Fifty years ago, the United States Senate formed the Church Committee to investigate illegal attacks against Americans by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the National Security Agency (NSA).

This was the counterpart to the fake investigation by Vice President Rockefeller, who repressed a public report by the Pike Committee of the House of Representatives.

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The Church Committee exposed the illegal drugging and torture of unwitting citizens, like me, under PROJECT MK-ULTRA.

The Church Committee exposed the illegal targeting of political and civil rights leaders, like me, by the FBI under COINTELPRO.

The Church Committee exposed FAMILY JEWELS, through which CIA illegally assassinated the democratically elected leaders of foreign countries.

The Church Committee exposed the illegal storage of bioweapons at Fort Detrick, which I exposed as a manufacturer of COVID.

The Church Committee exposed OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, through which CIA illegally attacked journalists, like me, while it controlled the media.

The Church Committee exposed PROJECT SHAMROCK through which NSA illegally targeted Americans as it conspired with major telecommunications companies.

The Church Committee made the first official confirmation of the existence of NSA, which had been formed fifty years before the Church Committee, and one hundred years before today.

Just as NASA should stand for Never A Straight Answer, and CIA should stand for Catholics In America, NSA should stand for No Such Agency.

Americans owe a debt to heroes like Senator Goldwater, who fought the Executive Branch as he served on the Church Committee.

Senator Goldwater was a friend of my college roommate’s family, so you can read about him in my books.

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There I tell the story of my life, while I have been attacked, over the last fifty years, by NSA, CIA, and the Deep State.

Did I mention my teacher was an officer in the National Security Agency?

He was the head of the AT PROGRAM.

But enough about me, as fascinating as I am, while we turn to recent events that the intelligence agencies, through their control of the media, seek to obscure.

Today is a great day because a new Church Committee has been formed.

Congressman Jim Jordan, who heads the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives, will oversee the Select Committee To Investigate the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

As is proper under the Constitution, the Legislative Branch will investigate the Executive Branch.

The committee will have access to classified information, a privilege normally reserved for the intelligence committees.

Among other things, the committee will investigate attacks on parents by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).

Fourteen FBI agents have approached the congressmen who formed the committee, so that will be a start.

But the committee will take a far more expansive role to uncover abuse.

As Congressman Bishop spoke in the House of Representatives,

We’re putting the Deep State on notice:

We’re coming for you on behalf of everyday Americans!

Here you can hear him speak.

Here is Congressman Jordan.

Here is Congressman Massie.

Here is Congressman McClintock.

And here are the congressional debates over the formation of the committee, which should be bipartisan, but which every single Democrat in the House of Representatives opposed.

The tide is turning.

It is not only people like me who are suing the DHS and the FBI.

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It is not only people like Lara Logan who are exposing the fraudulent election results created by Dominion to propel the incompetent and malicious fool, Joseph Biden, to the presidency.

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But, now, the government will investigate itself.

No wonder the enemy wants a Constitutional Convention, under Article V of the Constitution, to rewrite the Constitution.

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No wonder an interest in the Constitution earns extra targeting for a citizen.

This is checks and balances in action.

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  1. At least americans fight for their country. Here we have the red zombies against the green and yellow zombies, all mind controlled voting for and defending mind controlled Alfa programmed rascals.

    I translated an african hip hop song from Mozambique released in 2007 (when I was in Africa) but its lyrics are still up to date if you allow me to post it here, the rapper is called Azagaia, and had to hide himself for a while because people from the government wanted him killed:

    What if I told you
    That Samora was murdered
    By people from the government that still today pretends to look for the guilty
    And that everything was planned
    So that it looked like an airplane accident and the case got quickly classified

    What if I told you
    That Anibalzinho is just another puppet
    That didn’t run away from Machava prison but was freed
    By the same judicial system that holds him condemned
    And the most probable is that he will soon be eliminated

    What if I told you
    That Siba-Siba, poor him, was a victim
    Of the homicidal scum
    That killed Cardoso in the Avenue
    And not Anibal and his staff
    That were accused by the media
    But the same scum that left Pedro Langa dead
    What if I told you
    That Mozambique is not poor as it seems
    That these are false statistics
    And someone profits on it
    With money from FMI, OMS and UNICEF
    And then they make the population believe
    That it’s due to the lack of growth of the economy

    What if I told you
    That the opposition in this country is hopeless
    Because the people was taught to be afraid of change
    But what if I told you
    That opposition and government are not different
    They all eat from the same dish
    And everything is happening as they wish

    And what if I told you
    That Cahora Bassa dam is not ours
    It belongs to a bunch of people that will still profit a lot on it
    And what if I told you that there are newspapers
    That fabricate information
    To sell more and be promoted
    And that they are the same that sell us
    That image of chaos
    That turn simple sheep into big bad wolves

    And what if I told you
    That there are TV channels compromised
    With the government and only cover the topics they are allowed to
    That these news media have all sold themselves
    You only see what they want you to
    And they want your smiles
    And what if I told you
    That AIDS in Mozambique is business
    NGOs see the government as a partner

    Because not everything they say is true (it’s true)
    Because not everything they don’t say isn’t true (it’s true)
    They make you believe you know (but you don’t)
    Beware of the lies of the truth (it’s true)

    What if I told you
    That the history you study has lies
    That your brain is washed every time you score a high grade
    That revolution was not made only with hymns and “hoorays”
    There was betrayal, torture and hidden versions

    What if I told you
    That former combatants live only on memories
    They gave their lives for the motherland and the government only tells them fairy tales
    How many today would give half of what they gave?
    In the name of Mozambique, not even the ones you have elected

    What if I told you
    That laissez faire didn’t cease to exist
    See the corrupt ones having fun pretending they are investigating one another
    Parlamentary investigation comittees run by criminals
    Bribering one another in order to multiply their illegal gains
    What if I told you
    That job opportunities already have people chosen
    We get into lines on the sidewalks but we don’t have any idea
    That half of vacancies belong to bribery schemes
    Universities are sold too (but what the hell are we?)
    What if I told you
    That your engineer degree won’t be given so soon
    While a hundred graduate as economists, engineers are only two
    University rooms full of people
    Check their grades, all low and the professors are indiferent

    And what if I told you
    That in this country the foreigners are the ones who tell the rules
    They have the job and the salary they want and they still fire
    Half a dozen locals
    Its neocolonialism in its rawest form

    What if I told you
    That the color of your skin counts a lot
    The lighter it is, more doors are open, it’s absurd
    The criteria of selection for a job
    Go to banks and you won’t find a single black

    What if I told you
    That our police is a joke
    Skinny, gangly and selling themselves for a coin
    Now they kill one another, betrayal in the corporation
    After all, who is the police and who’s the thief?
    What if I told you
    That there are banks that finance political parties
    And every now and then they show up bankrupt …

    Because not everything they say is true (it’s true)
    Because not everyhing hey don’t say isn’t true (it’s true)
    They make you believe you know (but you don’t)
    Beware of the lies of the truth (it’s true)


  2. Regarding the people are the enemy….and the guinea pigs as well: Google “small wars journal neuro cognitive” for a treasure trove of Neuroweapons, neurocognitive, etc…. information.
    This article I found details most of what is talked about here, call it Neurostalking. They call it neuro cognitive strike or Neuro Cognitive Warfare:
    This article will expand the field out to it’s current limits though they are always working on more: Caltech – MEMOIRS Program with 20,000 scientists working daily to modify memory, create new ‘false’ memories and to, of course, completely erase memory (Total Amnesia…..they have threatened many times).
    The Brain Project keeps all this going. An ‘abnormal’ stepchild of Obama’s 2006 Brain Moonshot, which focused the federal government on brain ‘improvements’. (Google: Spelling Bee child with brain implant wins). That got them all excited about bio-hacking and its possibilities.
    A good way to keep track of the government is through The Federal Register, the nations newspaper. And through thr NIH Moonshots which are superfunded and determine science research for decades to come….until the next moonshot.
    NIH: National Institute of Health which gives permission for all civilian research. Walter Reed gives permission for all military research like the molar mic (and any president can authorize research on any military personnel as commander-in-chief).
    The NIH is deep into Medusa, the All Seeing Eye, which along with Ultrasat (ultrasound satellite viewing everyone without clothes), gives them permission to experiment on us all. Medusa is known as Med-USA (everyone is a medical patient and thus can be viewed naked and experimented on).

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  3. I remember that “to control the opposition, you must lead the opposition” is a common enough mantra describing a tactic to avoid exposure and responsibility. I notice the timeline evidence comparing the Targeted Justice’s Injunctive Relief Motion was followed by the formation of this new Church Committee.

    Are the corrupt and compromised Congress now suddenly dedicated to reviewing outrageous conduct by the unidentified sinister forces? I notice this Congress shows no concern with exposing the drug distribution by NWO elites for decades? I hate to throw water on what might by a pyrihic victory for TI’s, but….historically there’s been little or no interest by The Legislative Branch to hold Executive Branch elites accountable.

    Primary witnesses like me are usually targeted and punished into giving up any hope for exposure, investigation, arrests, prosecutions….for all the state and fed misdemeanor and felony crimes. Even more suspicious to me is the fact that FBI agents are supplying Congress with some of the info? It’s the FBI’s complicity and indifference to civil rights (along with US Attorneys and State AG’s) that created the potentiality for outrageous abuses.

    The biggest elephant in the room is The National Security Act 1947 (extolled and signed into law by high level Mason Harry Truman) which created the plausible legal foundation for Cheney-Addington’s favorite law fare delusion known as The Unitary Executive Branch Theory of Presidential Powers during a time of war. War on Drugs. War on Terrorism. Cold War.

    Until I get a subpoena, I’m gonna call bullshit on this new Church Committee.


    1. You may or may not be right, but using what little intelligence you have to come up with reasons not to take action, or to disparage those who do, while attempting to erode the morale of others, will always ensure that you, but not the others you deride, fail in all things.

      I have written almost five hundred (500) articles, with a circulation of more than two million (2,000,000) hits, while I have also written three (3) books, with more than twenty thousand (20,000) copies downloaded, all to expose the plots of the deep state, while I take the battle to them and inspire them to hurt each other.

      That’s in addition to being a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against FBI, DHS, and their affiliates, writing to every member of the congressional subcommittee, regularly writing to other elected officials, and serving on the Advisory Board of Targeted Justice.

      Otherwise, I am very capable of skepticism and of spotting fake resistance, especially since I blew up the entire Q-Anon Operation, after looking at it for a single evening, and without looking at a single Q-Drop, in an article that has more than fifty thousand (50,000) hits, so I helped tens of thousands of people see through a psychological operation straight out of Lackland, Suitland, and Sunnyvale.

      What, if anything, have you ever done to fight for what’s right? or to fight at all—even for your worthless self?

      I have never heard of you, while your expression, “call bullshit,” is a phrase I regularly hear from the white trash who serve as enemy agents and trolls.

      Don’t write back.


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