Every year, for the past thirty (30) years, influenza has killed between ten thousand (10,000) and sixty thousand (60,000) Americans.

Those figures have been going for a while.

And I mean a while….

That’s from the Center for Disease Control, alias the CDC, which has been pushing flu vaccines through every one of those years, as it claimed flu deaths were fifteen times (1500%) higher than those reported, while it covered up data on vaccines that cause autism.

But, last season, at the height of Covid, after there had been between ten thousand (10,000) and sixty thousand (60,000) flu deaths per year, for more than thirty (30) years before, there were only 748 flu deaths.

Let me say that in different words.

Suddenly, last year, deaths from the flu were seven percent (7%) of what they were in our mildest year and one percent (1%) of what they were in our hardest year.

Do you think that’s because we’re wearing masks and social distancing—measures that mysteriously halt the spread of the flu virus while they fail to stop the corona virus?

Or maybe it’s the New Normal….

Or maybe the CDC is faking numbers for ulterior motives….

As Fauci leads the fraud on our people, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, he is calling flu deaths by the name of corona deaths.

Fauci takes his orders not only from the crooks in Big Pharma but from a war criminal, not even a medical doctor, who covered up three different outbreaks of cholera.

It’s something I called when I predicted the shutdown.

Covid is a plot—englneered by Bill Gates.

He’s the scum that controls our food supply.

He’s the scum that controls the internet.

His masters, the Rockefeller Crime Family, control the TV.

Why does Today feature Jenna Bush?

How does tv spread fear?

Why does it offer false solutions?

Are they telling you the truth?

Or are they lying?

Are you falling for it?


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3 thoughts on “COVID KILLED THE FLU!”

  1. It still makes me cry to see people — especially children😓 — wearing face masks. When I’m in public places with mask wearers, I try to hurry along because I get physically sick (and soul sick) looking at them. It takes every ounce of strength in me to look directly into a masked person’s eyes when we’re conversing, because they constantly touch the mask and then touch other people and things. I don’t subscribe to germ theory in general (“viruses” and everyday pharmaceuticals in particular), but there’s probably some nasty bacteria all over those masks.


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