Howard Hughes was a targeted individual who fought against the New World Order, even as it controlled him.

Even today Howard Hughes remains a subject of curiosity, as Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, The Aviator, bears witness.

Most people think Howard Hughes simply went crazy, but he was destroyed by the CIA. 

You don’t just go crazy when you hit middle age.  When this happens, it is a result of cybernetic implants and mind control.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment

Under its obscene MK-ULTRA program, CIA has been doing this to people for a long time.  For more background, you can watch Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent film, The Minds of Men.

Cybernetics and The Minds of Men

More on The Minds of Men

Another thing associated with this kind of programming is sexual enslavement under PROJECT MONARCH.



Certainly, Howard Hughes, who had sex with dozens of Hollywood stars, was a sex addict.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

Why did Howard Hughes interest CIA so much? His many millions made him a target, but there were other reasons.

Howard Hughes tried to break the Illuminati’s stranglehold on Hollywood, whose perversion I have addressed elsewhere.  Even in the 1930s, it was bad.

White Zombie, Mind Control, and Sexual Slavery

Shirley Temple, Pedophilia, and the Deep State

Howard Hughes made controversial pre-code films, like the original version of Scarface.

You can watch the full movie, Hell’s Angels, which Howard Hughes made, below.

To overshadow Howard Hughes’s achievement, CIA had a motorcycle gang full of white trash and criminals name themselves after his film.

Howard Hughes controlled RKO Studios, through which Orson Welles took on Illuminati scumbag William Randolph Hearst in Citizen Kane.

The Bloodlines of the Illuminati

When Pan American tried to maintain a transcontinental monopoly on air travel, Howard Hughes fought back in congressional hearings. 

If the United States had a single airline like Germany with Lufthansa, France with Air France, or the United Kingdom with British Airways, it would have been much easier for the government to control people’s travel–monitoring their movements, banning them from flights, and otherwise harassing them–as it does now following the false flag attacks on 911 and the attendant growth of the security state.

Howard Hughes successfully thwarted PanAm’s monopoly, so he was targeted for the rest of his life.

Howard Hughes thought that the deep state actually wanted to fight Nazis.  He didn’t realize that hundreds of Nazi scientists would be brought back to the United States, after the war, under OPERATION PAPERCLIP, to run our rocket programs and to torture American citizens.


After all, the Bush Family financed Hitler’s rise to power along with the building of the Nazi war machine.

The Bush Family, Satanism, and Crimes against America

Remembering George Bush: Pedophilia, Cocaine, and Murder


Howard Hughes designed and built the Hercules, a giant plane to transport troops and equipment across the Atlantic, so they would not be attacked by U-Boats.

The United States military opposed the building of the Hercules, which critics disparagingly called the Spruce Goose.

Hughes started the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, but the government attacked him again, this time through the Internal Revenue Service.  It would not be the first or the last time the deep state used the IRS to target people who opposed it.

Howard Hughes worked directly with the CIA on PROJECT AZORIAN, in which the Glomar Explorer tried to recover Soviet submarine K-129.

Even after his death, Howard Hughes’s company would be used to build satellites, which are used to spy on Americans and microwave harass us today.

NASA (Never A Straight Answer), Satellites, & the Fake Moon Landing

When we look at Howard Hughes’s life, and his connections with the CIA, it becomes easy to see he was a targeted individual.

He fought for freedom and America, and the deep state drove him crazy.


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