Satanists love to spill blood.

sherlock holmes sacrifice

They love to do it in magic ceremonies.

thieves of the wood sacrifice

And they love to do it on magic days.

luciferian calendar

Luciferians infest the deep state.


Fiona Barnett exposed satanists in the Australian deep state.

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fiona barnett eyes wide openKevin Annett exposed satanists in the Canadian deep state.

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kevin annett murder by decree

Ted Gunderson exposed satanists in the American deep state.

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And so has John DeCamp.

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franklin cover up

The military is full of satanists.

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aquino presidio

So is the financial world.

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ronald bernard

The Vatican is full of satanists.

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pope lucifer

Sacrifices are performed in the catacombs.

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child sacrifice vatican

The royals have sexually abused and sacrificed children at Chateau des Amerois–the Mothers of Darkness Castle!

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The Bush Family is in on it.

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bush twins

So are the Rockefellers.

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david rockefeller

So is the Queen of England with other members of the Ninth Circle.

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elizabethwindsorLuciferians seek to rule the world.

devil satan saint

The satanists have become so bold that they place statues outside our public buildings.

baphomet statue handsign pentagram

Through Hollywood, the satanists advertise their control of our people.

lucifer satan hollywood star

We need to understand how the satanists think.

sherlock holmes thinking

Satanists believe that if they spill blood on magic days, the energy released will feed their gods.

sacrifice aztec 2

Satanists believe that they can drink this energy, just as they drink adrenochrome.

nineveh babylon cylinder seal sacrifice

Satanists believe that the people or animals they kill in their sick luciferian rites will serve them in the afterworld.

indiana jones temple of doom sacrifice

And satanists themselves enter into luciferian soul contracts, whereby they are killed by their own on magic days.

soul contract - deal with devil

The Illuminati trace their roots to ancient Babylon.

tower of babel

So some of this may have a Near Eastern flavor.

babylon cylinder seal child sacrifice

The Illuminati trace their roots to Egypt.

great seal

So some of this may have an Egyptian flavor.

egypt human sacrifice

I am not aware of Aztec traditions, but they may exist in Latin America.

sacrifice 3

I am not aware of Polynesian traditions, but they may exist in New Zealand.


We are dealing with weirdos.

anton lavey

They like to dress up in funny outfits.

aquino set

Just look at the Rothschilds.

rothschild ball

That’s why Halloween has become so popular.


The old name is Samhain.


Because of the predominance of satanists in British Intelligence, a lot of this stuff has a druidic aspect.

sacrifice wicker man

We are not talking only of animal cruelty.

voodoo chicken

Still, you should certainly look for the deaths of animals:  they poisoned our beautiful bulldog, Rosie, on October 27, one of their magic days.


A woman I knew from church lost her dog on the same day.

ian fleming goldfinger enemy action

A year later, on the same day, they raped a different woman in front of me, so I started up this site.

prisonergunWe’re talking about worldwide events involving millions of people.


Let’s take a look at their calendar.

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gravity falls calendar owl

The luciferian calendar is based on solar events.

Satanic Holidays

The Summer and Winter Solstice, like the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, are important, as the first days of each season.

solstice equinox

Keep in mind that marker days and satanic holidays will often wobble a day or two because of fluctuations in the solar calendar:  any given solstice may fall on the 20th, the 21st, the 22nd, or even the 23rd.

leap year wobble

That’s why we have leap years to adjust for variations.

calendar clock prague

The satanists pervert Christianity, so they have forty-day seasons–just like Lent.

fight between carneval and lent

Lent runs forty days backward from the moveable feast of Easter, the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox, to what is known as Carnival, Mardi Gras, or Fastnacht.

mardi gras devil

The Season of Sacrifice runs forty days from the First Day of Spring to what is known as May Day, Beltane, or Walpurgisnacht.

may day may pole

The Season of Harvest runs forty days from the First Day of Autumn to what is known as Halloween, Samhain, or the Day of the Dead.

day of the dead 2

The Day of the Dead is sometimes conflated with the Festival of the Skulls, which occurs on May Fifth or Cinco de Mayo.

festival of the skulls

Basically, you have the first day of each season, and you have two Days of the Dead.

day of the dead

It’s like Summerween on Gravity Falls.

gravity falls calendar 1

Full moons are important, as they were for the satanic Lunar Society.

lunar society

There are some oddball days like October 27 or July 27, when Count Kalergi died mysteriously under a soul contract.


David Rockefeller’s soul contract ran out on the First Day of Spring, when he was exactly 101 years old.

stonehenge vernal equinox

Often the Vernal Equinox is expressed as 322, as in the crest of Skull and Bones, but it wobbles.


George Bush’s soul contract ran out on World AIDS Day, the death day of his wife’s father, Aleister Crowley, in England, although it was still the day before in America.

bush crowley 5

Watch out for time zone differences.  

time zones

That’s why you’ll see Osama bin Laden’s death recorded as May 2, but it was still May Day in the United States.


That’s the time scum like George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Kris Kristofferson hunt and rape women and children.

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Odin Wild Hunt

For more than one hundred years, the President of the United States was inaugurated on April 30 with the inaugural balls on Walpurgisnacht.

george washington mason 2

May Day was huge in the Soviet Union.

soviet may day red square

The Rothschilds supported the Reds, who promoted central banking, just as they continue to support communism–although they no longer call it by that name.

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bankers bolsheviks communists

Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati on May Day, two months before the first Independence Day on 1776.

Weishaupt Illuminati

Only a few hours before she reported the death of Osama bin Laden, on May Day, the heroic reporter, Lara Logan, broke her silence regarding her gang rape in Tahrir Square, which was arranged by the CIA.

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taharrush70 copy

Her assault occurred on Valentine’s Day, accounting for the wobble, when there was a dramatic change in Egypt’s government.

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Valentine’s Day is bad news.

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Remember the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?

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valentines day massacre

Of all the gangland massacres, why do we all know about that one?


Lara Logan later investigated the gang rape and murder of our consul, Chris Stevens, in Benghazi, as it related to further terrorist attacks staged on 911.

September 11 is the day of the largest battle fought in the Revolutionary War, so it is kept in odd ways where I live.

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Battle of the Brandywine Map

See how this happened in 1777, just as the Great Fire of London happened in 1666?

Great Fire of London

The Great Fire was viewed as satanic in its day, while it allowed the redesign of the city by a freemason:  Sir Christopher Wren.

christopher wren st pauls

October 10 (1010) is another of their days, on which the Great Chicago Fire burned.

chicago fire

September 11 begins the year in Ethiopia, which has a thirteen-month calendar.

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haile selassie crown

The emperor, Haile Selassie, lost his throne on May 5, 1936, only to regain it exactly five years later, on May 5, 1941.

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haile selassie

April Fools is another of their days….

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April Fools

So is the New Year.

new year bonfire netherlands

On New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, over two thousand “asylum seekers” from North Africa sexually assaulted more than one thousand women.

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On this New Year, China announced the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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china new year 2020

On the Longest Night, the Winter Solstice of 2001, in response to the “unsolved” anthrax attacks following 911, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins promulgated the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, which has enabled the shutdown of our country.

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johns hopkins hospital

President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday the Thirteenth.

friday 13 templars

Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is coming up on August First:  it is a day specially reserved for old-school bowl-and-knife sacrifices.

lugus lugh lammas lughnasadh

We could go on and on, and each of the dates above has many other key events.  Look for revolutions, the founding of banks, and the spilling of blood.  You can always run a computer search for historical events that happened on a given day if you suspect its importance.

snoopy sherlock

No wonder they stopped teaching us dates in history class….


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Our enemy depends on silence.

aztec sacrifice


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