When I was a boy, the Government of White South Africa made the series, Shaka Zulu, to celebrate the Black African KIng.

Most people have no understanding of South Africa, although you can begin to acquire a better understanding by reading my books.

The Boers, or the Afrikaners, were white people who had lived in Cape Town for more than two hundred years, and, nowadays, they’ve been in Africa for more than four hundred years!

They just wanted to be left alone, but it is not the way of the British to leave people alone.

The British seized the Cape, and they chased the Boers, or the Afrikaners, off the land they had held for two centuries.

The Boers, or the Afrikaners, did the Great Trek to find a new home, but less than seventy years later, the British declared war on them, putting white women and children, along with blacks, in the world’s first concentration camps so that tens of thousands of innocent civilians were murdered by the British Empire.

It’s like what they do today!

Later the Boers, or the Afrikaners, carried the vote to withdraw from the Commonwealth of Nations, so the British targeted them again, eventually succeeding in the total destruction of South Africa.

The American Revolution was a fake, and so was the Irish Revolution, while the real breaks from England that occurred in South Africa and Rhodesia were put down hard by the British.

The British did this through their control of the media and the brainwashing of the public by the Tavistock Institute.

No one cares about the blacks in South Africa now, any more than they care about the blacks in the rest of Africa, or the blacks in America.

But everyone seemed to care back in the eighties, when it was all about the big bad South Africans, who provided blacks with the highest standard of living on the continent, while black-run governments killed millions of people and committed horrible atrocities against blacks.

It’s real simple:  the British won’t leave you alone, and they are vindictive.

Plus, they control the media—hence the otherwise inexplicable success of Merchant-Ivory Pictures, Downton Abbey, and The King’s Speech.

Plus, they wanted the diamonds, gold, uranium, and the other vast mineral wealth of South Africa.

The New World Order hates any free people, so it’s not a white-black thing; but the British did exactly the same to the Emperor of Ethiopia:  Haile Selassie.

Meanwhile, they tell lies about English fair play, while they hand Africa to the Chinese, who run the place for their profit.

The Chinese Imperialists are simply a larger version of the Asian shop-owner, who is used to destroy black neighborhoods in the United States.

The Rothschilds lie behind it all, as they move drugs through China, and they dig gold in Africa, enslaving everyone in sight regardless of color.

But what about Shaka–the guy you never would have heard of if it had not been for the White South African Government?

In the 1980s, the White South Africans had a solid alliance with the Zulus, led by Chief Buthelezi, through the Inkatha Freedom Party, as the Zulus received military training and weapons from the whites.

They were fighting the real Communists in the African National Congress.

The African National Congress receives training from the Chinese Communist Party.

And today, more than ever, the Zulus want to split from South Africa—not because it is run by White South Africans but because it is run by the African National Congress.

The British claimed they opposed communism, but, at the same time, the British openly supported the Black Communists in the ANC.

Nelson Mandela, who consorted with war criminals, was only one of the enemies of the Zulus and the Whites to be supported by the British-controlled media.

The White South Africans wanted to set the record straight, so they made a positive film about Shaka, as they promoted positive relations with the Zulu, and they maintained positive relations with almost all the black countries that constitute Africa.

It wasn’t the White South Africans who wanted to push Black Africans around:  it was the British!

The White South Africans made Shaka Zulu, just as they made Zulu, which also set forth a positive view of the Zulu People.

But what accounts for the original success of the military dictator, Shaka, who built the Zulu Empire?

Shaka was an insane homicidal maniac, who killed two million black people, but we’re supposed to like him because he’s black.

How did he rise to power?

The British were behind that, too.

Shaka was mind-controlled, just like the British soldiers who fought in the Zulu Wars, as the Brits were cybernetically implanted with fake memories of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift.

Cybernetics have been around for a long time.

Mind control was used on the pharaoh, Akhenaten, more than three thousand years ago.

Mind control was used on the emperor, Julius Caesar, more than two thousand years ago.

Mind control was used on the emperors of Ancient China.

And mind control was used in medieval monasteries.

Mind control was also used on Shaka, as they made him a homicidal maniac who killed two million people while he built an empire.

He wasn’t special because he was black.

But he was used for special reasons.

The New World Order loves to create difficulty in one direction to drive people to a false solution.

They do it by staging environmental crises, so we will give up our national sovereignty.

They do it by staging terrorist attacks, so we will give up our liberties.

They do it by staging false flag shootings, so we will give up our gun rights.

And they did it by staging the coronavirus, so we agreed to the shutdown and the vaccinations.

Finally, they took over Cape Town, two hundred years ago, right after Shaka mysteriously rose to power.

When the Boers, or the Afrikaners, left Cape Town, in which they had lived for two hundred years, as they never would have done if the British hadn’t taken over, trekking across the Veldt, in covered wagons, guess who they ran into.

The Zulu!

Dingane had killed his brother, Shaka, on the Autumnal Equinox, or Mabon, an important day in the luciferian calendar, as the British Freemasons directed the assassination of the leader they installed.

And what a coincidence!

The Zulu had just lost many thousands of cattle, so King Dingane blamed the Boers, or the Afrikaners, who had just shown up, for stealing the herd.

The Boers, or the Afrikaners, told the king they had not taken the animals, but they would use their bush-craft and scouting skills to locate the herd, which they brought back, to the Zulu King, to earn his respect.

The response of the Zulus was to kill the Boers, but the Afrikaners eventually fought them off—only to be taken out by the British.

People wondered about the success of Shaka, claiming he was one of Napoleon’s generals in disguise, as they came up with all kinds of wild theories.

But maybe there’s a simple explanation to Shaka’s success.

This bloodthirsty leader, who massacred his own people, while he set the stage for the massacre of the Boers, or the Afrikaners, was actually put up to it by the British.

That’s why they have a statue of Shaka in London!

The history people have been handed about South Africa is just as much nonsense as the history they have been handed about America, England, or any other place.

Don’t buy into the false racial sensitivity and the false narratives they feed you on t.v.

Don’t buy into the false racial sensitivity and the false narratives they feed you at school.

Don’t be a racist who admires the Black Hitler while you damn the relatively innocent Boers or the victimized Afrikaners.

Think for yourself!


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3 thoughts on “SHAKA ZULU!”

  1. Wow, amazing article. The signs are everywhere. I stayed in SA too, including Johannesburg. Mandela’s cell number was 46664. Could they be more obvious? He used to sing “kill the boer” with that ANC. One thing ANC is right about: white men didn’t bring anything to Africa. They are right. They went to Africa empty handed and built a whole country with what they found there. Lol. It is incredible how this scum is actually good in tricking the part of the population that prefers to stay asleep. But we can struggle till our last breath to wake ourselves up more and more and wake them up, too. Like the sayings of Jesus, “pray and be vigilant”, “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. Only love for our neighbors changes this world and I feel grateful for having found so many people like you who care about informing humanity through books and sites about how they have been put to sleep. I haven’t seen this love for the neighbor in church. But it is where we least expect that we meet the real seed of God.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for writing, while your joke about what the whites brought to Africa made me laugh.

      Many years ago, my father used to do business in South Africa, and everyone, including the blacks, knew that Bishop TuTu was a faker, who promoted hate and violence, and also that sanctions hurt the blacks most of all.

      I have written a super analysis of South Africa’s nuclear program, and the real purpose of NWO’s support of the anti-nuclear movement in Book Ten (Chapter Ten), entitled “Mile Zero,” of my latest book, WonderWomen, available for free below.

      As I structured the epic, I gave the third chapter (book three) of each volume an African country for its title, so those chapters have stuff on Africa just as other chapters, like “Queen Kong,” treat the subject of race.

      Otherwise, below, people can see the black commies dancing and singing about machine-gunning white farmers, as they are led by the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, who is a rapist criminal.


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