In what they call GLADIO C, CIA is trying to disarm America, and gut second amendment rights, through a series of false flag attacks—mass shootings in schools, churches, and military bases.  


Bill Cooper identified the plot, in his seminal work, Behold A Pale Horse:

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

Laurel Glaze wrote of it on her WordPress site, which has subsequently been shut down:

Guns and Roses: The False Flags That Keep Failing To Take Away The Guns


Military bases are targeted because they are full of brave, disciplined, and well armed soldiers—who are pledged to defend the Constitution, would resist an armed NWO takeover, and have access to military weaponry.  Those are the last people CIA wants to pop out of the woodwork when the big takeover happens, so they want to craft an argument for tighter controls on military firearms.  Why do soldiers need those weapons, when our enemies are overseas? and don’t we have police to handle things at home?

fort lauderdale

Any public place will do, but the massacre of innocents in schools and churches arouses particular revulsion, causing a strong desire to curtail gun rights.  Even some Republican senators, A-rated by the National Rifle Association, were willing to work across the aisle for “gun control” after the alleged massacre at Sandy Hook.


You can learn more about the lies told around Sandy Hook in the video below.

Shootings are splashed throughout the media via OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, and people cry out for gun control.  But, of course, the answer put forward by the talking heads, controlled by CIA, is never armed guards at schools, which would actually stop shootings, but only the surrender of guns, or gun rights, by law-abiding citizens….


I have written elsewhere about Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese Christian, whom CIA used to distract attention from political matters in her home country, and to sexualize political or religious hatred, when she did porn wearing a hijab.  Although Ms. Khalifa loves Texas, continues to espouse the Second Amendment, and knew that her actions would not stop a single shooting, nonetheless she felt a strange impulse to give her gun to the local police department and to share the news with her two million followers on Twitter immediately after the school shooting in Santa Fe.  That’s what mind control can do to you, and it’s called MK-ULTRA.

Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens & Second Amendment Rights

Mia Khalifa & Satanic Cartel Signaling


If NWO’s plan succeeds, eventually, there will be stricter and stricter gun control in America, people will give up their guns and gun rights, or have them taken away, and only the criminals will have guns.  Then we’ll see the crime rates they have in Chicago, where a friend of Barack Hussein Obama, Rahm Israel Emanuel, runs the show.  Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country; but, in 2016, there were over four thousand (4,000) victims of gun-related crimes.



After they take our guns, the nation goes the way of Chicago, and criminals run rampant, people will cry out for “law and order,” giving away more of their individual rights, or have them taken away, this time over search and seizure, habeas corpus, and trial by jury.


But let’s look at Australia, where similar plans have already taken effect.

Once, Australians were well armed.  Until 1981, more than half of the country’s jurisdictions did not require registration of long-barreled guns, and neither Tasmania nor Queensland had any registration requirements.  

australian gun lady

That would change with a series of shootings.  In 1984, there was the Milperra Massacre between rival motorcycle gangs.  Then, in 1987, the Hoddle Street Massacre and the Queen Street Massacre led some Australian states to require the registration of guns and to restrict the availability of self-loading rifles and shotguns.  But gun laws remained relatively relaxed in Queensland and Tasmania.  That’s where the Port Arthur Massacre would occur.

Some have noted how such massacres occur close together in time, with Australian incidents following American ones, or vice versa.  These “coincidences” may be planned to achieve maximum effect, or they may be copycats of sensationalized reports.  It’s hard to get away from this kind of news.  That’s what OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD is all about.


But, really, gun control came to Australia because of the Port Arthur Massacre.  I have attached a link below, which ascribes the shooting to Mossad, who work closely with CIA, and I suggest everyone read it:

The Port Arthur Massacre – A Mossad Operation

Port Arthur Massacre – A Mossad Operation (Archived Article)

Port Arthur Conspiracy

The plan worked.  Following the Port Arthur Massacre, Australia enacted the National Firearms Agreement (1996); and there was a buyback of guns, mandatory not optional, for one year.  During the buyback, the government destroyed over one million (1,000,000) of the Australian people’s firearms.


Was the New World Order satisfied? 

Of course not.  These scum never stop, and there was still way too much freedom in Australia for their taste.  So, of course, they arranged another shooting.


In the Lindt Cafe Siege, on December 15 and 16, 2014, another lone gunman, Man Monis, held eighteen people hostage, culminating in the death of three and the wounding of four.  That’s roughly the equivalent of a weekend in Chicago.

Tony Abbott, then prime minister of Australia, tried to characterize Monis as a political terrorist.  Monis had demanded an ISIL flag, and hostages were seen holding a black flag against the window where they were held.


Indeed, Abbott was working hard to take liberties away from Australians in the name of fighting muslim extremists.  Only months before, the Australian Parliament enacted the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No.1) 2014, which granted Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) officers immunity for breaking the law, allowed warrantless computer searches, created greater penalties for ASIO officers who disclose information about, or journalists who report on, secret operations, and gave the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia’s equivalent to the CIA, greater power to spy on its people.


However, despite the “evidence” of a black flag, the shooter was far from an Islamist.  At different times, Monis claimed to be a Muslim cleric, an Iranian intelligence officer, a political activist, a spiritual healer, and an outlaw biker.  He was charged with over forty counts of sexual assault, but he claimed ASIO had framed him.  He also attended rallies promoting conspiracy theories.  More and more, he looks like a false flag operator, driven mad by delta programming, and killed before he could tell his story. 


Monis was also diagnosed with schizophrenia; and, in this regard, my article about misdiagnosis may be interesting:

Mind Control & Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

idiot doctor

As I have written elsewhere, the “intelligence” agencies lie behind false flag attacks by muslims, which in turn provide the impetus for foreign wars and the curtailment of civil liberties.  

cia taharrush

The 911 attacks are one example, taharrush and rape jihad are another, and ISIS itself, a CIA creation, is a third.

How The Illuminati Raped The Prophet Muhammad, Drugged & Hypnotized Him, & Continue To Use Islam Today

Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, & Benghazi

Lara Logan

The Rise Of Taharrush

cia isis

Because of false flag attacks and fears of terrorism, Australians lost many of their liberties, and the police state grew in power.  


But, in terms of crime, what did the new gun control laws do?

They certainly did not stop the Lindt Cafe Siege, but, still, let’s look at the numbers.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one year after the 1996 buyback, gun-related homicides declined by twenty-three percent (23%); but armed robberies increased by forty-five percent (45%), unarmed robberies went up twenty-one percent (21%), and abductions increased by eighteen percent (18%).  Sexual assaults increased dramatically over the next five years. 


And what happened to the numbers of guns in Australia? In 2016, there were more private firearms in Australia than before the buyback, and there were 260,000 unregistered guns in the country—most of them in the hands of criminals.

What was the answer? Inspired by the Lindt Cafe Siege, in 2017, there was another “national firearms amnesty” where law-abiding citizens surrendered 51,000 firearms—but not one of the criminals did.

Don’t let it happen here.


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  1. Thank you for explaining about what happened in Australia. As an Australian, it makes so much sense now why this was so planned out, now our freedom is being stripped from us with this plandemic, sadly they have gone full gestapo on Australians & making us an example for the rest of this NWO/DS world.


    1. No problem. Thank you for visiting my site. It’s good to know there are still free people in Australia!

      I just wrote an article that touched on the fire tornado in Canberra, which may interest you. I strongly believe that NWO is using high-tech arson to burn people out for a world-wide high-speed train that will run in part through California. My focus has been there. I have heard about fires in Australia, but I have not investigated them. Naturally, I would love to have your input. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

      Otherwise, aside from my other two hundred articles, which I hope you browse and share, please check out my recently published books, which are available, below, for free.

      It would mean a lot to me if you would download and distribute my literary efforts–which you can do before you even read them.

      My books are very funny, entertaining, and informative–if I do say so myself!

      G’Day, Mate!


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