most it could in 1980 to promote mixed-race couples, holding up Lisa “Buck” Hallaby, Queen Noor al-Hussein, in the prep pantheon.

More on Sweden and the Globalist Attack on the White Race

The Preppy Handbook did the most it could to promote homosexuality, featuring Cole Porter, who wrote songs like “Let’s Misbehave” and “Love for Sale,” in the prep pantheon.

There’s Nothing Gay about Homosexuality

The Preppy Handbook came as close as it could to promoting trans-sexualism, praising androgyny while it noted that in two prep types, the Aesthete and the Amazon, sex characteristics were reversed.

More on David Bowie, another Eighties Icon, and Androgyny

Preppy Handbook - Amazon and Aesthete

The Preppy Handbook did everything it could to cheapen sex.  Its glossary included not only standard prep phrases like NOCD and NOKD but a plethora of cheap expressions to describe kissing and sex that I never heard anyone say and that don’t seem preppy at all:  “a little tongue sushi,” “tonsil hockey,” “smash face,” and “hide the salam.” 

kissing is gross

The Preppy Handbook correctly described preppy aversion to PDA, or public display of affection, but it simultaneously endorsed obscene expressions and constant sex talk while it described wet tee-shirt contests as preppy….  

wet tee shirt 2

Nothing says prep like a bare-chested obese woman with pierced nipples or white trash, covered with tattoos and wearing a necklace, hosing down a fat slut.

Animal House – How CIA Pushes Teens to Perversion

wet tee shirt

No wonder The Preppy Handbook relentlessly promoted drinking.  You’d have to be drunk, or brainwashed, to fall for this stuff.

tipsy in madras

That’s what The Preppy Handbook did to America.


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  1. The controllers had to celebrate their lifestyle. So the Preppy Handbook was a hit. There has to be a lot of basis for it, Blasey-Ford’s yearbook is just like it. Her HS had to take it off line when people found it during the Kavanaugh hearings.

    Catcher in the Rye and why everyone likes it is a mystery to me. It is hands down the most awful writing ever put to paper. But it is in first person and when read aloud, can act in tandem with appropriate images during a programming session to create “memories”. Supposedly there are hints in the book that the lead character was molested in his childhood or fairly recently which is why he ran away from school. Almost all of Salinger’s works reference pedophilia.

    And the female that you call fat is a real female. Most do look “fat” when compared to TRANNIES.


  2. Thanks for your insight.

    As for the wet tee-shirt wearer, I hear you, and I was a little hard on the woman at the end of the article.

    Still, she is overweight, and she is behaving in an unattractive manner. Encouraging us to overeat, and “supersize it,” not to mention destroying family meals, is one of the ways the Illuminati and their dogs attack America, seeking to cause illness and drive us to pharmaceuticals.

    I touch on unhealthy body images, as promoted by Barbie, in my article on David Bowie, where I also touch on the enemy’s promotion of transsexualism.

    I also touch on CIA’s attack on our health and their attempts to drive us to socialized medicine in my article on misdiagnosis.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Do you think there is still any symbolic meaning to tattoos? A few years ago anyone having any tattoos of any kind was thought of as unusual and very rare. In just a few short years, not only have tattoos become normalized, going overboard and having very large and very many tattoos is no longer considered bizarre or unusual. Do butterfly tattoos still symbolize Monarch programming, or are tattoos in general so common place now that they have lost their coded meaning?


    1. I do think there is symbolic meaning to tattoos. The Illuminati and their dogs love to brand their victims, they love to destroy natural things–think graffiti or Nazi number tattoos on camp victims–and they sometimes use particular symbols as you mention.

      Tattoos have become normalized, as you say, but frankly I still consider them bizarre and unusual. Still I can overlook them in someone I like.

      Some people will flip suggestions in their sleep. I once had a student whose father was a heroin addict. The scum had obviously given her a hypnotic suggestion to put a needle to her arm (meaning a hypodermic) but she went for a tattooing needle instead. I found this to be a sign of strength, resourcefulness, and fight on her part.


  4. I’m here due to a connection made to John Irving the writer.
    Recent Microsoft commercial with Marina Abromovic produced by Tin Drum [io] Production (a studio and technology developer). Removed quickly offline. But looking into Tin Drum, the German film based on the book by Gunter Grass, a former SS soldier. Irving spoke at his memorial.


    1. I never read the Tin Drum, but, oddly, there was a copy lying around my MK-ULTRA-ridden house in the 1970s. It always caught my eye; and, certainly, OPERATION PAPERCLIP brought many Nazis into our space program, the “intelligence” community,” and American civilian life. My grandfather was brainwashed and tortured by Dr. Mengele, renamed Dr. Green, in the 1950s at an ARCO plant in Pennsylvania.

      CIA was successful in moving John Irving’s Garp in front of me, when I was thirteen, in an effort to promote rape fantasies.

      I teach English at several small colleges and universities. Since you have a literary bent, you may be interested in some of my other articles.

      Here’s one I wrote about MI-7’s attempt to promote perversion through a reading list in the Guardian.

      Here’s another I wrote about CIA’s use of children’s literature. It contains a verbatim transcript of an MK-ULTRA programming session in 1979.

      Here is an article of which I am very proud. It describes the targeting and brainwashing of, and use of Tesla technology against, Joseph Conrad.

      James Clavell is a less serious author about whom I have written. They used him for mind control programming, but he fought back unaware of his abusers.

      I have also written pieces on Harry Potter and Scholastic book fairs, which you can find on my site, but I have not linked them because you show a more serious interest in more serious literature. Still, I like to think they’re pretty good, too.

      Write me anytime.


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