Coronavirus symptoms can resemble flu symptoms.

That’s why people wonder,

Do I have covid or the flu?

Good thing the CDC has the answer.

You have covid.

Covid killed the flu.

Last season, at the height of covid, after there had been between ten thousand (10,000) and sixty thousand (60,000) flu deaths per year, for more than thirty (30) years, there were suddenly only 748 flu deaths.

The reduction in flu deaths to seven percent (7%) of what they were in our mildest year, or one percent (1%) of what they were in our hardest year, owes itself to the CDC’s desire to build covid numbers, artificially, in order to sell dangerous vaccines that make billions for the pharmaceutical companies while they endanger our lives.

The CDC is corrupt.

They pretend to care about your health, but they are out to get you.

Vaccines are their biggest weapon.

That’s not counting the other bioweapon programs in which they participate, with facilities like Fort Detrick and Dugway Proving Grounds, like the one in which the United States Government patented the ebola virus.

According to the CDC, side effects from vaccines include severe fever, severe fatigue, severe headache, severe chills, severe vomiting, severe diarrhea, severe muscle or joint pain, accute appendicitis, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, and neurological side effects resulting in incapacity or death.

Meanwhile, the CDC boosts numbers—not only by counting tens of thousands of flu deaths as covid deaths but by counting people who died “while infected;” so, if you are covid-positive, and you died in a car crash, your death builds the covid numbers.

This creates a false sense of emergency, as the Tavistock Institute uses its same old false-flag tactics, invoking the fear-then-relief response, to drive the population to false solutions that benefit the one percent.

Panic is maintained through the wearing of masks, which mysteriously stop the spread of flu virus while they do nothing to stop covid virus.

The CDC takes “gifts” from big pharmaceutical companies so that more than twenty percent (20%) of its fund-raising in a single year came from the companies it regulated.

Forms filed by one external working group showed that almost one-third (33%) of the body that reviewed one CDC recommendation had financial ties to the companies it regulated so as to cause conflicts of interest.

That’s from that hotbed of conspiracy theories, The British Medical Journal, which has also reported conflicts of interest in the British Vaccine TaskForce.

Meanwhile, the CDC accepted funding from the sugar industry, as it researched the chronic kidney disease caused by sugar.

Their so-called studies are nothing but propaganda for their corporate masters.

After Monsanto merged with Bayer, the interests of junk food companies and drug companies became aligned, as they bought the support of government regulators.

That’s why you see non-stop commercials for pharmaceuticals next to non-stop commercials for fast food when you watch television.

While the television watches you, the neon box tells you to take the vaccine.

So does your smart phone, which you are trained to carry constantly.

CIA controls the media.

It’s part of Operation Mockingbird.

And it’s connected to MI-7.

But I’m the one they say is peddling fake news….

They want you to get the vaccine even if you have natural immunity from the disease itself!

It’s the New Normal.

Maybe you think I’m crazy.

I called the shutdown before it happened.

People thought I was crazy then, but events have proven me right.

The World Health Organization is led by a criminal.

The CoronaVirus Task Force is a fraud.

It’s easy to see their motivation.

Global Justice Now has exposed the money trail.

So has Dr. Judy Mikovits, a former colleague of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the fake Task Force.

And Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who used to give out vaccines, has exposed the tremendous dangers they pose.

Spiro Skouras, an investigative journalist, has done work on these matters.

As has Grace Van Berkum, a nutritionist they angered.

It all goes back to the Rockefellers, who stand behind China, Big Pharma, and Mass Media.

And it all goes back to Bill Gates, who stands behind Event 201, Monsanto/Bayer, and Microsoft.

But they couldn’t do it without the CDC.

Do not trust the CDC.


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