Tonight my mother was watching “Love on the Spectrum,” a show about young people with autism who are looking for love.

love on the spectrum

Autism is defined as a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication–and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

idiot doctor

Today, one in fifty-four children, almost two percent of American boys and girls, are diagnosed with autism, but, when I was a boy, it was one in ten thousand.

autism statistics chart

That’s an increase of 185 times or 18,500%.

autism statistics chart 2

Expanded microwave harassment programs, connected to an expanded wireless infrastructure, are causing the problem.


Autism is a misdiagnosis of microwave harassment and cybernetic implantation.

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One of the autistic people on my mother’s show had a collection of Rubik’s Cubes.

rubik's cube collection

One was a dodecahedron.

rubik's cube pentagonSee the pentagrams?

pentagramAnd the pentagons?

pentagon 2

The satanists in the military that run the mind control programs cannot resist showing off.

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They are symbol happy, and they love to leave sick marks on people.


You find them everywhere you look.

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Through cartel signaling, CIA leaves a trail.

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economist phoenix

But what about those Rubik’s Cubes?


In the early 1980s, Rubik’s Cubes were enormously popular.

My brother and I got them for Christmas, and so did all our friends.

christmas stockings

From 1980 to 1983, two hundred million (200,000,000) Rubik’s Cubes were sold worldwide.

rubik's cubeAny time something enjoys this kind of popularity, the Tavistock Institute lies behind it.


Look at Beatlemania, which led John Lennon to observe his group meant more to teenagers than Jesus Christ.

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Or Snoopy, which earned more than one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) in revenue every year.

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charles schulz 3

Or Cats, which grossed more than three and a half billion dollars ($3,500,000,000.00).

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cats 04

Or Harry Potter, which is the best selling series in the history of the world at five hundred million (500,000,000) copies with a franchise worth twenty-five billion dollars ($25,000,000,000.00).

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harry potter movies grosses

Back in the 1980s, the Preppy Handbook sold one million (1,000,000) copies for no reason anyone could understand–except that it was a psychological operation designed to boost the popularity of the former Director of Central Intelligence and then Vice President, George Bush.

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preppy handbook cover

Everyone had a Rubik’s Cube because the things were used for color programming.

rubik's cube popularity 2

Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, writes of color programming in MK-ULTRA.

One of the things developed in the California Universities and then implemented at China Lake was color programming, which will be covered later in this book. Red and green were discovered to be the most visible colors for programming. Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at NOTS. Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights. The use of flashing lights has been introduced into American culture by the CIA. If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you will notice multi-colored lights flashing. The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people who are programmed.

But what would she know about secret government programs?

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cisco wheeler illuminati book

MK-ULTRA uses color programming in kundalini.

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Woman meditating in lotus position. Colored chakra lights over her body. Yoga, zen, Buddhism, recove

It appears around sex symbols like Raquel Welch.

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raquel pow rainbow

It appears in Gravity Falls.

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mabel rainbow

It appears in television shows like the Prisoner.

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prisoner umbrellas

Color programming appears in MS Windows.

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And it appears in the movies.

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Here are the colors in the Eastern Star, a masonic order with satanic connections.

Fiona Barnett, who survived horrific programming in Australia, described the use of colors.

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Fiona Barnett Cover

This brave lady wrote of her programming experience on Twitter:

First trauma produces 5 core splits, which are classified into 5 independent doors – red, blue, green, yellow, white. Mine were organized into a pentagram w Gatekeeper in middle. Colors were overlaid w Wonderful Wizard of Oz, then Alice in Wonderland base programs.

I was programmed in part to rape comics, where colors indicate dissociation as they are tied to drugs, hypnotism, and sexual abuse.

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My programming occurred in part at the same soccer camp where Playmate of the Year, Marilyn Lange, was brainwashed under MK-ULTRA.

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linden high school

At the programming center, disguised as a soccer camp, the scum would hypnotize us, as a prelude to abuse, after they drugged us, by rotating a soccer ball in front of our eyes, turning it this way and that, something like the way a hypnotist uses a watch.

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soccer ballLater, in England, where I was drugged, hypnotized, and programmed in a secret facility near Plymouth, my friend, who was abused with me, had a Rubik’s Cube, which we constantly used while our families hiked and traveled in Devon and Cornwall.

Devon Map

I am sure my friend, like many, was programmed to different colors, as the cube was rotated slowly, back and forth, this way and that, by her programmer.


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  1. I was taught to play mary had a little lamb on a rotary phone. I would like to know details if you know about the point of it.
    Please keep me anonymous & please reply via email. Thanks again


    1. You’re still anonymous, since I have only your sobriquet, while I don’t have your email address. I have never heard a story like yours, but I have heard that different tones were used in Operation Sleeping Beauty, as I remember talking to programmers on the telephone and programmers telling me to move my phone closer to my bed when they broke into my apartment in 1995. Telephone conversations occurred for me between 1986 and 1998, although I did not remember them for many years. American houses kept telephones on nightstands, as they were supplied by the state monopoly of AT&T or Ma Bell, so people could be hypnotized over the telephone. I believe this was connected to a trigger through the emergency broadcast system announcement that would sometimes appear on the television.


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