The National Security Agency and their affiliates use neurolinguistic programming to control people’s speech, thoughts, and behavior.

When we write an email, or a text, a computer program suggests word choices.

That happens through the internet, hand-held devices, and mobile phones, financed by IN-Q-TEL, an investment fund controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Through neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, the Deep State uses words for mind control.

You can hear Lera Boroditsky explain the connections among language, thought, and reality below.

NSA uses these connections against us, as they try to program us with neurolinguistic formulae (NLF).

It’s just like advertising.

Advertising works through your television.

Advertising works through Tesla Technology.

Radio makes your smartphone work.

Radio has military uses.

Microwave harassment has been used to attack our embassies in Cuba, Russia, and China.

The military uses active denial systems against political dissidents.

That’s everybody.

They’re going to put up 100,000 new satellites in the next nine years.

NASA, like DHS, NSA, CIA, and FBI, is the enemy of the American People.

USAF is full of degenerate satanists, child molesters, rapists, and traitors.

The rest of the military isn’t much different.

ORION uses the supercomputers at Schriever Air Force Base against innocent civilians.

Directed Energy Weapons, or DEW, are responsible for a host of ailments.

Voice of God Weapons were used by the American Military in the First War in the Gulf.

This was done through the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

You can see one of HAARP’s patents below.

You can see one hundred other mind control patents here.

MEDUSA stands for Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio.

Woody Norris explains how Long Range Acoustic Devices, or LRAD, work.

This is only one type of mind-control technology.

Holosonic Research Labs owns the Audio Spotlight.

Hypersound directional speakers beam words to targeted individuals.

DARPA works with directed sound.

Voice to Skull, or V2K, may manifest not merely as audible voices but as subliminal commands.

It’s a form of hypnosis.

Below you can watch the use of audio spotlight to imitate the conscience of consumers so as to direct their buying choices to fair-trade bananas.

Through the use of cybernetic implants, this can translate into forced speech.

You can learn more about CIA’s cybernetics program in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary:  The Minds of Men.

You can learn to spot mind control in yourself.

You can hear it if you listen to your voice.

You can tell it from unusual speech patterns.

The scum in the Deep State are out to get you.

They use technology to lead you astray.

They didn’t spend trillions of dollars on this stuff not to use it.

Let’s focus on two speech patterns that they commonly use against us.

Both precede reckless behavior, when you “consciously” disregard known risks and “decide” to do things against your interest.

One occurs when people say, “I really shouldn’t,” but they do the bad thing anyway.

The other occurs when people say, “You’re probably right,” but they don’t listen to you.

Something is going on.

It concerns the relationships among words, thought, and action, and it promotes unhealthy behavior.

Softening observations with words, like probably, is a dangerous practice.

Find these patterns in yourself, look for other symptoms, and you will begin to see your slavery.

Only then, when you start to understand the technology the New World Order uses against you, and how they have gotten into you, will you be in a position to fight back.

Awakening is bitter.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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