Snooty English accents did not exist until about two hundred years ago.

What is now called Upper Received English, or the Queen’s English, appeared only then.


Because the English started to send their children to boarding schools, in earnest, and those boarding schools were reformed during this time.

That’s where creeps like Roald Dahl went, before they worked for British Military Intelligence and then went on to write the books and films your children read.

George Bernard Shaw, who supported Hitler and Stalin, while he made broadcasts for the British Broadcasting Company, touched on the subject.

Matthew Arnold, whose father was headmaster of Rugby, as he reformed the school, spoke openly of the school’s need to destroy the influence of the family.

It’s the same in all state-run schools, as the English call their snooty schools, “public schools,” while parents entrust their children to strangers.

In England, this means that it is fancy to send a seven-year-old away from his family, where he will be raped by strangers, as his imbecilic parents, who don’t care about him, pay big money to his little pimps.

That’s what England is all about.

They even call their schoolboys fags and slaves, as strangers beat them with canes, birches, and sticks.

Meanwhile, at the direction of the English Freemasons, their girls are raped in the streets by gangs of stick-wielding immigrants.

But what about that fancy accent you hear on Downton Abbey?

Or the one you hear in The King’s Speech, where the King of England stutters out vulgar words?

Winston Churchill, the famous woman-hating homosexual, who killed millions of people, while his made-up story is told by Hollywood, knew what went on—-because he was part of it.

It’s the result not only of pretension, which you can see in imbeciles like T.S. Eliot, an American who acquired an English accent, while his poems were lionized and his rhymes gave the English their greatest musical.

At the so-called public schools, local speech is stamped out, along with local connections, so local people can no longer relate to the child who was sent away.

But the poncy voice is also the result of cybernetics and forced speech, with which its own speakers would have a problem if they just listened to the sound of their own voices.

It’s part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where they build children back, better, after they break them down into nothing.

The English government has even published papers about the subject.

If any of the returning students would look at themselves, honestly, for just a moment, they would see that they are not the same persons.

They would see how ridiculous they have become, as their masters alienate them from others.

They are like dogs trained by their masters.

Americans who study abroad even for the shortest time acquire this disability, even though they are not subject to the trafficking, molestation, and humiliation of the English.

Junior Year Abroad was the creation of the homosexual criminal, Pierre DuPont, just as the English public schools are the creation of other homosexual criminals.

It happened to me—even though some of my best times were in Paris!

Boarding schools are nothing like Hogwarts in the books about Harry Potter.

It’s something you can read about in my books, which tell real stories, as I describe my time at Cambridge University.

Prince Charles’s brother went to my college.

But what would I know….


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5 thoughts on “THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH”

  1. Hello my friend, as an English born working class Gentile i would find it difficult to disagree with this post. Over my life i have traveled most of the UK (and the world). The majority of people have been receptive and welcoming, however when entering ‘elite’ areas such as ‘The City of London’ some of the Home Counties, the residents seemingly regard you as scum automatically due to your accent. I am a proud Yorkshire-man and will always fire back if my accent is mocked or disrespected. The class system is alive and well and part of the denigration of society unfortunately. Take care Tim.


    1. Hello my friend!

      Thanks for writing: I always enjoy your letters!

      More than thirty years ago, when I was at Cambridge, I saw Yorkshire Proud in two very different people, but we were all friends in college.

      One was an Old Harrovian, who had no accent, American or British, as he played rugger for his old school, and he just knew how to be himself.

      He ended up moving to France, whence his grandmother hailed, as he works in Italy, and he appears in my third book.

      The other was a Yorkshire Lass, Liz, whom I briefly dated, so let’s just say that gentlemen don’t talk….

      They were both awesome people, as I see you are, and I feel very privileged to have visited Yorkshire with my girlfriend and her mother, more than thirty years ago, when we walked the moors, dined out, and visited the old Viking town of York–home of Richard III.

      I am proud to carry Norse Blood in my veins, as my daughter’s mother does.

      Otherwise, I’ll leave my friends from Lancashire out, for now, but they will appear in my next book, as a grammar school boy went on to play rugger for Vale of Lune, later becoming a yachtsman, before he settled in the mountains of Virginia.

      He, too, married a lovely lass from his county.

      If you ask me, it’s all about being yourself!


      P.S. Send me another comment with your e-mail, if you like, which I promise not to publish, so we have the option of writing in a less public medium.


  2. Hi, FM! When I was a teenager I went to Scotland as an exchange student. There I visited some cemeteries with friends – they are so beautiful they’re kind of touristical lol – and there were many tombs exposed in places that looked like mausoleums with skulls and bones sculped on their sides in one of the cemeteries. Thirteen years later a demolay guy told me they were tombs of the templars.


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