As I work with Targeted Justice, on whose advisory board I serve, I am a plaintiff in a billion-dollar lawsuit, seeking injunctive relief, against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and their affiliates.

Like the recent formation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, in the House of Representatives, our lawsuit is part of ongoing pushback in all directions from good people who will not be bullied, or tricked, as we stand up for our rights as Americans.

A similar movement can be found among our colleagues in Europe, where our lawyer, Ana Toledo, met with representatives from the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings (ICATOR).

One of my fellow plaintiffs and board members, Dr. Leonid Ber, has been interviewed by John Kiriakou, a former analyst and case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and consultant for ABC News.

As our case moves forward, we have filed a motion for preliminary injunction, since one of the plaintiffs is a toddler who is being attacked with directed energy weapons.

And, as the government seeks to shift the venue of the case, we have filed a second amended complaint in our lawsuit not only against Defendants FBI and DHS but against Defendant Christopher Wray, the Director of FBI, Defendant Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of DHS, Defendant Charles Kable, the Director of FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), Defendant Kenneth Wainstein, the Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis at DHS, and Defendant Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States.

Above you can read the second amended complaint, while I will continue to keep you posted about developments in our important and historic federal case.

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