Medieval monasteries were full of cybernetics.

People were tonsured, as they suffered from cyberattacks, which they mistook for visions.

The Renaissance SkyNet was used to project holograms into the sky, seen by many thousands of credible witnesses, in different places, over more than one hundred years.

People were afflicted with dancing mania.

It was like the forced movement demonstrated in the 1700s by Luigi Galvani.

Only it was used on people through remote broadcasting.

It was like the microwave harassment that Benjamin Franklin used against King George.

It was like the cybernetics used on composers like Bach, Haydn, and Mozart.

It was like the forced movement used on musicians like Paganini.

You can learn more about dancing mania, or St. Vitus Dance, in the video below.

Here’s another about the otherwise inexplicable phenomenon variously called dancing plague, choreomania, tarantism, and St. John’s Dance. 

You can learn about cybernetics in my articles.

Something like dancing mania still happens, but doctors call it Sydenham’s chorea….

What could cause this affliction?

It had to have been cybernetics.

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  1. Hi FM. When I lived in Africa it was common for them to show in the TV news collective faints or numb behaviors of adolescent students (especially of the female gender) at schools, especially public. Lots of students would faint together at the patio or would lay down on the floor wih eyes opened or closed, indifferent to the environment, arms and legs stretched. That started around 2010 and every now and then they would show the same “news” (not so new). There was no explanation for that. I decided to search for it now to see if there was still anything online and to my surprise there are stories from 2016 and 2018, this one for example, so maybe it hasn’t ended yet

    People there used to say it is witchcraft or mass histeria. Other couldn’t explain. What can it be if not cybernetics and these students being treated as guinea pigs by some people manipulating them from a certain distance? Or mind control and some kind of sign has triggered those teens all at the same time?

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    1. Thanks for writing, my friend. I had forgotten about this, which is like the trance states one sees in voodoo practitioners or in those “possessed by the gods” in Bali. I remember similar stories particularly about voodoo curses in Africa where someone would die because they believed a witch doctor had placed a spell on them. Cybernetics go back further in Africa than one might think, and I don’t mean only Egypt. In this regard, I wrote a story about Shaka Zulu more than a thousand miles to the south of the area you describe.

      Think, too, of the laboratory they used to create AIDS (HIV) or the Ebola Virus….

      And, as for other remote areas, Siberia seems rife with mind control.


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