Tavistock Institute, British military intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the entire New World Order are full of woman-hating homosexual degenerates.  It is just that simple.

That’s why the military is infected not only with a heterosexual rape crisis but an unacknowledged epidemic of man-on-man sexual assault.

The Air Force Is Full of Satanists, Rapists, & Child Molesters

Likewise CIA and the United States Military encourage homosexual rape in Afghanistan, where we continue to fight an eighteen-year-long war at a price tag of one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00), financed by the taxpayer, in the world’s largest producer of heroin:  the Golden Crescent.

CIA Drug Wars – From Vietnam to Afghanistan

The Illuminati have been using rape in the muslim world for a long time.  They even raped Mohamed.

How the Illuminati Raped Mohamed, Drugged and Hypnotized Him, & Use Islam Today


The homosexual scum at CIA push gang rape.  They hate women, they prefer anal sex, and they need other men’s penises in the mix to get excited.  It’s all about attempting to destroy things they will never have, angering heterosexual men, and bonding with their homosexual accomplices.  Just look what they did to Lara Logan.

Lara Logan Was Set Up By CIA

More on Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, & Ben Ghazi


Or look how CIA pushes taharrush in Europe.  Gang rape is a homosexual bonding experience.

The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment in Sweden, Taharrush, & Julian Assange


When I was a boy, CIA tried to push not only rape but also homosexuality on me during programming sessions under MK-ULTRA.  My abusers used drugs and hypnosis, and they focused on children’s literature.

A Transcript from 1979 – How CIA Tried To Push Homosexuality on Me

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

I have written also about the push to pedophilia in connection with CIA’s abuse of me at a programming center in the 1970s.

MK-ULTRA: Wonder Girl, Fake Feminism, & the Push to Pedophilia

roman polanski

I have no quarrel with people engaged in consenting relationships, but their impulses toward homosexuality have been programmed–just as heterosexual men are programmed to lust after blondes, or women with large breasts, or whatever.  What can account for the hype around Marilyn Monroe, combined with the homosexual community’s adulation of her, except for mind control?


There is a mind control program to promote homosexuality–partly because the Illuminati do not want certain people to have children.  CIA failed to lead me to homosexuality or rape–and I remember the programming sessions–but they did lead me to masturbation and ultimately to celibacy.  

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It

mad magazine bedside mad

The entire INCEL phenomenon is driven by MK-ULTRA, either intentionally to try to stop intelligent people from reproducing or unintentionally in that good people reject sex as they unconsciously reject offensive mind control programs.

More on Incels, Playboy, Rape, and Masturbation

involuntary.celibacy copy 2

Meanwhile, the film and music industries seek to normalize homosexuality.  David Bowie is one example of many.  Check out him and his boyfriend Mick Jagger….

More on the Manipulation of David Bowie by the Tavistock Institute

mick jagger david bowie 2

Meanwhile, CIA, which created the gay pride movement, works to introduce “MAPS,” “Minor Attracted Persons,” otherwise known as child molesters, into LGBTQ which sometimes appears with a plus sign:  LGBTQ+.  What’s that plus for?


How did this all start? How about with calling homosexuals “gay.”  Gay used to be one of the loveliest words in the English language.  It meant cheerful, happy, or brightly colored; but the homosexual movement stole it.  The misappropriation of this word is no different than that of any other.  Today it would be like a movement to call gay people, not gay, but “fabulous,” “awesome,” or “cool.”


There’s nothing gay about homosexuality.


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