Hildegard of Bingen described herself as an unlearned woman, although she authored Scivia, Liber Vitae Meritorum, Liber Divinorum Operum, Ordo Virtutum, Physica, Causae & Curae, Lingua Ignota, and Litterae Ignotae.

She wasn’t being modest, but she honestly attributed her works to the voices in her head.


We should take her word for it.


Hildegard’s experiences were not the voices of angels, or the Holy Spirit, as religion is used to con people.


They were simply primitive versions of microwave harassment—dependent on brain surgery.


Medieval monasteries used cybernetics, and brain surgery, as they tonsured monks, so it is easy to see that the visions of this unfortunate woman, kept in a convent, were nothing but a trick.


They were just like later visions broadcast to scientists using voice to skull and image to skull.


They were just like later visions broadcast to composers using voice to skull and image to skull.


Feminists hold Hildegard of Bingen up as an icon, as they are manipulated by a satanic cabal full of rapists.


So the satanic new age loves her, too.


Religion, feminism, and the new age are just different versions of mind control.

It’s all a con.


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  1. There was this MK ultra beta kitten slave who became famous as a singer in Brazil, who sang a song that became famous in the 80’s before she was destroyed by plastic surgery: “That’s why some force/ leads me to sing/ that’s why this strange force…”


  2. I went to the benedictine monastery as an aspiring intern years ago when I already knew about mind control but stupid as I was I believed monastic and hermit lives were true “counter-culture” spiritual alternatives to the Vatican influenced church life and after a few days there I saw some painting made by one of the interns of a seeing eye. A religious celibate intern who painted a seeing eye. Wtf? Then I started getting in the real once and for all. Btw I wasn’t accepted in the monastery although I behaved very well. I was told to look for therapy.


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