On November 22, 1963, JFK was shot.  The government blamed the shooting on Lee Harvey Oswald, a Marine who defected to the Soviet Union, but was mysteriously allowed back into the United States, even though he could not possibly have done it himself.  Two days later Oswald was killed in police custody.  The Warren Commission came up with crazy theories to explain what happened, including a “magic bullet” that defied the laws of physics, so a single shooter could be blamed.  CIA was behind it, and they put out a memo, “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report,” to stop citizens from questioning the official narrative. 


Politically minding thinkers, who ask questions, would be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” as I am today.  In fact, my daughter is now being kept from me because of this website.  Her mother says it shows that I am “dangerous.”  No court hearing has been held on the matter, an expedited hearing has been denied, and my mother’s lawyer has advised her to refuse visitation and to violate a court order.  That’s what happens when you exercise your right to free speech, or to the free press, but it will not stop me.  Cathy O’Brien faced a similar situation, and it didn’t stop her either:

Cathy O’Brien – An American Hero

The Kennedy assassination is a good place for conspiracy theorists to start, and I recommend the Oliver Stone film, JFK, which lays out the conspiracy.  


Ask yourself:  If CIA killed the president in 1963, and his brother in 1968, would they have stopped there? What else would they have done? And what are they doing now?


Less than two months before JFK’s assassination, in a secret meeting, Robert McNamara recommended the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam, and Kennedy agreed.  

McGeorge Bundy, a member of Skull and Bones, attended the meeting….


Of course, CIA Director George H.W. Bush, whose involvement in the assassination I have described elsewhere, was also a member of Skull and Bones:  The Bush Family, Satanism & Crimes against America.

Meanwhile, Averell Harriman, another member of Skull and Bones, had staged a coup in South Vietnam only three months earlier, and had ordered the assassination of South Vietnam’s president without Kennedy’s approval, which led to increased Viet Cong attacks and a series of eight successive governments in South Vietnam.  Harriman was single-handedly destabilizing the region, although he would later participate in peace talks, while Bundy pressed for stronger American involvement—led, of course, by CIA.


Although Kennedy had committed to the withdrawal of U.S. troops, the North Vietnamese had no idea of his stance.  After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy would have looked like a tough customer, who would not back down.  He had previously increased the number of military advisors by eighteen times (1800%), signaling his commitment to the country.  On the other hand, Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, was preoccupied with domestic matters and inexperienced in international affairs.  To some in North Vietnam, a switch from Kennedy to Johnson looked as though it would lead America to turn away from Vietnam under a new administration.

The same day that Kennedy was shot, the Politburo of North Vietnam had just entered into a two-week debate as to North Vietnam’s position regarding the liberation of South Vietnam.  Sound like a coincidence? One faction, supported by the Soviet Union, and led by Ho Chi Minh, supported a cautious approach, under which North Vietnam would have minimal involvement in the war in the South.  Another faction, supported by the People’s Republic of China, and led by Le Duan, supported an aggressive approach, under which North Vietnam would attack.  With Kennedy out of the way, guess who won?

Immediately after the CIA killed Kennedy, America’s position on Vietnam changed.  Johnson kept all of Kennedy’s foreign advisors on board, and “men” like Bundy and Harriman continued to run the show.  Days after Kennedy’s burial, Johnson authorized CIA OPLAN 34-A, a program of commando raids against North Vietnam.  And, less than one year later, OPLAN 34-A led to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, to America’s retaliation, to the introduction of the NVA’s main force in the South, and to America’s commitment to the war.  While Kennedy had planned to withdraw all troops, Johnson increased America’s commitment from 16,000 to 23,000 the year after the assassination.

It looks as though CIA killed Kennedy as well as Diem so they could draw the United States and the North Vietnamese into an escalating war.  But why?

Of course, there were the profits to be reaped by their corporate masters, at the cost of over 1,353,000 lives.  Dow made napalm.  Monsanto made agent orange.  Bell, Boeing, and Sikorsky made choppers.  Lockheed, McDonnell, and Douglas made planes.  And RMK-BRJ, the Vietnam Builders, entered into no-bid contracts.  The Department of Defense spent $168 billion dollars—that’s one trillion in today’s money—on the war we lost.  


As both lawyers and detectives say, “Follow the money.”  Or as Gen. Smedley Butler, who foiled an Illuminati plot to overthrow the U.S. Government, wrote, “War is a Racket.”

Smedley Butler & The Business Plot – War Is A Racket

But there were also profits to be made in the Golden Triangle, next door to Vietnam.  In the Secret War in Laos, CIA worked with Gen. Vang Pao to make the country the world’s largest exporter of heroin.  Using Air America, they flew drugs across Burma, Thailand, and Laos—while they also ran guns and traded slaves.  Southeast Asia became the main supplier of raw materials for heroin in the United States—while, wrapped in the flag, CIA poisoned Americans at home.  The Green Pulpit has an excellent article on this subject:

The CIA’s Involvement in Drug Smuggling – A Brief History

As noted there,

“The [1967] Opium War left Rattikone and the KMT in control of 80 percent of the opium trade in Burma. During the duration of the KMT’s dominance in northern Burma — from the end of World War II to 1960s — his CIA subsidized army increased opium production by nearly 500 percent from 80 tons to 500 tons annually. The Golden Triangle provided approximately 33 percent of the world’s illicit opium trade.”

But after America withdrew from Vietnam, guess what happened? Heroin production plummeted, back down to 160 tons in 1978 and 240 tons in 1979.

“Khun Sa stated that Richard Armitage, at that time an envoy in the American embassy, financed drug smuggling in Vietnam and Bangkok from 1975 to 1979. CIA agents Daniel Arnold and Jerry Daniel trafficked weapons and drugs with Khun Sa. The operation was believed to be at its peak in 1975 and 1976 under George Bush. In a letter to George Bush, Gritz maintained that Khun Sa claimed that he had once engaged in narcotics transactions with Richard Armitage, who later became the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Shackley, as well as other American officials. Bush was head of the CIA in 1976 when Khun Sa said that he was selling drugs to top CIA officials. Gritz says that, strangely, nobody in the American government was interested in an investigation.”

Vietnam is only one of many instances in which CIA has forced America’s involvement in a war through which it makes money from the illegal sale of slaves, guns, and drugs.

Look at South America, where CIA has staged coups, assassinated leaders, run guns, and smuggled cocaine under the leadership of George H.W. Bush and others.

Remembering George Bush: Pedophilia, Cocaine & Murder

Or look at Afghanistan.  As an article in Green Pulpit notes,

“Despite the fact that Afghanistan supplied approximately 50% of the heroin used by Americans, the U.S. failed to intervene or investigate the Afghan drug industry for years. Instead, many of the individuals trafficking the drugs in Afghanistan were actually trained, armed, and funded by the CIA at the time.  Opium production came to a gradual halt thanks to Taliban rule. By 2000, the Taliban had completely banned opium production, practically eradicating 90% of the world’s heroin.”

This had to be stopped.  So CIA staged false flag attacks on the World Trade Center, and we invaded Afghanistan, which had absolutely no responsibility for 911.  After the American invasion, the opium fields were producing in no time.


The poppies are why soldiers are in Afghanistan.  Here’s a picture of one of our boys and what he’s there to protect.


And, of course, as with ISIS in the Middle East, there is a corresponding decrease in women’s rights and an increase in sexual slavery.


Meanwhile, we have completely destabilized Afghanistan, which, as Lara Logan pointed out, after sixteen (16) years of American involvement, is in worse shape than ever.

Through the War in Afghanistan, American taxpayers have been defrauded at a cost between eighty hundred and forty-one billion ($841,000,000) to two trillion dollars ($2,000,000,000). 


Defense contractors outnumber our soldiers, and companies like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Huntington Ingalls, Leidos, and Aerojet Rocketdyne are raking in the taxpayer dollars:

Meanwhile at home the banks are foreclosing on our houses (assuming we’re even homeowners).  That’s what NWO wants, and CIA helps them do it.



But where did all that heroin go? Thanks to the War in Afghanistan, it is in the United States.  It floods the streets, people use, and they give up hope.  Instead of being activists, they are addicts.  Soldiers return with physical and psychological problems, and they turn to drugs.

But there’s still money to be made on them.  The War on Drugs started during the War in Vietnam, and, although the United States has less than one-twentieth or five percent (5%) of the world’s population, we incarcerate about one quarter or twenty-five percent (25%) of its prisoners.  Half of them are in for drug offenses.  And all this happens in the “land of the free and the home of the brave….”


Private companies like CoreCivic, MTC, and the GEO Group have contracts to run the jails, and they have spent more than forty-five million dollars on lobbyists and campaign contributions to buy our politicians. 


In 2012, the Corrections Corporation of America sent a letter to forty-eight (48) states offering to buy public prisons in exchange for a promise to keep the prisons at ninety percent (90%) occupancy for twenty (20) years.  And in 2011, Arizona agreed to pay Management and Training Corporation three million dollars for empty beds when a ninety-seven percent (97%) quota was not met.  It’s chump change next to drug trading or war profiteering, but that can really give the police state some motivation to go arrest some people.

Like the War on Terror, the War on Drugs is against you.


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