Cybernetic implantation is real, and it is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You can read a report by the English Government on the matter below.

The deep state did not spend billions of dollars to invent the cybernetic technology described, below, in more than one hundred patents, in order not to use it.

The Minds of Men is an excellent documentary, which describes illegal activity under MK-ULTRA, by CIA, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.

CIA uses drugs to put people out, so they can implant cybernetics, without our knowledge.

You can read a report from the United States Senate below.

But these methods leave scars, like the ones on my body, so I describe attacks in my books.

You can find the signs on your own body and in your own behavior.

They are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

Don’t dismiss them.

The Roman Catholic Church runs the Central Intelligence Agency, so insiders joke that CIA should really stand for Catholics In Action.

It’s kind of like the way ISIS should stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Servicesimilar to SIS, ASIS, CSIS, and NZSIS.

Long ago, weird haircuts, weird hairlines, and bald spots told the story in catholic monasteries.

Nowadays, they tell the story on people’s hairlines, as they grow bald, or have widow’s peaks, or show other strange signs.

Even the royal family is not immune.

Look in the mirror.


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  1. Do you know former military man Bear Grylls? He’s a delta programming like Jason Stratham. He’s already very rich and with some kind of prestige. Now he is the leader of boy scouts in UK. Can his permanent misaligned hair be a sign of some interference done to his head? Why on Earth does he still have to show up in that show going to 140 degrees deserts to eat snakes? 1- because there’s no such thing as rich, prestigious or powerful for a mind controlled slave of his kind, he is just a puppet with some “people” (if we can call those demons that) pulling his strings or 2- because he got so much used to live under this programming that he wouldn’t know how to enjoy his wealth living an average life and eating good food lol. Also Dual Survivor, two delta programming guys with enough condition to live comfortably on their income but staring at a tv show going to a jungle in India to invade some abandoned cottage full of rat feces to try to hunt some rats to eat…. that’s worse than Fear Factory!


    1. I know that Grylls went to Ludgrove, which, like Gordonstoun, seems to rate higher than Eton–as far as those things go. Prince Charles’s and Lady Diana’s sons went there, so I imagine it is a major programming center. But where isn’t? And, yes, eating scorpions is not my cup of tea either–although I imagine this diet would lead to significant weight loss!

      As for Stratham, you may be amused to know that the female degenerates from England who bother me daily, by Voice To Skull, hold him in extremely low esteem. Their boyfriends who work for GCHQ seem to worship this fellow, who I imagine is probably a homosexual. Hence, his nickname “Turkish” in his first starring role in the film, “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.” I used to be able to ignore the fool, but now he gets on my nerves.


      1. Wow, always learning here! Now I’m going to read the South Africa text. I lived in 4 countries in Africa, for 10 years, South Africa being one of them, in Johannesburg, Komatipoort, Malelane and Nelspruit (Mbombela). I was there during the 2010 world cup. The other 3 countries seemed more “natural”. South Africa looks artificially built compared to the other 3. Mind controlled Nelson Mandela had 666 in his prison cell long number, did you know? He was responsible for giving the mines that belonged to the boers to the rockefellers and oppenheimers. He’s a criminal. He used to sing kill the boer…and became a Peace Nobel Prize winner. Who cares about nobel anyway, even obama got it. The way mandela’s daughter died also has MK Ultra all around it. I’m not defending apartheid but during that era the presidents had low expenditure of public money and corruption was low. It was a first world country. Right after mandela rose to so called power the presidential personal cost more than doubled and corruption became astronomic. And South Africa is turning more and more into a 3rd world country. White farmers are being raped, tortured and killed ever since and almost nothing is done about it. It is calamity but the media minds more about people who point guns to childrens’ heads to commit thefts and become BLM icons just because they couldn’t breathe. More than a million white South Africans have already left RSA. The nsdap-z!on!st luciferian deep state wants to destroy anything that shows white people aren’t the bad guys, the real bad guys are the luciferian race infiltrated everywhere, anyway they even got the j3ws in their hands giving them that troubled piece of land (fool’s gold being taken as a promise of God).


  2. Anyway of course the media isn’t going to mind about white babies and 90 year old white women being raped, tortured and murdered in a south african farm, the media together with school are the most obvious tools of the game!


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