The demand for water witches, who use divining, or dowsing rods, to find underground sources of water is growing in California.

You gotta be kidding me!

Here’s a beautiful nut to explain it to you.

People claim that doodle-bugging works, but how could it?

How’s this for an explanation?

It involves an unusual take on history, nothing but science, and no weird beliefs.

Let me tell you more.

Meanwhile you can take a look at these diagrams.

And remember that the water witches in the videos above speak of energy flowing through their bodies, electric current, antenna systems, and their minds receiving messages “like a radio.”

Those are descriptions of cybernetics, microwave harassment, and voice to skull transmissions broadcast through the skynet.

You can learn more about cybernetics, forced movement, and mind control, as applied by the Roman Catholics in the Central Intelligence Agency, through documentary films like The Minds of Men.

Here’s how the skynet, cybernetics, and related technologies apply to water witches.

The United States Air Force has detailed maps of underground water sources; it uses cybernetically forced movement to guide any water witch to a source of water; and it uses weather weapons to make people so desperate that they will embrace strange beliefs that make them vulnerable to manipulation.

Once a person believes in water witches, they can be manipulated in all sorts of ways, as apparently mystical coincidences are placed in front of them, as they have premonitions or dreams, and as they hear voices in their heads.

Spirit boards involve a similar set of beliefs along with the use of cybernetically forced movement, as the satanic trash lead people to believe in stupid things.

Dowsing, divining, and water-witching involve the weird beliefs that the Tavistock Institute is always pushing through the New Age.

Like USAF, NASA is full of satanists, freemasons, and losers.

Like USAF, NASA is using real weather weapons against California to cause droughts. 

Like USAF, NASA is making firenados, which not only drive people to the false solution of FEMA, while they take land for a high-speed train, but they create false beliefs in global warming and biblical prophecy.

You can get an overview of some of my articles on weather modification, geoengineering, and ionospheric heaters below.

A big one is run by the Air Force in Platteville, Colorado, although it’s small time next to something like EISCAT-3D.

The Russians used their rocket base on the Kola Peninsula to create weird beliefs through the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, as they shaped weather to support a different psychological and political agenda.

As in any false flag attack, the fear-then-relief response is used to drive people to false solutions.

They’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, and the Roman Catholics, who run the Central Intelligence Agency, are at the heart of it.

Centuries ago, the skynet played a part in the major asset strip of the Protestant Reformation.

Centuries ago, the skynet played a part in the minor asset strips of dowsing.

This stuff costs money!

Dowsing for water is like Saint Vitus Dance, Saint John’s Dance, or Dancing Mania, which was also driven by medieval cybernetics.

Cybernetics, forced movement, and the skynet have been around for a long time, and they have nothing to do with time travel, alien visitors, or any of the nonsense promoted by the Tavistock Institute.

Cybernetics are not only used to mimic so-called syndromes in order to drive people to the false solution of drugs made by giant pharmaceutical companies.

Cybernetics are not only used to mimic so-called romantic love to drive people to the false solution of marriages made in support of breeding programs.

Cybernetics are used to promote the New Age, and it is easy to spot them.

You can learn more in the second half of my third book, available, for free, below.

Like my second book, it’s very entertaining.

And here is my first book—for good measure.

Cybernetics are used to mimic chakras in order to drive people to the false solution of kundalini.

Cybernetics are used to mimic miracles in order to drive people to the false solution of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cybernetics are used to mimic spiritual experience in order to drive people to the false solution of Evangelical Churches.

Cisco Wheeler’s grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and she talks about this stuff.

But what would she know?

Aside from Cisco Wheeler, Veronica Swift is a good source on the Illuminati.

Svali is only one source on their connection to the Roman Catholic Church.

Like their counterparts in Britain, a country infested with the Air Force, many of the scum actually believe in star magic—through which they fool each other.

This imbecilic belief lies at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, and it carries into the Air Force.

Cybernetically forced movement, weather weapons, and detailed maps, each involving satellites, lie behind the phenomenon of dowsing.

Unlike water witches, the hundred thousand satellites going up in the next several years are very real, as are their effects on weather and mind control.

The goal of NASA is not to explore space but to control earth.

Mind control forms a big part of it.

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  1. Timo, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts because you use repetition of your older research along with the new information and perspectives, creating a solid foundation. One of these days, you and I will either meet in person while my husband and I are traveling eastbound, or when you make a vacation trip to California! It is still a gorgeous “state,” meaning Nature, of course, and we will in a burgeoning wine country. Anyway, I appreciate your extensive research and insights into topics that are of interest to me. I just downloaded Veronica Swift’s book, I had not heard of her before reading your post! Be well, as I trust you are, my friend!


    1. Dear Shari–

      Thank you for your kind note.

      I fondly remember the time my daughter and I spent in Big Sur, and, even though the Claremont Colleges were surrounded by L.A., they were beautiful.

      I could never get enough of the Central Coast, I have always wanted to visit Yosemite and King’s Canyon, and there’s so much more to see.

      I look forward to the day we meet in person, and it makes me happy that there is still so much good to California.

      You and your husband are always welcome here.

      Your friend,



      1. It took my husband and I a few decades of living in California to see beyond the Greater Los Angeles area. To be fair, though, we were busy making music during that era! We did camp every summer for a few days in the Angeles Forest, and those trips have created some of our favorite memories of the L.A. daze, haha.

        We finally visited Yosemite in 2016, and it was as amazing as everyone said it would be. Some day, I’ll tell you our story about hiking the Panorama Trail.

        Funny you also mentioned King’s Canyon, as that is high on our priority list. We will likely get there later this spring, before we do our big summer trip.

        I’d love to get further east on our travels than Detroit! This year may not be the one, but I will stay in touch as our plans come together!

        Liked by 1 person

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