Military technology is always many years ahead of the cutting edge of published research.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which involves the combination of computers and humans, goes back hundreds of years.

Let’s look at some examples.

A lot of things that look like science fiction—-cybernetic implants, weaponized weather, and microwave harassment—-were going on many years ago.

Nikola Tesla is widely credited with the invention of radio and other technology used for microwave harassment.

Tesla technology is used in HAARP.

Tesla technology is used in EISCAT.

But, long before HAARP and EISCAT, weaponized weather caused the Dust Bowl.

Long before HAARP and EISCAT, weaponized weather caused the unbelievably hard winter that stopped Hitler’s conquest of Russia.

Weaponized weather caused Hurricane Katrina—-something the mainstream has problems believing.

Weaponized weather caused the Earthquake in Haiti.

Tesla was funded by Illuminists such as John Jacob Astor IV and J. Pierpont Morgan.

Before Tesla invented the technology used for microwave harassment, Tesla showed its symptoms.

Tesla talked to people no one could see.

Tesla saw detailed schematics in his head, as though his inventions were transmitted to him.

It’s not space aliens.

And it’s not time travel.

It’s the New World Order.

The technology is just that far ahead—-and they used Tesla to make it semi-public.

Before Tesla made his discoveries, the New World Order had already built the Eiffel Tower, which they used to transmit signal.

Writers like Hoffmann described cybernetics almost two hundred years ago.

George III showed symptoms of microwave harassment as he suddenly went crazy, talking to people no one could see, in connection with the French and American Revolutions, which the Illuminati arranged.

Viscount Castlereagh showed all the signs of cybernetic implantation.

The pervert saw a luciferian vision, the Radiant Boy, which was clearly the product of image to skull, long before he had a nervous breakdown, grew paranoid, and killed himself.

Viscount Castlereagh redrew the map of Europe at the Congress of Vienna.

When you look at someone’s face, and you see an unusual hairline, or crookedly placed eyes, or an eye that moves in a different direction, you can see the signs of psycho-surgery—-where someone’s head has been cut open and an implant has been placed behind one of their eyes.

I believe that not only is dyslexia caused by ocular implants—-but so are astygmatisms.

In my case, not only do I have an astygmatism, and poor uncorrected vision, but I can wink my right eye only with difficulty, and a tiny mysterious scar sits above that eye.

You can also do simple physical tests, at the cost of twenty dollars, with an ultraviolet flashlight and magnets to detect implants.

Look at Castlereagh:  you can see the ocular implant!

He was Robo-Lord!

William Blake was another deviant who saw visions, as the enemy beamed pictures into an implant.

You can see the implant in his eye.

Blake wrote luciferian prophesies about the future of Europe.

His work shows the influence of the freemasons.

No wonder the Rockefellers like him.

Benjamin Franklin was another freemason.

Benjamin Franklin set up the post office because he wanted to open people’s mail.

He was the first NSA!

Benjamin Franklin was a child molester who belonged to the Hellfire Club, so the bodies of victims were found buried in his house.

The Hellfire Club had secret underground facilities.

Benjamin Franklin worked with Matthew Boulton on experiments in sound and electricity.

Boulton was a luciferian who belonged to the Lunar Circle.

See his ocular implant?

At the same time, more than two hundred years ago, Luigi Galvani used electricity to make dead frogs jump.

And the enemy uses electricity for forced movement.

Can you see the ocular implant in Luigi Galvani?

Possibly drawing on Galvani, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.

Can you see her ocular implant?

How about the one in her luciferian pervert and drug addict of a husband?

Frankenstein takes place in Ingolstadt.

In Ingolstadt, Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati.

Can you see his ocular implant?

Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati, from whose country our dollar would take its name, on the May Day that fell two months before the first Independence Day.

Magic days are important to luciferians.

That’s why our president was inaugurated for more than one hundred years on the Eve of May Day, the Constitution was ratified on the Summer Solstice, and the largest battle in the Revolution was fought on September Eleventh.

Frankenstein involves the author zoning out to the mountains, in Switzerland, which is bad guy central, as she dissociates.

Mary Shelley had a nightmare of the monster, raping her in her bedroom, which was a fragmented memory of a home invasion and a programming session.

That’s just what they were showing us in the 1700s.

Imagine what they weren’t showing us….

As Shelley’s experience indicates, the enemy uses drugs.

And did I mention hypnotism?

More than two hundred years ago, Franz Mesmer used a combination of hypnotism and microwave harassment as he demonstrated animal magnetism.

Can you see Mesmer’s ocular implant?

Franz Mesmer was friends with Joseph Haydn.

Can you see Haydn’s ocular implant?

Franz Mesmer was friends with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Can you see Mozart’s ocular implant?

How about in this picture?

Sergei Rachmaninoff used hypnotism in his composition process.

His bloodline combines with the Illuminati House of DuPont through his grand-niece, Tatiana Copeland, who owns Bouchaine Vineyards.

Can you see the ocular implants in the Copelands above and Rachmaninoff below?

Those are all from psycho-surgery.

You can learn more in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent film, The Minds of Men, which goes only back to the 1930s.

The Illuminati have been using music for centuries.

That’s something to which Nietzsche alludes.

You can read The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music below.

Do you really think this obvious virgin died of syphilis—-or thought himself into insanity?

Nietzsche was driven mad by microwave harassment and psycho-surgery.

He liked Wagner—-until the scum estranged him from his only friend.

The Illuminati’s use of music is not limited to purposeful deviation from the Schumann Resonance, promoted by the Nazis and the Rockefellers, to stress people out.

That’s a deep subject.

The Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to jazz——which CIA used.

The Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to Beatlemania——which the Tavistock Institute created.

The Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to the Doors——who advocated psychedelics, and Dionysian Rites, as they were led by the son of an admiral.

The Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to Laurel Canyon—-over which Air Force perched its base at Lookout Mountain.

The Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to Robert Johnson——who mysteriously acquired the ability to play the guitar while people said he sold his soul to the devil.

And the Illuminati’s usurpation of music is not limited to Niccolò Paganini——another virtuoso who, people said, sold his soul to the devil.

Watch the robot play the violin.

Doesn’t Jascha Heifetz looks robotic as he plays from Bach’s Third Partita?

Personally, I prefer Hilary Hahn from my daughter’s old home town—-although I’m sure she’s loaded with cybernetics, too.

Through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New World Order wants to make us all into robots.

The satanists lie behind these things.

They have infected classical music from its beginning.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on one satanic holiday, and he died from a stroke on another.

Both his parents died before he turned eleven, and he went to boarding school——which would have made him vulnerable to experimentation.

In his picture below you can see a bulge above his eye that may have resulted from an implant.

They may have done things to Bach when he went missing for four months between 1705 and 1706, as he travelled, on foot, to visit Dieterich Buxtehude——a trip that was supposed to last only four weeks.

That’s something I learned from the enemy’s magazine:  Playboy!

And, yes, I did read the articles….

Whether it’s study abroad or otherwise, you’re always vulnerable when you’re somewhere no one knows you.

They did things to me at Cambridge University, where I suffered a personality shift.

There, suddenly, I had problems with my eyes—-because I was implanted.

Johann Sebastian Bach had bad vision throughout his life, and, at the end, he had splitting headaches before he went blind from eye surgery.

That, combined with Bach’s short temper, sounds like microwave harassment.

Bach’s music sounds mathematical——as though a computer were involved.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Central Intelligence Agency used Bach’s music in MK-ULTRA.

Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, and whose brother was a geneticist, and the first head of UNESCO, describes a psychedelic session with Bach at the end of Island.

Haydn’s relationship with Franz Mesmer, who used hypnotism in combination with microwave harassment, seems suspicious.

Mozart’s relationship with Franz Mesmer, who used hypnotism in combination with microwave harassment, seems suspicious.

If the film, Amadeus, is to be believed, Mozart used a lot of vulgar language.

That’s a symptom of forced speech.

You see it in The King’s Speech.

Mozart’s final work, The Magic Flute, uses masonic symbolism.

The freemasons are a big part of the plot.

Haydn and Mozart were both freemasons.

Mozart died under suspicious circumstances.

Mozart wrote his first compositions when he was only five years old.

It seemed like he had a computer in his head!

Did I mention Mozart grew up in Salzburg, where there are not only mines but also secret underground bases?

Meanwhile, Ludwig van Beethoven had health problems, went deaf, and fought with his family as he became involved in a custody dispute.

Those are typical tactics, as I can attest, since the enemy has attacked me through family court.

Beethoven suffered a personality shift—-and he went from meticulous to slovenly.

These are symptoms of microwave harassment, brain-washing, and gang-stalking.

Not content with these attacks, the scum pollute Beethoven through movies like Clockwork Orange, which describes rape programming at the Tavistock Institute.

It’s the kind of thing to which I was subjected in the West Country.

I always fought back!

So did Beethoven!

When they eventually killed him, still, on his deathbed, with a stormy face, he raged and shook his fist!

That’s probably why his music is so good.

In Beethoven’s music, there’s more Beethoven, and less computer.

Certainly, he spoke to my hero: Roberta Joan Mitchell, OC.

See her eyes?

You can learn more about Joni Mitchell below.

Although Joan is targeted, she is a true genius, who bows to no one.

I highly recommend her symphonic suite: Court and Spark.

Not to mention Hejira—-which, like all her albums, was written, sung, performed, and engineered by Joni Mitchell, while, in this case, Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny accompanied her.

Listen to the whole albums, which you should buy: don’t just listen to a piece of them.

You can read more about the use of music for crowd control, and mass hypnosis, in my article about Joan’s performance at the Isle of Wight, which my friend’s father, an Academy Award winning documentarian, filmed.

My friend, Noah Lerner, helped his dad finish what would be his last movie.

That’s when my pal wasn’t winning Emmy Awards, as he directed and produced for HBO, ESPN, and SHOWTIME.

He’s a really good guy.

You can read more in my books.

There you will briefly meet my grandfather, who took part in the Philadelphia Experiment, while he enjoyed the New World Symphony.

Dvořák’s title evokes the New World Order.

My grandfather despised Bach, which he called Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, because of its predictability.

Those are also the names of a pair of imbecilic male programmers used in hypnotic sessions.

Vivaldi influenced Bach, so the Four Seasons is very predictable.

It’s a good piece to start with, when you’re learning classical music, but one that most people outgrow.

I remember listening to it back in 1984 when I travelled to Communist Germany.

Vivaldi had mysterious health problems, which suggest microwave harassment.

Can you see his ocular implant?

Vivaldi was a priest, and the Vatican is full of bad guys.

Vivaldi worked at an orphanage, where children were subject to abuse.

The Roman Catholic Church is full of secret societies and child molesters.

The Vatican has the world’s most famous secret tunnels, the catacombs, where horrible things are done.

The pope is nothing but a crime lord.

Vivaldi died on a satanic holiday (7/27 or 27.7) to be buried the next day.

Is that really a coincidence?

As for classical music, I could go on, but you get the idea.

You can find more in my third book—-a very funny, entertaining, and informative volume—-on which I am currently working.

This stuff goes back a long time, and it connects to music, leading intelligent people to become apolitical.

It’s like CIA’s sponsorship of jazz.

It’s like CIA’s sponsorship of Abstract Expressionism.

You can’t put political messages in abstract art or in wordless music.

That’s why the enemy promotes this stuff.

The cybernetic programs do not go only to the composers and the musicians, but they play out in the audience.

I grew up listening to classical music, and I got off thrilling to it.

That thrill is nothing but the stimulation of glands through microwave harassment.

Watch out for it!

You may still enjoy listening to music.

I do.

I like to listen to the Police——who are the product of the enemy, as Stewart Copeland is the son of intelligence officers and the grandson of a neurosurgeon.

I like to listen to the Beach Boys——who are the product of the enemy, as Brian Wilson heard voices in his head and saw staves of music fill with notes in his mind.

Sometimes I listen to classical music.

But I know where it comes from.

So do you.


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