As I have written elsewhere, World War Two was staged from its beginning to achieve globalist ends, which were possible only with the total destruction of Germany.


The worst thing for the New World Order would have been for the Germans to negotiate a conditional surrender as they did in World War One, where the internationalist conspirators failed to incite a successful communist revolution and they failed to create an effective League of Nations.


How could the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and others ensure the total destruction of Germany so they could achieve their goals?

Mind Control!

Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess said the Nazi leaders were given a hypnotic drink by an international cabal, as people disappeared, returned, and acted strangely.


Do you see the cybernetic implant in his eye?


It’s something you’ll see a lot on these guys.


Nazi Germany was huge on the radio, which is used for mind control.


And cybernetic mind control existed for many hundreds of years before the twentieth century.


You can read in my second book, available for free, below, how I went to school with a granddaughter of a Nazi cyberneticist who worked for Central Intelligence and the Pentagon.

Her grandfather’s favorite uncle, Ludwig Wittgenstein, was a classmate of Adolf Hitler, while he also worked for Radio Free Europe.


He was one of many Nazis who would work for the Deep State, as the real objectives of the war were realized.


Mind control was used on Hitler, who had at least three different speaking voices, as others spoke through his body.

Hitler was hypnotized not only to start the war the enemy needed to advance their globalist agenda, but to make a religion of Wagner, as he moved Germany into a Twilight of the Gods, where reality would mimic art.

The conspirators used the Twilight of the Gods as a controlling myth toward the end of World War Two, just as they plan to use the Apocalypse as a controlling myth toward the end of World War Three.


You can read more not only in my article above but also in my third book, available for free, below.

Mind control attempts to use fiction to shape reality, as the conspirators seek to move others into a dream world through comics, literature, television, movies, opera, or religion.

But it would take more than making the dreamer, Adolf Hitler, act self destructively to stage a real Götterdämmerung.

There were a lot of practical people in Germany, who held positions of power, and they did not want to go down as supporting actors in a dream opera.

Claus von Stauffenberg is widely credited with leading the plot against Hitler that took thousands of these people out when it failed.

Stauffenberg was implanted after he spent a surprisingly long time in a hospital, whence he emerged without one of his eyes, since a cybernetic device was implanted in his brain.


Doctor Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch operated on the colonel, as he belonged to the Reich Research Council.

Doctor Otto Scherzer belonged to this group, which worked on mind control, as he headed its radar division.

My classmate’s grandfather belonged to this group, and so did Doctor Josef Mengele, who programmed my grandfather in the United States, as you can read in my first book, available for free, below.

Stauffenberg was easy to move into place, as he believed he was doing the right thing, to kill Hitler, but he bungled the plot.

Hitler miraculously survived the explosion of the plastic explosive that Stauffenberg left next to him.

It is possible that Hitler was replaced with a double, or a double was blown up by the plastique, but, whatever happened, the New World Order wanted the plot to fail so that thousands of powerful people, who wanted to negotiate peace, in order to avoid the total destruction of their homeland, could be rounded up and killed.


Germany’s best tactical general, Ernst Rommel, was one of them, as the Nazis assured their own destruction not only by eliminating rational people who would negotiate peace with the Allies but by eliminating their best people who were needed to fight the armies marching on Germany.

Without an unsuccessful plot, and a suicidal dictator, World War Two would have ended just like World War One, and the New World Order would not have gotten the United Nations, the World Bank, or NATO—not to mention the expansion of communism, which the bankers had created to begin with, and the Marshall Plan, which led to the Common Market, which led to the European Economic Union, which led to the European Union.


It is an open question whether Allen Dulles, who went on to head the Central Intelligence Agency, which worked closely with former Nazis, on mind control projects, sold out the conspirators, after they reached out to him, so he could ensure the total destruction of Germany.


The enemy is addicted to gangsigns, magic days, and lucky numbers, through which they foolishly advertise their plots, so it may be significant that the D-Day Invasion, which forced the conspirators into action, happened on June 6, 1944 (6/6/44), an earlier failed plot that inspired Stauffenberg to take leadership happened on July 7, 1944 (7/7/44), and trials of the conspirators happened on August 8, 1944 (8/8/44), while Groundhog Day, a luciferian quarterday, occurs on February 2 (2/2), thirty-three (33) days after the luciferian feast of New Years (1/1), and Cinco de Mayo (5/5) features heavily in the satanic calendar.


It seems odd, too, that Hitler’s suicidal behavior connected to Wagner, through the opera, Götterdämmerung, while the plot took its name from another of Wagner’s operas, Die Walküre.

The recent movie features Stauffenberg’s children, play-acting Wagner, from its very beginning.

In the end, there was more than one plot, and there were conspirators behind the conspirators!

That is why, of the hundreds of plots against Hitler, people know only the one, and that by an operatic name only partly associated with the attempted assassination.



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