Carl Gustav Jung was a useful idiot, who was played, throughout his life, by the Tavistock Institute.

He appears as type seven in the chart below.

Jung grew up, and lived, in Switzerland, which, for centuries, has provided a headquarters for the New World Order.

Like the Virginia Blue Ridge, or the Colorado Rockies, the Swiss Alps are riddled with deep underground military bases.

You can learn more about the Swiss bunker system if you fast-forward to 31:09 in the video below (which contains some earlier features on different subjects).

You can also learn more about DUMBs in the article I wrote on Mount Fuji.


Plus there’s the article below, which, in its second half, describes the base over which I lived.


From Switzerland, tunnels lead to the Vatican and Malta.


Plus, there’s the facility at CERN, complete with a statue of Shiva, the God of Destruction.

This is exactly the kind of thing that Carl Jung, and those under his influence, would admire as they mistook satanic symbols for archetypes.

Jung’s mother showed signs of cybernetic implantation, brainwashing, and abuse during his childhood, as she confined herself to her bedroom, where she claimed that spirits visited her.

Microwave harassment was common, even back then, as the enemy broadcast from the Eiffel Tower.


Military technology is always far ahead of what they show us.

That’s why there was a nuclear explosion at Tunguska in 1908.


Further, as you can read in the article below, the purported discovery of plutonium by the leader of a mind-control cult, who had no scientific training, clearly indicates the use of microwave harassment, image to skull, and voice to skull to relay earlier discoveries.


This is more often done to scientists, but all kinds of people get hit with microwave harassment—just like Jung and his mother more than one hundred years ago.


Microwave harassment is often mistaken for ghosts.

Jung himself saw a ghost leave his mother’s bedroom, as they hit him with image-to-skull transmissions.

Just as they weaponize psychology today, using microwave harassment to make people look crazy, Jung’s mother was put into a hospital in connection with her visions and her depression.


The scum strike at families to isolate children, so, as a boy, Jung was moved to his aunt’s house, and back to his father’s, making him vulnerable to abuse and providing a cover story to account for changes in his personality.

Below is an article I wrote on Zersetzung.


I have also written about the methods used on Jung, in my books, which you can download, for free, below.


Here are press releases.


Also, here is a letter to my daughter, which touches on the same issues.


Here is an article on the isolation and abuse of teenagers as they are moved from house to house in foreign exchange programs.


And here is an article on the isolation and abuse of teenagers as they are moved to foreign countries, away from people who know them, through their Junior Year Abroad.


Junior Year Abroad was pioneered at the University of Delaware, a research institute at which many have been abused since it was founded by the homosexual war criminal:  Pierre S. DuPont.


All of these programs work to isolate young people, so they can be brainwashed, and it was no different with Carl Jung, who saw visions and became depressed, while his mother had the same experiences, and was put in an institution.

As he mistook his abusers, who ran his mind through cybernetics and microwave harassment, for his own self, Jung thought he had two personalities:  Personality Number One and Personality Number Two.

In my books, and in my article below, featuring a conservative woman who posed for Playboy, placed in the magazine by MI-7 in an attempt to manipulate me, I touch on this manifestation of mind control.


In my books, and in my article below, featuring a woman who posed for Playboy, after she was brainwashed at the same programming center as I, and grew up in my home town, a hotbed of satanic ritual abuse, I touch on this manifestation of mind control.


Like me, and like these beautiful women, Carl Jung suffered personality shifts as he acted against his own interests.


As he behaved strangely, under the influence of mind control, Jung went on to write his dissertation on his cousin, Hélène Preiswerk, a medium, who purported to communicate with spirits, as she mistook microwave harassment for occult phenomena.

You can read a little more about the use of forced movement and forced speech, in connection with cybernetics and microwave harassment, to move ouija boards, or spirit boards, and otherwise by supposed mediums, in my article below.


Jung began his career as a research scientist at a famous psychiatric hospital: the Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich, which is also known as Burghölzli.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, who played an important role in mind control programs run through Canada, studied at the same hospital.

You can learn more about Ewen Cameron, and the people he tortured, brainwashed, and cybernetically implanted, in The Minds of Men, an excellent documentary by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.


There can be no doubt that Carl Jung would have been implanted with cybernetics, just like Ewen Cameron and his victims, when he worked at Burghölzli.


Cybernetics have been used, along with microwave harassment, for more than two hundred years, and the Alps are the home to some of the oldest experiments.


While he worked at Burghölzli, Jung came under the influence of Freud, another useful idiot, whom the Tavistock Institute would use to mess with people’s minds.


In this he resembled Herbert Marcuse, who had open ties to the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.


Later, the experiences of his youth repeated themselves, with greater vigor, so Jung saw visions and heard voices.

This was plainly image to skull (I2K) and voice to skull (V2K), but Jung attributed the cause to the Unconscious.


The Collective Unconscious, which Jung would later postulate, is nothing but a misinterpretation of cybernetic hive mind.

You can learn more about hive mind from Dr. Robert Duncan, a scumbag who worked for DARPA, and to whom you must not otherwise listen, except that he attests to the reality of microwave harassment, cybernetic hivemind, and voice-of-god weapons.


While he heard voices, Carl Jung worked as an army doctor, during World War One, as he became the commandant of an internment camp.

This exposed him further to the scum in the deep state who brainwashed him and others.

Further exposure would come as Jung travelled to the United States, where he lectured, for six weeks, at Fordham University.

As I note, in my article below, which predicted the Coronavirus Shutdown, Fordham is heavily satanic, run by the Jesuits, and connected to the Central Intelligence Agency.


The Vatican and the Jesuits are behind all this stuff.


As noted toward the end of my article about the Rockefellers, these guys love ancient Egypt, especially Akhenaten, so it is no surprize that one of the last meetings between Freud and Jung concerned a lecture on the deformed king who effected an asset strip while religion was used to disguise its purpose.


Jung’s promotion of alchemy was nothing but a naive misinterpretation of satanic practices, which include spirit-cooking to extract adrenochrome.


Jung’s promotion of astrology was nothing but a naive misinterpretation of satanic beliefs related to the luciferian calendar.


And Jung’s postulation of Synchronicity was nothing but a naive misinterpretation of arranged meetings combined with cybernetic mind control.

You can read more about this aspect of social engineering, not only in my books, but also in my article below, which concerns arranged meetings between me and a woman whose grandfather worked as a cyberneticist for the Nazis, the Pentagon, and the CIA.


And you may also be interested in the promotion of Jung, and Synchronicity, by the Police, whose leader, Stewart Copeland, was the son of intelligence agents and the grandson of a neurosurgeon.


David Bowie, a bisexual nazi freak, brainwashed by the Tavistock Institute, whose mismatched eyes plainly indicate cybernetic implantation, promoted Jung in albums like Aladdin Sane, songs like Shadow Man, and in enthusiastic personal statements.


Further, since the Tavistock Institute ran the Beatles, they, too, promoted Carl Jung, along with the satanist, Aleister Crowley, who appeared on the cover of Sergeant Pepper.


My daughter and I used to listen to the Beatles, before, god help us, she moved on to K-Pop; so it’s no wonder we also find Jung heavily mentioned by another boy band, BTS, or the Bangtan Boys, who put out two different albums (Map of the Soul:  Persona and Map of the Soul:  7), which address the Jungian Persona and the Shadow.

Do you see the correspondence to symbols used by pedophiles?

Here’s a picture of the boys who promote Jung.

Jung thought we should have relationships with the voices in our heads.

Jung told people they should listen to their dreams, which are nothing but attacks delivered through hypnosis, cybernetics, and microwave harassment—plus our fight against these things.


Jung told people that if they heard a voice in a dream, it was definitely the Self, and they should listen to it.

That’s not good advice.

Below you can get much better advice on what is really going on, as I teach people how to fight the sound weapons employed by the deep state.


And here is another article I wrote on what is really going on, as I teach people how to use real self-observation, and real self-study, combined with knowledge of real technology, and real bad guys, to fight microwave harassment.


But Jung promoted a friendly relationship with satanic scum, who broadcast transmissions, and imitate the mind, as he told people they should integrate the Shadow.

In this way, he unknowingly made people more vulnerable to satanic suggestions delivered by cybernetics and microwave harassment.

Jung unknowingly paved the way for trans-sexualism, as he promoted the integration of the Anima, in men, and the Animus, in women.

There is not a person of the opposite sex trapped in your body, as some who misinterpret Jung would argue.

Contrary to the alchemical works in which Jung took interest, there is no such thing as a homunculus.

As he was hypnotized, even Jung could tell something was wrong.

But meanwhile Jung gave lectures at the Tavistock Clinic.

Tavistock is behind all this stuff.

No wonder Jung gave lectures in Cornwall, at the invitation of a man with whom he travelled to Africa:  Helton Godwin Baynes, alias Peter Baynes, an English army officer, physician, and psychoanalyst, associated with the pervert, D.H. Lawrence, and the Fordham Family, who practiced hypnotism.

That’s bad company.

And Cornwall is as bad as the Tavistock Institute.

As you can read in my books, I was drugged and brainwashed in a secret facility in Devon, whence we travelled to Cornwall, as the guests of a man from Tavistock.


I briefly touch on these experiences at the end of my article on the use of color programming in connection with the mysterious popularity of Rubik’s Cube.


Like the Midlands, the West Country is full of satanic mind control.

But let’s get back to Jung.

Did you know he worked with OSS, which became CIA, as Agent 488?

Jung didn’t know what was going on, and neither did his students, as they were manipulated by the scum they brushed against.

In Switzerland, Jung’s student, Joseph Lange, treated Hermann Hesse, in therapeutic sessions, as the writer was groomed to mislead others during the Sixties.

Hesse would influence Ken Kesey, whom I met in Virginia, at a small dinner party, as Tavistock, with CIA, and NSA, moved him into my path.


As indicated by Timothy Leary’s connections to the Jesuits, the Army, and the Central Intelligence Agency—not to mention the cast of characters at the Esalen Institute—the Sixties, like the human potential movement, were created by the Tavistock Institute.


Like the psychologist, Leary, although not nearly to the same extent, Jung supported the use of psychedelics.

People were led through drugs not only to dangerous and destructive experiences but also to strange beliefs involving the misinterpretation of yogic practices.

Jung himself delivered lectures on Kundalini—which is nothing but microwave harassment.


Jung himself would visit India, where he was hospitalized, in a state of delirium caused by further attacks.

In his last days, Jung fed interest in flying saucers.

UFOs are not aliens, or manifestations of the Unconscious, but rather a trick, a light show, fed by hypnosis and cybernetics, to induce a false belief that will support a fake alien invasion.



Jackson Pollack likewise entered Jungian therapy, under Joseph Henderson, as CIA promoted Abstract Expressionism—since not only was it bad art, and satanists like to destroy everything in sight, while they commit fraud, but an artist cannot put a political statement into an abstract painting.

Jung’s taste in art was infinitely better, but likewise he steered clear of politics.

That’s what they want you to do:  stay out of politics while you listen to the voices in your head, which tell you to follow your dreams, as you believe in the Spirit World.

Meanwhile, they work to cheat you and destroy everything in sight.


For more than thirty years, I felt the influence of Carl Gustav Jung.

Don’t make my mistake:  stay away from him.


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  1. Phenomenal article. Hard to accept for those of us who have relied on his keen insights, that so many of his basic premises were flawed from the start, but the truth is the truth, and the only thing that will ultimately set us free. In fact, as interesting as Jungian therapies and theories can be, none can be an adequate substitute for the therapy of exploring inner Truth and outer Truth, in balance.


      1. Van Der Post was Prince Charles’s guru, and Prince William’s godfather. I must say, these days I consider that a mark against someone if they associate so closely with the royal family! He was featured in the documentary from BBC that you included in your essay that also had Marie-Louise von Franz.

        Although this dialogue was most fascinating… https://m.dailygood.org/story/1492/where-will-all-the-stories-go-parabola-editors/

        Durkheim’s book on Zen is sitting on my coffee table. Joseph Campbell mentioned him in the closing of the last episode of The Power of Myth. It seems he looked up to Durkheim’s intuitive ability, beyond the intellect.


      2. How would you feel about being a guest on my podcast? The topic mainly focusing on your excellent work regarding Jung. So many have gone down the rabbit hole off Jungian psychology, now being pushed by Jordan Peterson, and like you said, you spent 30 years on this false teacher.


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