At Targeted Justice, I serve as an advisory board member.

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Targeted Justice is the Internet’s #1 Website for Targeted Individuals and Havana Syndrome.

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I have joined Targeted Justice, as one of several individual plaintiffs, in a billion-dollar lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Aside from FBI and DHS, one of the defendants we are suing is the Director of FBI:  Christopher Wray.

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Aside from FBI and DHS, one of the defendants we are suing is the Director of FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center:  Charles Kable.

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Aside from FBI and DHS, one of the defendants we are suing is the Secretary of DHS:  Alejandro Mayorkas.

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Aside from FBI and DHS, one of the defendants we are suing is the Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis at DHS:  Kenneth L. Wainstein.

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And we are suing the Attorney General of the United States:  Merrick Garland.

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Below you can read the complaint that began Targeted Justice v. Garland.

Here is a link to the supporting documents.

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Our lawsuit is brought by an excellent lawyer and a great hero:  Ana Toledo.

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I am proud to serve on the Board of Targeted Justice.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



    Here is the list of millionaire criminals from the EUSSR. Brussels must be empty:

    Ursula von der leyen (known as the hyena), former highly incompetent German ‘defence’ minister under Merkel dictatorship (pregnant women driving tanks). Mock president of the EUSSR because she’s the ultimate puppet . Albert Bourla (pfizer CEO) personal whore. She took bribes from Pfizer for the covid deathvax, her husband owns a firm in business with Pfizer, major conflicts of interests, corruption, mass murder, yet still in place.
    . +32-229-560 70

    Roberta Metsola President of the EUSSR (MOCK) ‘Parliament’. The EUSSR parliament is a useless and powerless body whose main function is to make the cattle believe the EUSSR is some kind of democracy. All decisions are taken by the commission without any real scrutiny. The EUSSR mock parliament is a taxpayer funded financial abyss.

    Valdis Dombrovskis Executive Vice-President for an Economy that Works for People (LOL) +32-229-55446

    Janez Lenarčič Commissioner for Crisis Management, +32-229-50400 (the EUSSR like it model the USSR creates false jobs such as this in order to maintain a gigantic, expensive and useless bureaucracy).

    Johannes Hahn Commissioner for Budget and Administration +32-229-86472

    Kadri Simson Commissioner for Energy +32-229-50520

    Mairead McGuinness Commissioner for Financial Services. cab- mcguinness +32-229-53200

    Mariya Gabriel Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, +32-229-55960

    Nicolas Schmit Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, +32-229-50090

    Paolo Gentiloni Commissioner for Economy +32-229-50250

    Vera Jourová Vice-President for Values and Transparency (LOL)

    Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank: zero banking experience, famously charged with corruption when ‘finance’ minister in France, rewarded as a result with the job of IMF director and now director of the EUSSR central bank

    Jiří Šedivý Chief Executive, “European Defence Agency” (LOL).

    Miroslav Lajčák Special Representative of the European Union for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and Western (they really have a BS job for everything paid for by taxpayer money)

    Virginijus Sinkevicius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries WEF official ‘young global’ prostitute’ +32-229-50270



    1. Thank you for sharing. Its’ disgusting how many “leaders” all over the world are involved in treason and even worse, sick crimes against humanity and children. May justice prevail, and they are tried and (if guilty), executed as traitors. Drain the swamp. Peace


  2. It a lot of people confuse with their surroundings, and afraid to talk, or sound crazy. Lots of people don’t dig read search just to try to comprehend the situation of these vicious attacks. it can be scary confusing. Desperate. Stressful. Little by little this situation is being exposed. It’s gonna take a while but the fight is on. They thought they were invisible but they were wrong. No more hide and seek.

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  3. I’ve been run to the ground being a TI for 3 yrs now and lost my house job and been to the psych ward 16 times and labeled crazy and feel alone a lot. I need to find a way to get some answers before this kills me. These people are sick it’s sad . I’ve almost died from health complications I know they caused. I can’t even go to the bathroom anymore. I’m a veteran and nobody going through this deserves it. They’re idea of telepathy is totally false and will never touch the real thing. I know the only way to stop this is to band together and organize and not have to hide anymore. I’m willing to help out in anyway possible. I need to know if this is coming from telecommunications off cell phone towers or scalar waves and learn how to protect myself and help other people do the same until we can bring this shit house up in flames. This is wrong and flat out sick people like this are just as bad as the worst criminals and terrorists out there hiding in the dark.


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