My father was a world-traveller, trained in mechanical engineering, who worked for an Illuminati company.

He always packed light, and he always looked good, as he flew first class around the former British Empire, stayed in top hotels, and entertained clients.

This sometimes put him in contact with agents from MI-6, and CIA, although he probably didn’t know it.

Like us all, my father would sometimes act out of character, and I would wonder,

What gets into you?

The answer was simple:  mind control.

When you see yourself acting out of character, doing things that don’t make sense, you are acting under hypnotic compulsion.

Learn to spot the signs.

Radio is broadcast to your head through voice to skull.

The technology has been around for a long time.

Nowadays, there is more and more infrastructure, and they piggyback off your cellphone, your smartphone, your handheld device, or whatever it’s called.

The infrastructure is all around us, as it causes misdiagnosed medical problems.

They use the Internet of Things.

It’s the New Normal—otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The internet was created by DARPA, it’s funded by IN-Q-TEL, and it’s designed to destroy our lives.

In the old days, and still today, people are brainwashed by television programs.

And the television watches us back.

Now, the internet seeks to brainwash our children.

And people who would never use social media are foolishly driven to platforms like LinkedIn.

Did you know that Bill Gates bought LinkedIn for twenty-six billion dollars?

That’s not because Bill Gates wants to provide a free service for job seekers….

Bill Gates does not want to help us with Monsanto (which has merged with Bayer).

Bill Gates does not want to help us with Bayer (which has merged with Monsanto).

And Bill Gates does not want to help us with MicroSoft.

The Internet of Things is designed not to make our lives easier but to make them hell.

Ask James Corbett, who has done an excellent documentary on this subject.

Or ask Edward Snowden, who has shown how NSA uses your smartphone against you.

The Internet of Things is not used merely to watch you every second, or to mould the pattern of your behavior, but to piggy-back signal into the nanotechnology, otherwise known as smart dust or neural dust, that has been implanted into your head.

Before all this existed, NSA would piggy-back signal off an object, to control someone’s mind, like the locket shown in “Check Mate.”

It’s all in The Prisoner.

It’s the show from which I take my nom de guerre!

I have written about the use of early video games, like Simon, in color programming and to boost signal.

I have written about the use of early video games, like TelStar, in my books.

It was named for the satellite from which they broadcast to our heads.

You can download copies of my books, for free, below.

But how does this relate to my father’s unusual behavior—aside from the fact that a man who despised television bought us these games?

As he travelled the world, carrying a light bag, my father, the mechanical engineer, who dressed so dapper, carried not a small bladed razor, which would have taken almost no space in his bag and given him the closest shave, but a bulky electronic shaver, made by Norelco.

As the Norelco recharged its battery, it required multiple adapters to be used in countries that used different electrical systems, while it failed to shave close to his skin.

Two words account for his strange behavior.

Mind Control!

Learn to see it in yourself.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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