Cathy O’Brien was sexually abused in the most horrific ways under CIA PROJECT MONARCH & MK-ULTRA; and, like me, she lost her daughter in family court because she blew the whistle on the scum at CIA.


Cathy O’Brien was raped by U.S. presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia; and her young daughter was raped by George Bush.  Her life and her family’s life were threatened, and the scum at CIA mutilated her privates with a knife. 

Along with her husband, intelligence insider Mark Phillips, she fought back.  You can watch them both in the video below:

I encourage everyone to read Trance Formation of America, which you can access by clicking on the following link:

Trance Formation of America

And here, too, is a link to her follow-up book Access Denied for Reasons of National Security:

Access Denied

Check out her site, and buy a copy of one of her books.  They are worth having, and they support a noble cause.

She helped me.


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  1. Illegal guarding/Gangstalking) with RFID chip until today, Mindcontrol, corruption at authorities (federal government), CH

    I am monitored since 23.12.06 with chip in the tooth. Happened in a store that I had rented at the time, in Neubrunn 740, 8488 Turbenthal.The anesthesia with KO drops I got probably from a Daniele Silvestry.The reason is probably a detention of two acquaintances: Andreas Jansen and Roman Graber. Jansen worked in trade fair construction and committed thefts there. I can imagine that false statements by Jansen have led to this. He was my roommate in Wila before this crime. As far as I know, Roman Graber drove him with the car and the stolen goods. After the detention Jansen and probably also Graber had a new colleague. A civilian policeman. The shocking thing : Jansen already told me at that time : It is cool that he is corrupt. I was already pretty sure that Jansen knew about my implant. He was known to another friend of Jansen earlier. I think a Colombian. At another dentist, when I wanted to remove the chip, another one was immediately inserted during the treatment. The dentist asked the assistant if the gentleman with the envelope had already come by. When she nodded, she left the treatment room while I was still sitting in the chair with the drilled tooth. It happened in Pfäffikon ZH at the practice at the train station. The doctor was a Mrs. Wang. When I had an X-ray taken unannounced at another dentist’s office, the assistant herself was amazed at the image. She informed the doctor. However, she only told me that she had never seen this before. I put the x-ray in a well-hidden place at my place. I thought it was the proof. After a few days it disappeared.
    I used to work for a hemp company as a plant mechanic in the Hierba company. The headquarters was in Wädenswil. The house part was already guarded before this time (23.12.06). A Mr. Mennet lived in the house before Egger. During the reconstruction of his part of the house, arrangements were already made for the guarding. He built 2 neighboring houses. One of Mennet’s 3 residents was involved in a cocaine deal at the Falken restaurant in Rüti. To all appearances it is about corruption. I think Mennet and Egger know each other not only through the sale of the house part. One person who was involved with Egger in 2007 (and with these actions) was a man with a bald head and a bomber jacket. He drove a Hyunday Santa Fe, black with the number ZH 483 566. When I sent the news to Wikileaks, I realized that Martina and Marco Sommer were involved. Fröhlichs also have knowledge.
    Whats App is redirected if necessary, which means my acquaintances did not get the significant messages at all. I know when the phone was cloned (Bubikon cemetery, Muggli nursery). When I wanted to check with a call if the message arrived, another person picked up. UPC is probably involved. When I reported on Wikileaks about this action, I got a new subscription via Sunrise with a new SIM card.The original (UPC) SIM card had the code on a piece of paper. I bought the subscription through Maschinenring. The code was 0079.Get worked with scalar waves all night. I swear, did not do anything. They have all the codes of the bank cards, etc. During a spontaneous visit of a lawyer on May 4 (Di Roco,Wetzikon)this was ,presumably before I could talk to him already informed in advance. The material on Wiki Leaks contains information from over 20 years. These are only some hints. Especially about Neubrunn there are many more. No joke. No imagination. The truth. It must be made public.
    The hospital in Uster is involved. The investigators also showed up during the outpatient surgery of my ankle.
    Unfortunately years later also in Wetzikon, when I broke my collarbone during another KO-drop treatment at the medieval spectacle in Erlosen. A man and a woman were probably the culprits. Approx mid 30’s.
    Please believe me : it can be researched and thus proven. I guarantee for X persons involved with names. The people had no idea of my knowledge. Thus I could establish unbelievable. I thought unfortunately at the beginning, if I continue to live my life normally, they stop with the madness. Unfortunately wrong thought.
    They go on and on. A work colleague brought them already into the psychiatry: Martin Mueller, machine ring. Therefore I try to share my experiences. Before I am no longer there.

    The operation on the ankle was probably used to implant another chip, probably GPS. The surgeon in Wetzikon became involved, I think, only after talking to me about the surgery in Uster. During the first conversation about removing the screws and metal, he saw no problem removing it all. “They don’t work like we do in Uster,” he said. The issue was a long screw. The surgeon from Uster Hospital told me at that time that the screw could not be removed. The doctor in Wetzikon saw it differently. But during the second conversation he suddenly corrected his opinion, although he already had the file before. Suddenly everything seemed familiar again. The chip in the tooth has two small feet, which are directed downwards. Good to see on the x-ray. Could imagine that the screw in the foot has to stay in for a similar reason.

    If anyone reads this, please share. I’ve noticed that my emails aren’t coming through, despite VPN. No wonder with my neighbor. But this way it works every now and then. It is a
    huge story in the so clean Switzerland.

    Friendly, radiated greetings

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