Just as CIA used Mia Khalifa first to stir up sexualized anger in hijab porn, and then as a poster girl for “gun control,” they continue to use her.

GLADIO C – Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, & Second Amendment Rights

mockingbird copy

Mia Khalifa has over 2,000,000 followers on Twitter and 11,000,000 followers on Instagram, all for no discernible reason, and she has mind control written all over her.

Mia Khalifa – Satanic Cartel Signaling (part one)

Mia Khalifa – Satanic Cartel Signaling (part two)


That’s why Mia Khalifa’s life is falling apart, but she doesn’t know it.

Mia Khalifa – Living the Dream

mia drunk mess 06

But what is Mia Khalifa’s message? Due to CIA’s influence, millions of people not only watch her porn videos but they also read her tweets.  Courtesy of MI-7, she even appears on BBC.

mockingbird 05 

As Mia Khalifa says, she wants “to change the narrative” and “become an influencer.”  

How does she exercise this influence? Or, better, how does CIA exercise influence through her?


Mia Khalifa sets a bad example through a torrent of vulgarity.

mia k - a**hole

In describing the most ordinary things, she uses language that would make a sailor blush.

Mia K. - t**t

She is particularly fond of a foul word for a woman’s privates.

Mia K. - t**t 2

And she will happily drop the C-bomb.

Mia K. - C Bomb

Mia Khalifa dresses up like the Virgin Mary to tell people not to give up sex for Lent.

NWO’s Destruction of our Churches, Culture, and Women

Mia K. - Virgin Mary Lent

Although Mia Khalifa is famous for giving blowjobs, she uses “Suck it!” as a disparagement to others.

Mia K. - suck it

She buys vulgar jewelry inscribed with vulgar expressions.

Mia K. - ring

But what does she have to say? How will she “change the narrative” and “become an influencer?”


Mia Khalifa believes we should disarm ourselves, but she has no problem with the government spending our tax dollars on enormous guns to be used in endless wars.

CIA Heroin Wars – From Vietnam to Afghanistan

Mia K - big gun 1

Mia Khalifa has no problem with instruments of death named after her, and she has no problem with the military murdering foreigners, like in her home country, but she wants individual citizens to give their guns to the government.

Mia K. - big gun 2

Mia Khalifa has strong words for Euro-skeptics.

Mia K.- Eff Boris

Mia Khalifa opposes Brexit.

Mia K. - Boris

Not only does Mia K attack Boris Johnson, but she doesn’t like Donald Trump.

Mia K. - Trump

She thinks Creepy Joe Biden is wonderful.

Mia K. - Biden

Although America welcomed Mia Khalifa as an immigrant, she can’t wait to ditch us.

Mia K. - sweden

Mia Khalifa thinks Sweden is wonderful because it welcomes refugees.

Mia K. - Sweden 2

She doesn’t realize that Sweden is a socialist hell, where the government watches your every move while it fails to protect you from a flood of muslim rapists….

Coming Soon to your Country – The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment in Sweden


To her masters at CIA, the slave girl, Mia Khalifa, is a useful idiot.


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useful idiots


  1. Hi and thanks! I’ve been reposting your content on IG and I appreciate your knowledge. I just have to keep it clean so I don’t post everything.
    May God be with you as you expose them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I need the help of good people to repost and share articles. Let’s shine some light on the satanic trash, flip over the rock under which these crawling things live, and expose them for what they are. Together we can help others fight back. As they used to say when I was a kid, “Knowledge is power!”


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