Mia Khalifa is a victim of the Central Intelligence Agency.  She is famous for absolutely no reason except that her masters, who control the media, push her forward.  

mockingbird 05

After Mia Khalifa moved from war-torn Beirut, controlled by CIA, to Massanutten Military Academy, this lady, who was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church, did porn wearing a hijab, received death threats from ISIS, posed as the Virgin Mary, and promoted CIA’s gun grab as part of OPERATION GLADIO C.  

GLADIO C – Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, & Second Amendment Rights


Mia Khalifa has appeared multiple times on BBC, she was the most popular performer on PornHub, and she has over eleven million (11,000,000) followers on Instagram plus more than two million (2,000,000) on Twitter.

mockingbird copy

The porn star co-hosted a television show called Out of Bounds, she joked that nothing was out of bounds for her, and she laughed that the original title of the show, which she shared with two male moderators, implied a ménage à trois.  It was called Double-Teamed.

But later Mia Khalifa called out her interviewer on BBC, saying he was rude, because he mentioned she was a porn star in an interview in which she discussed only her porn experience for more than twenty minutes.

Two months after Mia Khalifa started on Out of Bounds, she quit the show.  As she later said, “I am also very ADHD to a certain extent….  I get bored very easily.”

Out of Bounds

Mia Khalifa preferred doing her own thing–like smashing her car.

mia smash car 04

She hits it from all sides with not one but two hammers and a baseball bat. 

mia smash car 08

Watch Mia go to town!

mia smash car 11

I don’t know what her car did to offend her, but one unlucky fan snapped a selfie as she walked past him.  Although she courts celebrity, she hauled off and punched him in the face.

Mia Khalifa Punches Man

This is not an isolated incident.  Mia Khalifa was also ejected from a baseball game for punching another man in the face.  That was shortly before she started working as a sports commentator….

Mia Khalifa thinks she is a fashion designer.  As she advertises in her online boutique,

Mia K is back with a vengeance.  Her private streetwear collection is exactly what you’d expect from this superstar–unapologetically bold with stunning quality.

The scum at CIA mock her, as she sells tee shirts, for $29.99, plus shipping and handling, posing as Agent 005.

mia k 005 tee shirt

Satanists love the number five.  Think pentagrams and pentagons.  


Satanists use the same handsign as Mia Khalifa, the two-finger salute, which is glossed in the following article by the British Broadcasting Company, defending a satanic statue which luciferian worshippers plan to erect in front of an American state capitol building.  The statue, showing the devil corrupting children, would sit opposite the Ten Commandments.

Decoding the Symbols on Satan’s Statue – BBC News (archived)

Decoding the Symbols on Satan’s Statue – BBC News (online)

baphomet statue handsign pentagram

BBC, run by MI-7, is full of English reporters telling American citizens why we should erect satanic statues in our cities; and it often features Mia Khalifa.

MI-7 Pushes Perversion – Books Not To Read for the Summer


There’s a lot of satanic cartel signaling around Mia Khalifa.  The degenerates at CIA get off on advertising their abuse of victims.

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling (part one)

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling (part two)


Here Mia Khalifa spends money on a facial where we see a beautician pop pimples on her cheeks.  She slams the movie E.T., saying the Extra Terrestrial “looks like a collection of every child born that year’s foreskin.”  Earlier she jokes nonsensically about her audition for the vulgar spectacle known as Cats.  We see video of someone punching Miss Khalifa in her surgically enhanced breasts, while her male companion says she has a high tolerance for pain.  Then he laughs, “I just had this vision in my head of you tearing off her skin.”

T.S. Eliot, the Illuminati, and the Secret of Cats

The video compares Mia Khalifa to Spiderman, a typical move in MK-ULTRA, which plays on superheroes.

More on MK-Ultra, Superheroines, and Rape


One of her fans put together the photoset below, where he envisions himself as a villain who will rape Mia Khalifa.

Still More on MK-Ultra, Superheroines, and Rape

mia khalifa ms. marvel

Wonder Woman is a more common superheroine through which CIA tries to build rape fantasies and thereby direct men to sex crimes.  The character was created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who invented the lie detector and had strange ideas about submission and bondage, before avowed CIA Agent Gloria Steinem popularized Wonder Woman and a rape-laden t.v. show hit the airwaves.

Wonder Woman, Mind Control, and Rape

Mia Khalifa has a thing for cosplay and Batman….


Meanwhile, back in the real world, Mia Khalifa concentrates on food.  As soon as she finishes her facial, she tells the viewer how she’s really tired, just plain worn out, and she needs to eat.

mia khalifa tattoos food

Line up those cheeseburgers! Here’s Mia two-fisting it–with a triple burger in each hand.

mia food 25

You can tell she’s into it.

mia food 27

Don’t get between her and her food.

mia food 29

I remember In-And-Out burgers fondly from my days in California, especially the Double Double, maybe just because I was a hungry college student.  The food looks relatively appetizing, if fattening, and the environment is clean.

California – Targeted by the New World Order

in and out

You might want to wash those burgers down with a cold beer.

mia corona 01

Even if that beer is clearly a product of a Crown Corporation, chartered by the satanic traitors in England’s royal family, which marks its products with references to crowns and kings.  Ever wonder why you can find Corona even in the cheapest bar?

The English Royal Family is a Pack of Satanic Traitors and Child Molesters


Along with Budweiser, “the king of beers?”


It’s a different story when Mia Khalifa celebrates the satanic holiday of New Year’s Eve.  Whatever you think of In-and-Out Burger, this is worse.

mia drunk mess 04

Mia’s tiara says, “Best Year Ever,” but she doesn’t look like she’s having a very good time.

mia drunk mess 06

The next day her tattooed fiancé cleans up after her.

mia drunk mess 10 clean up

And Mia Khalifa eats from the trash.

mia drunk mess 13 eating food from trash

This is what her abuse by the scum at CIA has led her to.

mia drunk mess 14 eating from trash

If you ask me, she had more dignity when she was giving blowjobs on PornHub.

mia drunk mess pizza 01 living the dream

Although we see Mia Khalifa drinking Fireball, a rotgut flavored whisky, above, she says in the video below that she does not drink wine in the Napa Valley.  How does that make sense?  I’ll tell you.  The scum at CIA that are ruining her life don’t want her to enjoy herself, but they do want her to drink and look like an ass.  That’s how they are, and that’s the soft version.  I know because they have abused me all my life.

What They Want To Take from Us (part one)

What They Want To Take from Us (part two)

Especially since Mia Khalifa has not done any pornographic videos for the last four years, her masters want her to grow fat.  They want only to smash everything in sight–so it’s no wonder she says in the video above that she gained twenty pounds in two months, and she stopped working out.

mia k fat 03

This is what happens when you’re too easy-going, when you give in to the suggestions of popular culture, which is run by CIA–let alone when programmers under MK-ULTRA really get their claws into you.

mia k drunk mess 02

Don’t let it happen in your life.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

mia dream end


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