I have written elsewhere about the creation of ISIS by MI-6, CIA, and MOSSAD.

Israel, like ISIS, is as fake as a three-dollar bill.

The Zionist Homeland is an expansionist police state that brutally discriminates against religious and ethnic minorities.

Zionist Israel is just like Nazi Germany:  it’s a fake country built to justify a repressive response.

The same goes for ISIS.

The whole thing is a false flag.

The United States has 1308 satellites, and we’re putting more up all the time.

You can watch them at Al Jazeera, which, unlike our press, occasionally has real news.

Last April, the Union of Concerned Scientists determined that 2,666 operational satellites circled the globe.

Interesting number.

But don’t worry:  107,000 satellites are planned through 2029.

NASA does not seek the exploration of space:  it seeks control of the earth.

But with all our satellites, and the eight trillion dollars ($8,000,000,000,000.00) we have spent on the War on Terror, and associated foreign wars, we have trouble finding the leaders of ISIS.

Check out this picture, from the Pentagon, of soldiers searching for ISIS.

NATO doesn’t want to find, or stop, ISIS, because ISIS is NATO.

It’s almost as though the eight trillion dollars ($8,000,000,000,000.00) we spend on the War on Terror, and related wars, increases terrorism.

That’s partly because the FBI provides the means, opportunities, and plans for mentally ill paupers to become terrorists, so after entrapping them, and keeping them on course, they can claim victory.

FBI “operations” are often led by an informant–such as Robert Childs, a convicted rapist and child molester whom they paid $90,000.00.

Five people can stage a fake beheading, and the media does not check the story.

Dr. Naomi Wolf asked journalists to confirm their sources on these stories, which they can easily do; but, in response, the stooges of the New World Order, and its willing accomplices, dismiss her questions as conspiracy theories.

That makes sense since “conspiracy theory” is a term coined by the CIA in its memo:  Countering Criticism of the Warren Report.

If you’re actually running a conspiracy, you want people to dismiss conspiracy theories.

Dr. Naomi Wolf questioned the reporting of the New York Times on ISIS.

That’s fair–not only because the Times practices sloppy journalism but because it is fake news.

Like the mainstream media, the New York Times is run by CIA under OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

MI-7 runs the news in England–a nation where the rights to free press and free speech do not exist.

Don’t get fucked by the BBC.

Mia Khalifa did–before she was interviewed twice, at length, by the British Broadcasting Company.

Mia Khalifa, a Christian from Lebanon, which is a hotbed of CIA activity, was a homely cadet at Massanutten Military Academy.

Then, she morphed into the Number One Star on PornHub, with the Number One Video, where she fed unhealthy fantasies in connection with Mid-Eastern Wars, doing hijab porn, as rape was used as a recruiting tool for young men who enlist in our army.

That’s when Mia received threats from ISIS, which is really CIA, and she appeared on BBC, which is really MI-7.

As a different kind of influencer, Mia Khalifa would change the narrative, as she gave away her gun in front of 2,225,000 followers.

It was part of the false flag attack on gun rights, where the international intelligence community stages mass shootings, by brainwashed victims, whose story is told by crisis actors as it is played through the media.

That’s called GLADIO C, but let’s focus on other aspects of the GLADIO OPERATIONS staged by NATO, SEATO, MOSSAD, and their affiliates.

British Military Intelligence used the Irish Republican Army to attack its own people for years–in order to justify a lockdown of their own country.


Then the Irish settled down.

But the English were undeterred.

The English let muslims into their country, so they could take the place of the Irish.

While the police state is stronger than ever, the English allow their children to be raped and trafficked by the scum.

That’s what you can expect when the Rothschilds run your country.

Just when the IRA settled down, ISIS popped us, so the English could really lock their country down.


You can learn more about NATO, and its roots in Nazi Germany, in The New Underworld Order.

Through its control of the English Media, MI-7 strives to maintain a constant state of fear.

Papers like The Daily Mail publish unsubstantiated threats, allegedly from ISIS, which identify satanic holidays observed by the Rothschilds.

Here’s another using imagery similar to that of the Illuminati Group:  Q-ANON.

Here’s the worst.

NWO destroyed a world treasure, claimed ISIS did it, and rebuilt it in London.

In 2015, CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD, posing as ISIS, destroyed a beautiful winged Assyrian bull for absolutely no reason.

Michael Rakowitz made a replacement in London.

Instead of stone, he used ten thousand cans of date syrup.

You gotta be kidding me!

Tin cans?

The monstrosity stands in Trafalgar Square.

The Guardian described the tinny taurus, which stands before the National Gallery, “gazing south-east past the Foreign Office and the Houses of Parliament towards its spiritual home in the Middle East.”

Apparently, it is “defying Isis.”

According to the Guardian, Michael Rakowitz is “one of the world’s most political – and powerful – artist-provocateurs.”

The English paper says, “[T]he statue is part of an ambitious long-term project…to reconstruct all 7,000 objects known to have been looted from the National Museum of Iraq…not to replicate the looted objects, but to make them cheaply from papier mache or plaster and cover them with food packaging or Arabic newsprint to reflect their relationship with day-to-day life.”

Let’s take another look at the bull in Trafalgar Square.

The Rockefellers are scum, but at least they stole real Lamassus, made of stone, instead of making fakes like the Rothschild Slaves.

Under the Rothschilds, England has so lost its way: it makes the Rockefellers look classy.

And it makes us look free.


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