Is the MMR shot safe?


It can cause autism.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is an excellent authority on this subject.

So is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

As Dr. Tenpenny explains, it’s not just thimerosal that cripples the vaccinated.

You can learn more in Vaxxed, an excellent documentary, which I highly recommend, and you can rent or buy for a reasonable price below.

Bill Gates works to cover up the stories of parents, the evidence of whistle-blowers, and the studies of researchers.

So do the Rockefellers.

So does Bayer into which Monsanto merged to form the enormous food and drug company whose executives come from, and go to, the Food and Drug Administration.

There are trillions of dollars at stake, as money is funneled from the taxpayer, through the government, to the pharmaceutical companies, as they buy influence at both the CDC and the FDA.

Learn more by buying or renting Vaxxed:  From Cover-Up To Catastrophe.

You can watch its sequel, for free, below.

It’s not just the Covid Vaccine that is dangerous.

It’s all of the vaccines.

Through a loose approval process, and mandated vaccinations, Big Pharma makes trillions, as they push their drugs on the gullible.

They use mandatory public education not only to brainwash children but to force their vaccinations—to poison the minds, hearts, and bodies of our youth.

Opt out:  homeschool your kids.


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