Even after his death, the Illuminati promote David Bowie, so it’s hard to tell who the real person was.

faces of david bowie 2

That’s true of a lot of people brainwashed under MK-ULTRA.  As my secretary used to say, you never know who you’re talking to….

Types of Alter Personality (Parts) in Dissociative Identity Disorder

MK-ULTRA loves clones, twins, and alters.  Multiple Personality Disorder used to be the way people under attack were classed, and now they call it dissociative identity disorder; but these are just fake diseases and false diagnoses to cover up CIA’s ongoing crimes against humanity.  

PROJECT MONARCH – Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis

idiot doctor

You can read more about the methods used by the Illuminati, Tavistock Institute, and Central Intelligence Agency to implement trauma-based mind control in books by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier.  

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Cisco Wheeler is the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, so she really knows what she is talking about.


See that blouse she’s wearing?  CIA uses leopard, tiger, and zebra prints for cartel signaling to mark women trained as beta sex-kittens.  Ms. Wheeler just likes that pattern, and she’s not going to let some douchebag in the CIA stop her from wearing it; but normally it’s not a good sign.

Cartel Signaling & the Eye of Horus – Leopards, Tigers, Zebras, & Playboy Bunnies


Look!  There’s David Bowie wearing a similar pattern.

david bowie leopard

Similar imagery appeared around David Bowie in Cat People, starring Nastassia Kinski, another survivor of incest and abuse directed by the Illuminati, and Malcolm McDowell, who played a rapist entrained by the Tavistock Institute in Clockwork Orange.

cat people

The video features panthers, robed figures, human sacrifices, and naked wretches crawling on their hands and knees while they look possessed by demons.

Further cartel signaling appears around David Bowie on the following album, where you see Bowie split into different alters.

An Introduction to Cartel Signaling – Thunderbirds, Firebirds, & Phoenixes

david bowie mask

The Illuminati love masks.  You can see Illuminists like the Rothschilds at a fancy dress ball below.

Further cartel signaling appears around David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust makeup.

david bowie electricity flash

The lightning bolt splits his face, as it suggests the “splitting” that creates “alters.”  CIA used a similar symbol with the Grateful Dead.

CIA, MK-Ultra, and the Hippies – Ken Kesey

CIA, MK-Ultra, and the Hippies – Timothy Leary

grateful dead steal your face

The lighting bolt also suggests electricity.  The Illuminati, Tavistock, and CIA use electroshock (along with drugs, hypnosis, and sexual trauma) to erase people’s memories and to program them.

Why We Don’t Remember – CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs

Nowadays the CIA can do microsurgery with lasers while you sleep–which can account for mystery bruises, marks, and strange dreams–but, back in the day, they had to do it in a hospital.  You know?  Like the hospital where David Bowie was held for four months in 1962.  

hospital ward

After he got out of the hospital, Bowie, whose birth name was David Jones, was a different person who renamed himself after a knife. 

bowie knife

David Bowie came out of that hospital with a permanently dilated pupil in one of his eyes.

david bowie eyes

The Illuminati are a satanic organization, so that’s why he looks that way.  But his strange look is also the result of a cybernetic implant.  The Illuminati, Tavistock Institute, and Central Intelligence have been implanting people from at least the 1950s.  You can learn more in The Minds of Men, an excellent documentary by Aaron and Melissa Dykes about MK-ULTRA.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men (part one)

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men (part two)

You can also learn more about cybernetic implants in the following database of one hundred mind control patents.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

v2k patent 2

But you don’t have to listen to me.  Listen to David Bowie:

Offstage I’m a robot.  Onstage I achieve emotion.  It’s probably why I prefer dressing up as Ziggy to being David.

Or check him out in the film promoting his final album, Blackstar, where he appears with bandages over his eyes.

David Bowie Blackstar Bandages on Eyes

Albums like The Man Who Sold the World contain references to delusion, paranoia, and schizophrenia–symptoms of MK-ULTRA–while Bowie posed in a dress on the original cover.

david bowie man who sold the world

Bowie’s hairstyle is another example of cartel signaling, through which the Illuminati mark their victims.  It’s called the Eye of Horus.


But how about his dress?  There’s no question Bowie was bisexual.  Here he is with his boyfriend Mick Jagger.

mick jagger david bowie 2

When he wasn’t writing songs like Queen Bitch,  Bowie pretended to give a blowjob to his bandmate’s guitar on stage.  At other times he cavorted in loincloths and strange outfits. 

David Bowie performing on stage 1973

Doesn’t that jewel look like someone’s controlling him? The Illuminati even use jewel programming.

The scum who do this to people aren’t just in the Illuminati, or with their dogs at the CIA:  They’re in NSA, USAF, and NASA.  The real reason for satellites is to beam directions into microchips in people’s heads, so it’s no surprise that Bowie wrote songs like Space Oddity.

The Fake Moon Landing, Microwave Harassment, & Sexual Slavery

The Air Force Is Full of Satanists, Rapists, & Child Molesters

Isn’t it weird how in the official video for Space Oddity, we see microwave signals and brainwaves, which are the real agenda behind the space program?


Bisexualism and transsexuality are Illuminati projects, which they promote through their control of the media, and through mind control; so it’s not surprising they used Bowie to promote gender ambiguity and sex changes.

There’s even a David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Barbie, so little girls and boys can become confused about their sexual identity.

david bowie ziggie stardust barbie

As though Barbie weren’t enough of an unhealthy model for young girls….

barbie proportions

Later Bowie would hook up with Iman–whose name may suggest “I MAN.”  

david bowie iman

Earlier, David Bowie hooked up with Grace Jones.  Doesn’t she look like she’s under the influence of the Illuminati?  And how about the dazed look on Bowie’s face?

david bowie grace jones 2

Did you know the Illuminati promote biracial relationships as part of the Kalergi Plan?

Isn’t it weird how, although David Bowie engaged freely in interracial relationships, he shifted into an alter he called the Thin White Duke who promoted fascism?

thin white duke

Bowie was detained at the border between Russia and Poland for his Nazi paraphernalia, he told reporters that England could benefit from a fascist leader, and he called Adolf Hitler one of the first rock stars.

david bowie nazi 

David Bowie drove around in an open Mercedes giving the Heil Hitler salute!

bowie nazi salute

Did you know that the origins of the European Union, linked to the Kalergi Plan, are Nazi?  As Christopher Story explains, it’s connected to General Reinhard Gehlen, one of Hitler’s superspies, who later worked for the Mossad and the CIA.

The New Underworld Order by Christopher Story

reinhard gehlen

Did you know that the origins of our space program and our mind control programs are Nazi? 


No wonder David Bowie was into this stuff.  It all adds up.

david bowie spacesuit star man

The New World Order used David Bowie not only to promote cultural agendas but to support the destruction of Ethiopia.


Live Aid looked like it helped starving Africans; but, as you can read in my article below, its real purpose was to use food as a weapon and ultimately to deliver Africa to the Chinese.

The Lie of Globalism, the Destruction of Ethiopia, & the Use of Food as a Weapon

Bowie planned to write a musical based on 1984 by George Orwell.  No wonder.  We are all living it.  Not only is Big Brother watching you, but so is your television.

Your Television Is Watching You

big brother

David Bowie died at the age of sixty-nine, a number used to indicate the simultaneous and mutual practice of oral sex, two days after his birthday and the release of his final album, Blackstar.  You can listen to a piece of his final album below and watch the official video.

The Illuminati had used him up.  I cannot help but wonder if David Bowie had entered into a luciferian soul contract.  He aptly called his style plastic soul, and the idea of selling your soul to the devil for fame is very old.

Bowie wouldn’t be the first.  The Illuminati love soul contracts, marker days, and satanic holidays.

Cartel Signaling in Gravity Falls (with a discussion of the luciferian calendar)

Satanic Holidays

George Herber Walker Bush was a real member of the Illuminati.  He was head of CIA, he betrayed his country, and he raped little children.

Remembering George Bush – Pedophilia, Cocaine, and Murder

Like David Bowie, President George Bush died on a special day connected to satanism and homosexuality.  Under a different soul contract, Bush was murdered on World AIDS Day, the death day of his father-in-law, the satanist and drug addict Aleister Crowley, who had his own influence on rock music.

Paris 2018 – The Murder of George Bush, the Rise of Le Pen, & the Yellow Vests

bush crowley 5

My friend Andrea Davison, formerly of British military intelligence, says the satanists have a thing about being done in by their own.

English Heroes and Traitors – Andrea Davison and the Royal Family


That’s what it means to be with the Illuminati.


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soul contract - deal with devil


  1. The pupil problem that Bowie had could definitely be a sign of split brain programming. They could do this it showing opposing images into each eye and different aural sounds into the ears. Sometimes they did it via drugs to shut down either the left or right side of the brain.

    Supposedly when you see the elite and entertainers suffering from drooping eye or distinct facial asymmetry, that is also a sign of split brain. Many of them talk out of the sides of their mouth as though they suffer from Bell’s Palsy (a diagnosis probably created to hide split brain).

    I used to have a noticeable droop to the left side of my face. It has gotten better as I’ve tried to deprogram. Not so noticeable now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s an excellent point. I believe dyslexia may be due to this sort of thing, and they certainly hit different eyes and hemispheres. That is even signaled in the beginning of Richard Burton’s film production of Dr. Faustus, and I believe Cisco Wheeler also discussed this point.

    I certainly notice changes in my face and expression as I am cybernetically connected to the scum that strive to inhabit my body, moving it remotely, and inducing shared sensations, emotions, or thoughts. I touch on this in my article on Farrah Fawcett:


    I have wondered about the drooping eye, which I have noticed in others. Sometimes I suspect it is due to the placement of a fish-hook in an eyelid during a session, just as the trash will often place a fish-hook in a girl’s or woman’s privates. However, Cisco Wheeler says it derives from porcelain face programming, in which a wax mask is placed on the victim, who thinks his or her face has melted. The programmer pretends to be a god or hero, telling the victim he will give a new face. Wheeler says some male victims have drooping eyelids, although I don’t understand why this feature would be limited to men unless it is caused by fish-hooks.



  3. Good article, informative with lots of interesting links. The photo included of Bowie and Jagger is actually of Bowie and David Johansson of the New York Dolls. Here is the suggestive photo of Bowie and pal, Mick.


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